“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 33)


“I Love You” A Twinj journey
Chapter 33

Sarna Mansion
Mahi woke up and saw Yuvraj staring at her. “What happened?”, asked Mahi smilingly. Yuvraj nodded his head saying nothing. “Why are you staring at me?”, asked Mahi. “Thank you for giving me the best gift of my life”, said Yuvraj. “What did I give you?”, asked Mahi confused. “Our child”, replied Yuvraj. “When did I.. What?That means I am..”, said Mahi placing hand on her stomach. “Yes, you’re pregnant pretty”, said Yuvraj kissing her forehead. “Ahem ahem.” Yuvraj turned around and saw Kunj and Twinkle enacting to cough while everyone was smiling. “When did you all come?”, asked Yuvraj. “When you were busy romancing with Bhabhi”, replied Kunj teasingly. Mahi started blushing while Yuvraj said, “You wait. Next is your turn na, at that time we’ll see.” Kunj was about to reply when Twinkle said, “Congrats di!” “Thank you Twinkle”, said Mahi. Everyone congratulated her while Twinkle said, “Maa, Bebe I’ll go and see whether everything is arranged or not. Maa, Papa will arrive soon.” Bebe and Usha nodded their head while Twinkle went out of the room. Kunj excused himself and followed her.

Taneja Mansion
Kritika’s room
Kritika was wearing a jeans and a blue crop top and listening to songs. “Kriti, you’re still not ready?”, asked Leela from the doorstep. Kritika couldn’t listen a word as she was sitting plugging her earphones. Leela went in and pulled out the earphones. “Uhh maa, give my earphone. My favourite song was going on”, said Kritika snatching the earphone from Leela’s hand. “Then you listen to songs only we’ll tell Sarna’s to find another girl for Rahul”, said Leela. “No, no. Wait”, said Kritika pulling out her earphones. “What should I wear?”, asked Kritika. Leela laughed and said, “So much eagerness?” “Ofco.. no maa, what are you saying?”, replied Kritika blushing. “Now, dont be so shy also. Go, change into that pink salwaar of yours”, said Leela. Kritika nodded her head and went to change while Leela walked out.

Sarna Mansion
Twinkle picked up the lid of a vessel and said, “Everything is done. Now, I’ll be free.” Kunj came and hugged her from back. “So, now time for me?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle placed her hands on his hands and said, “What do you want?” “You”, replied Kunj. “Let’s go to the room first”, said Twinkle. Kunj turned around Twinkle and said, “You’re saying this?” Twinkle nodded her head and they went to their room.

Twinj room
Kunj and Twinkle entered the room while Kunj locked the door. Twinkle turned around and said, “Don’t lock the door.” “Why?”, asked Kunj confused. “What do you mean by why? I need to go out”, replied Twinkle. “But, you said you’ll spend time with me”, complained Kunj. Twinkle pulled his cheeks and said, “So cute. But, I never said I’ll spend time with you. I just talked about coming to the room.” “This isn’t fair”, replied Kunj. Twinkle pushed him on the couch and said, “Everything is fair in love and war.” Twinkle turned around and was about to go when Kunj held her wrist and pulled her back making her sit on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “Everything is fair in love and war. Now, just enjoy the moment.” He moved her hair and kissed her neck. “Kunj, maa and papa will come”, said Twinkle. “It isn’t your marriage”, replied Kunj kissing her left cheek. Twinkle turned her face and said, “I was just joking. It’s so nice to tease you na.

I would’ve actually sat down with you.” Kunj tickled her and said, “It’s fun? You find it funny to irritate me?” “Don’t do that. I’ll get up and go then”, said Twinkle while laughing. Kunj pulled her closer and said, “That’s only if I let you go.” He slid the salwaar from her shoulder and kissed her. He unzipped her salwaar and kissed her bare back letting shivers down her body. “Kunj!”, exclaimed Twinkle. He put his finger on her lips and kissed her forehead. Twinkle stood up and said, “Zip up my salwaar. I need to go down.” She turned around while Kunj moved close to her. He unpinned her dupatta while Twinkle said, “Kunj, no.” He ignored her and was about to remove her kurti when Bebe knocked the door and said, “Twinkle, Leela ji and all have arrived.” “Ya Bebe, coming”, replied Twinkle shouting and picked up her dupatta. “Kunj, please zip up the kurti”, said Twinkle. Kunj quickly zipped her kurti and both of them went down to the hall.
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