“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 3)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 3

Twinj room
Twinkle wakes up and doesn’t find Kunj in the room. She says, “So, Kunj hasn’t yet returned. Alright I’ll go, take a shower and get ready quickly otherwise he’ll again come and irritate me.” She gets up, goes to the cupboard, takes her clothes and goes to the bathroom.
As soon as she went, Kunj came in. He said, “Where did this Twinkle go! Kunj, you’ve a good chance. Go and get ready quickly. Otherwise she’ll come, we’ll fight for taking the shower first and then, finally you only have to give it up.” Saying this he takes his clothes from the cupboard and goes towards the bathroom.

Bathroom (Twinj room)
Twinkle kept her clothes, turned the tap for shower and slid down her salwaar’s zip (forgetting about the door being open). Just then Kunj enters, keeps his clothes and goes to take shower. Twinkle turns back and is shocked to see Kunj in the bathroom with her and, so is Kunj. Just then the water starts falling on both of them making them completely wet. Kunj starts walking towards Twinkle and she starts walking back, towards the wall.

Twinkle (POV)
What is Kunj exactly trying to do! He’s making me hell nervous. Why is he walking towards me. And, you Mrs. Twinkle Taneja Sarna couldn’t you close the door and come? You’re hopeless. But, Kunj. Uggh!! Why is he coming towards me? Someone tell him to get out.

Twinkle keeps walking back and, is stuck by the wall. Kunj forwards towards her and pulls her towards himself by her waist making Twinkle’s hands rest on his chest. He goes near her face, removes her hair to one side of the neck and, zips up her suit. Twinkle feels relieved. Kunj pulls back and walks out of the bathroom. He closes the door and, waits in front of the bathroom as he was completely wet.
After some time, Twinkle comes out and feels shy seeing Kunj. She tries avoiding any eye contact. “It’s okay. You don’t need to feel embarrassed. It happened by mistake”, said Kunj passing her a genuine smile. Twinkle looked at him, smiled back and moved aside letting Kunj go inside the bathroom.

Twinj room
Kunj comes out of the bathroom and sees Twinkle in front of the dressing table. He says, “Ab bhi nahi hua tera? 15 mins tak kya ready hoti hai. Chal ho jaa na. Abhi 5 mins ke liye hat jaa. (You’re still not done? What are you getting ready for 15 long mins for. Anyways, you can continue. Just move for 5 mins.) I’ll comb my hair.” He came and stood in front of Twinkle facing the mirror, picked up the comb and started combing his hair. Twinkle pushed him back and said, “Ladies first right! So, shut up and stand still.” “I won’t. Every time you can’t win”, protested Kunj. Kunj pushed her back and Twinkle again pushed him. This went on for sometime until Twinkle pushed him a bit harder leading to Kunj’s misbalance. He held Twinkle’s hand for support but it was of no use. Finally, both of them fell on the bed holding each other’s arms tightly. They were lost in each other’s eyes. “Ahem ahem” “Khaasi hui hai kya?”, (Did you catch cold?) Twinj asked together. “Nahi toh”, (No) they replied together and smiled. “Khaasi kisi ko hui hai ki nahi woh toh nahi pata but, mujhe khaasi aa zarur rahi hai. Aur agar aap logo ka romance session khatam ho gaya ho toh, please get up and, take your cup of coffee”,(I don’t know whether anybody has caught cold or no but, I feel like coughing. And, if you both are done with your romance session then,…) said Mahi shocking Twinj. They quickly get up and compose themselves. Twinkle takes the cups from Mahi and says, “Di, you should knock and come.” “Aha! In my sister’s room? Actually you’re correct. From next time I surely will. You both don’t have any time sense and start your romance whenever and wherever you feel like”, said Mahi and went out of the room.

Mahi was walking while giggling when somebody pulled her behind a pillar.

Behind the pillar
“Hey beautiful”, said Yuvraj. “Kya kar rahe ho? Koi dekh lega”, (What are you doing? Somebody will see) said Mahi. “Nothing will happen. And, by the way” holding her by her waist Yuvraj said, “I need something. I’ll leave you after that.” “What?”, asked Mahi. “Simple. A kiss”, replied Yuvraj. Mahi was shocked and shook her head saying no. “Fine then stay here”, said Yuvraj. “Bebe”, exclaimed Mahi. Yuvraj quickly left her and looked here and there to find no one. The corridor was completely empty. Mahi gave a victorious smile, shook her hand saying “bye” and went down to the hall.

Twinj room
Kunj takes his cup of coffee from Twinkle. They both settled down (Kunj on the couch and Twinkle on the bed) and took a sip of the coffee. They together sipped the coffee and spit it. Kunj said, “Kya banaya hai bhabhi ne ye? Cheeni ke badle namak daal diya hai.” (What has bhabhi made? She has put salt instead of sugar.) “Jiju aa gaye honge kitchen mein. Ab mauka mila hai toh I won’t waste it. Badi aayi hamein bolne ‘romance session’. Hamare beech toh kuch vaise hai bhi nahi.”, (Jiju must have come in the kitchen. Now, I got the chance so I won’t waste it. She came and told us ‘romance session’. We don’t even have anything like that between us) said Twinkle and stormed out of the room.

Kunj (POV)
Kaash hota! ( I wish we had!) You can’t even believe Twinkle how much I love you. I can’t express it. The fear to lose you always shuts my mouth. By the way, ab ye coffee peene ke baad mera Starbucks ka coffee peene ka man kar raha hai. Chala jaata hoon. Nahi wait, Twinkle ko bhi saath leke chalta hoon. (By the way, after drinking this coffee I feel like drinking Starbucks’ coffee. I’ll go. No wait, I’ll take Twinkle also along.) She loves Starbucks. Hmm.. first coffee date. Put a full stop to your thoughts Kunj. What if she says no! I need to ask her nicely and convince her.

Twinkle entered the kitchen and stood next to Mahi and saw her smiling to herself. Twinkle said, “I love you!” “I love you too Yuvraj!”, replied Mahi. Twinkle started laughing and Mahi came out from her thoughts. Mahi playingly slapped her and said, “Badmaash!” (Naughty) “By the way di thanx a lot for the coffee. Acha batao jiju aaye the na aap jab coffee bana rahe the.” (Okay, tell me jiju came here right when you were making coffee.) Mahi replied, “How do you know?” “What do to? Actually cheeni ke badle coffee mein namak dalogi toh kisi ko bhi pata lag jaayega. After all ek wahi toh hain jo aap ko distract kar sakte hain”, (Actually if you will put salt instead of sugar in coffee then anybody will come to know. After all he’s the only one who can distract you) said Twinkle. Mahi started blushing and quickly said, “Zyada mat bol. Breakfast ke liye bula sab ko.” (Don’t talk so much. Call everyone for breakfast.) Twinkle went out from the kitchen and was about to call everyone when she bumped into Kunj. She balanced herself and asked, “Can’t you see and walk properly?” “Me? You were…”

Kunj (POV)
Stop! Just stop! Don’t forget what you came here for. You should talk nicely. Remember coffee date. First one.

“I what?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj replied, “Sorry. By the way I was thinking of going to some cafe for coffee in the evening after all the morning coffee was so good.” “The morning coffee was bad. Evening one might be fine. You never know. Okay, I’ll tell jiju not to enter the kitchen”, said Twinkle. “Okay fine. I was thinking of going to Starbucks but, if you don’t want to. It’s okay”, said Kunj. “Who said I don’t want to go? We will. But, you should tell everybody”, Twinkle quickly replied. “Okay, as you wish”, said Kunj and went.

Dining Table
“Bebe, Maa and Papa, me and Twinkle are going out in the evening. Tomorrow it’s Ragini’s birthday so we need to buy something for her”, said Kunj.(Twinkle gave a disappointed look) “Ya puttar sure. Go. We are anyways going to Mrs. Kapoor’s house. She has invited us for dinner and Mahi and Yuvraj are also going out in the evening. So, you both also go and enjoy. And, moreover I would suggest you both to have dinner outside and return because we’ll be returning late”, replied bebe. “Okay bebe, as you wish”, said Kunj with a smile.
Twinkle and Kunj were too happy but didn’t show it to each other. They smiled to themselves. Everyone finished their breakfast and went to their rooms.
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