“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 31)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 31

Sarna Mansion
Rahul’s room
Rahul was roaming around in the room. He stood in front of the mirror and said, “What is this man! I thought it would be one of the best days of my life but, yahan toh kuch alag hi chakkar hai. Mami ko bhi abhi rishtey ki baat karni thi. Hadh hai yaar. (but here the story only seems different. Mami also had to get all the alliances now. This is too much yaar.) Rahul think something. I can’t think of anybody else except Kritika.” He thought for sometime and said, “Yes, let’s do this. By the way, now get ready.”

Twinj room
Twinkle was wearing a blue anarkali suit which had silver embroidery work and silver lining near the neck and on the sleeves. She wore silver long earrings and kept her hair open. She applied a little make up and was adjusting her dupatta when Kunj came and hugged her from back. “Hey!”, said Kunj resting his chin on her shoulder. Twinkle smiled and pinned her dupatta. He kissed her cheeks and said, “You look so beautiful.” “Thank you Mr. Kunj Sarna”, replied Twinkle and turned around placing her hands on his shoulder. Kunj pulled her close by her waist and said, “Let’s not go for the party.” “No, we are going. What will you do staying here?”, replied Twinkle raising her eyebrows. “Romance”, replied Kunj casually. “With you?”, asked Twinkle sarcastically. Kunj pulled her closer and said, “Someone else comes close to you, I’ll kill him.” Twinkle kissed his cheeks and said, “So sweet. But, right now if you don’t leave me, I’ll kill you.” Kunj moved closer to her and said, “Taking out time for everyone except me. Right?” Twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “You think so?” Kunj nodded his head and looked away. Twinkle pushed him away and said, “Then continue thinking the same. I’ve lots of work to be done for for the party.” Twinkle quickly walked out of the room while Kunj said, “Haaye Babaji iss ke nakhre. Main toh jaan de doon.” (Babaji, her tantrums. I’ll die for them.) He took his clothes and went to change.

Taneja Mansion
Kritika’s room
Kritika was sitting hugging her teddy with swollen eyes. Leela entered the room and said, “Kriti, you still aren’t ready? We need to leave soon.” “Maa, I’m not coming. You both go”, replied Kritika looking away. “Get ready quickly. I’m not listening to anything. Usha ji has invited all of us. So, you’ve to come”, said Leela and walked out of the room.

Kritika (POV)
How do I tell you maa that I can’t see Rahul with someone else! It’s better if I stay at home. I can’t ignore him too. I don’t know what to do. Whether to follow my heart which says me to confess my love or my mind which tells me to avoid Rahul. I’m so confused. But, right now Kritika you need to get up and change whatever happens otherwise Maa will be pissed.

Sarna Mansion
The hall was crowded with a number of businessmen and their families. It was decorated with lights all over and a bar at the corner. The environment was surrounded with the noise of people talking and light instrumental music playing in the background. Suddenly, Kritika entered the party in a blue gown with a dull face. Rahul came to her and said, “Why do you look so sad?” Kritika smiled and replied, “Why will I be sad? In fact I’m happy that you’re marriage is going to be finalised.” “You don’t look happy though”, said Rahul and walked away smilingly. Kritika said, “Did he just say that? Tell me he didn’t.”
Twinkle was talking to the guests when Kunj called her. She excused herself and went to Kunj. “What happened? Why did you”, said Twinkle but, before she could complete Kunj dragged her behind a pillar. “Kunj, there are so many people here. Don’t do all this and leave me”, said Twinkle trying to free her hand. “Why do you always talk so much?”, asked Kunj tucking her hair behind her ear. “Kunj, 2 minutes ke liye romance se fursat le le aur party enjoy karle bhai”, (Kunj, brother take a break from romance for just 2 minutes and enjoy the party) said Yuvraj. Kunj quickly left Twinkle and both of them looked at Yuvraj. “Thank you so much Jiju. This Kunj no, he’s just over romantic”, said Twinkle and walked away giggling. Kunj stared at Yuvraj and said, “I hate you Bhaiya.” Yuvraj came and patted his shoulder and said, “Ab drama mat kar.” (Don’t enact now.) Kunj and Yuvraj laughed and mingled up with the crowd.
After about an hour, Manohar took a mike and said, “I would like to tell all of you about my youngest son, Rahul’s marriage.” Everyone started clapping and hooting while Kritika started walking out of the house. She was about to get out when the lights went off. Kritika immediately stood at the doorstep being scared of darkness. Suddenly, the spotlight fell on a boy who was standing with a mike. He turned around and everyone was shocked to see him like that.
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