“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 30)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 30

Yuhi’s room
Yuvraj woke and saw Mahi untying her bathrobe. “Stop”, shouted Yuvraj while Mahi quickly turned around. “What?”, asked Mahi. “You were going to untie your bathrobe that’s why I shouted”, said Yuvraj closing his eyes. “That’s so sweet of you Yuvraj but, you’ve all the rights”, replied Mahi tying her bathrobe. Yuvraj opened his eyes and said, “It’s not about rights but, it’s regarding your respect. I am your husband but, I don’t have the right to snatch away your respect.” Mahi smiled at his words when Yuvraj said, “But, if you want then, wait.” He got down from the bed and took Mahi’s clothes from the wardrobe. He picked her up in his arms and walked towards the dressing room. “What are you doing?”, asked Mahi. “I’ll make you change”, replied Yuvraj. “No”, said Mahi. “Right now, you didn’t have a problem. Now, I’m in a mood to make you change so, please”, replied Yuvraj and closed the door of the dressing room.

Twinj room
Twinkle woke up and saw Kunj sleeping shirtless and herself in Kunj’s shirt. She started blushing remembering the previous night. She removed the blanket from herself and was about to get up when Kunj pulled her hand and made her fall on himself. He tucked her hair behind her ear and said, “Good Morning Sweetheart.” Twinkle smiled and said, “Good Morning.” “You look damn hot in this attire”, said Kunj kissing her cheeks. Twinkle started blushing and tried getting up but, Kunj wrapped his arms around her waist. “Kunj, let me go. Everyone must be waiting for the morning coffee”, said Twinkle. “Let them wait. I am also waiting for my wife to take out some time for me. Now, when she has time for me I won’t let anybody take away that time”, replied Kunj kissing her neck. “Kunj!”, exclaimed Twinkle shyly. “Twinkle!”, exclaimed Kunj teasingly. “Papa has to go to..”, said Twinkle but was interrupted as Kunj kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated. Twinkle kept on caressing Kunj’s hair while Kunj moved his hands near the buttons of the shirt and started unbuttoning it. After sometime they pulled back when they were out of breath and the first three buttons of Twinkle’s shirt were unbuttoned. “You look even more hotter now”, said Kunj kissing her cheeks. “What do you mean?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj signalled at her shirt with his eyes. Twinkle looked down and was shocked. “When did you do this?”, said Twinkle while moving her hands to button up her shirt. “While you were kissing me”, said Kunj holding her hands. “Kunj, leave me. We’ll be late otherwise”, said Twinkle and struggled to move her hands. Kunj moved his hands under her shirt from her waist and said, “You think so much for all of us. Let me also think sometimes.” “Ya, leave me”, Twinkle promptly replied. “We’re late right?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head in a yes. “Exactly, so we won’t have the time to take a shower separately. Lets go in together”, said Kunj and rolled over on the bed and came on top of Twinkle. “No, we have that much time”, said Twinkle while Kunj stood up. He bent down on the bed and picked up Twinkle in his arms. “Kunj, see. We aren’t going for a bath together”, said Twinkle. “It won’t work the way you wish every time”, replied Kunj and went inside the bathroom.

Rahul’s room
Rahul was sitting on the bed and thinking about the previous day. “God! This girl will kill me”, said Rahul. He closed his eyes when someone from the doorstep asked, “Coffee?” Rahul opened his eyes and looked towards the door. He quickly got up and said, “I was thinking about you only.” He took the coffee mug from her hand and kept it on the table. He held her waist and said, “Let’s have a dance Baby Doll.” He placed her hand on his shoulder and started dancing with her while she started laughing. “Rahul, leave me. Whom are you thinking about. And, I’m not your Baby Doll. She’s up in her room”, said Mahi. Rahul quickly left her and rubbed his eyes. “I’m so sorry Bhabhi! I thought it was..”, said Rahul and was about to complete when Mahi said, “Kritika. And, you love her right!” “Yes, I mean no, no. You know we’re just friends”, said Rahul and ran out of the room. Mahi stood there giggling.

Rahul climbed the stairs and saw Kritika coming towards him. He placed his hand on his heart and said, “God! Why is it suddenly beating so fast!” He passed her a flying kiss while she caught it and after a fraction of seconds let it go. He walked towards her and said, “What happened? Why did you let it go?” “Let that be for your girlfriend or wife. For me let it be only a good morning wish”, replied Twinkle smiling. Rahul shook his head and said, “Bhabhi, it’s you?” “Ya, whom were you thinking?”, asked Twinkle surprised. “No, bhabhi nothing”, replied Rahul and walked away. “What is happening to me?”, murmured Rahul and saw Kritika coming towards him. He quickly walked towards her and said, “Now, which Bhabhi has come?” “What are you saying?”, asked Kritika surprised. “You’re Kritika?”, asked Rahul astonishingly. “What is wrong with you? Have you lost your memory?”, asked Kritika. He poked her and asked, “Is this really you, Kritika?” “Rahul, are you alright?”, asked Kritika worriedly. Rahul again poked her and said, “I finally found you Baby Doll.” “What do you mean?”, replied Kritika. “No, nothing. Something is seriously wrong with me”, said Rahul and walked away to the terrace.

Rahul stepped inside the terrace and said, “What’s wrong with me? Why do I see Kritika everywhere? Have I lost my metal balance? No, no Rahul don’t think like this. Nothing will happen to you.” He closed his eyes and imagined Kritika. “Again Kritika?”, said Rahul. “But, you be here. It feels so nice when you’re around. Everything seems to be so different and so good. That one smile on your face looks like it can change everyone’s mood in the world. I love you Kritika!”, added Rahul. He quickly opened his eyes and said, “Did I just say I love Kritika? God! That’s why I was seeing her everywhere. I’m so dumb. How can I not understand I love her. Dammit!” He spread out his hands and shouted, “I love you Kritika! Can you hear me? Baby Doll, I love you.”

Rahul came down to the hall when everyone was bidding adieu to the Tanejas. “Baby Doll, you’re going?”, asked Rahul. “No Rahul, all of them are going”, replied Yuvraj teasingly. Rahul narrowed his gaze at Yuvraj and said, “Ya I mean you all are going?” “Ya puttar, for how many days will we stay here!”, said Leela. “By the way, Leela ji you all could’ve stayed here today. We’ve a party in the evening here for the success of our new project. At night only you all could have left”, said Usha. “We’ll come in the evening. Don’t worry”, replied Leela. Usha smiled and then said, “Rahul, many businesses families are going to be there in the evening today. Also, you know na it’s high time we’ve to decide about your marriage. So, please be present in the party as there’s an alliance for you.” Rahul was shocked by Usha’s words and said, “I don’t want to marry now.” “Rahul, no more tantrums. Just listen to me. It’s not a request, it’s an order”, said Usha. “Kriti, come let’s go”, said RT. Kritika in a trembling voice replied, “Ya, ya. Ya papa come let’s go.” Kritika quickly walked out of Sarna Mansion and wiped her tears. “Stop it Kritika Taneja. You always knew Rahul can never be yours then why are you crying!”, said Kritika to herself and walked away to Taneja Mansion.
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