“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 29)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 29 (Twinj romance special)

Kritika came down to the hall and found it completely empty. She shouted, “Maa? Di? Papa? Aunty?” “Uff! Slow baby doll. How much do you shout? Whom are you searching for?”, said Rahul while coming down the stairs. Kritika looked back at Rahul and gave him a disgusting look. “Everyone has gone to office and Bebe, Mami and Aunty have gone to someone’s house”, said Rahul. “And, I’m going to college. Bye”, said Kritika in a cold tone. She went to the door and tried opening it. After sometime she turned around and said, “It’s locked.” “Ya, I know”, replied Rahul settling down on the sofa. Kritika gave him a blank look and then came in front of him. “Rahul, did you do all this crap? Stop all your nonsense and open the door. I need to go to the college today”, said Kritika frustrated. “First you have to promise me that you’ll talk nicely to me and you’ll not ignore me at all”, said Rahul unlocking his phone. “No”, replied Kritika. “Fine then come and sit here”, said Rahul placing his hand on the place next to him. Kritika thought for a while and said,

“Okay fine. I promise I’ll talk nicely to you and I won’t ignore you.” Rahul stood up and said, “That’s so nice of you Baby Doll. But, you know Kunj Bhai locked the door while going so, I don’t have the keys.” “Rahul!! I’ll kill you”, said Kritika and picked up a pillow from the sofa. “See Baby Doll, the house is so clean. Don’t make it dirty”, said Rahul. “Clean my foot. I’ll kill you today”, replied Kritika and started running behind Rahul. After sometime Rahul became tired and stopped for sometime but, Kritika came and started hitting him with the pillow. “Baby doll no. Don’t do this. How can you do this to me?”, said Rahul but Kritika kept on hitting him. He went close to her and kissed her right cheek while Kritika stopped hitting him and placed her hand on her cheek. “Thank God! You stopped”, said Rahul heaving a sigh of relief. Kritika patted him and said, “What did you just do?” “What I just kissed you. All this is allowed in lo.. I mean friendship. Stupid”, replied Rahul. Kritika narrowed her gaze at him and both burst out laughing. “I must say you’ve become very indecent”, said Kritika. “You’re nevertheless”, replied Rahul. Kritika smiled when Rahul asked, “Don’t you need to go to the college?” “I needed to but, how will I go?”, replied Kritika. “Come, let’s do something adventurous”, replied Rahul. “What?”, asked Kritika. “Come na”, said Rahul and dragged Kritika holding her hand. He went to the store room and opened the window. He jumped out from there. “I can’t get out from here”, said Kritika. “You can. Hold my hand and jump out”, said Rahul forwarding his hand. Kritika held his hand and jumped out. Rahul locked the window from outside and went to college. Kritika met all the professors while Rahul waited for her. After about an hour, Kritika was done talking with the professors and came out. “Come, let’s go home”, said Kritika. “Why? Let’s enjoy. No one is at home so, there would be no one to worry about us. Or, if you want I’ll call and inform Mami. Wait”, said Rahul and called Usha. After a minute, he disconnected the call and said, “Come.” “But, where are we going?”, asked Kritika. “Come with me”, replied Rahul entwining his hand with hers.

Sarna Event Managers’ Office
Twinkle and Kunj were in their cabin going through the files. Their desks were adjacent to each other. One of the employees entered their cabin and said, “Can I have a minute of yours?” Kunj didn’t reply while Twinkle looked up and smilingly said, “Ya, sure come.” He talked with Twinkle about some project and then said, “Ma’am you look really beautiful.” Twinkle looked at him awkwardly but, then looked at Kunj who was looking at the employee suspiciously. “Oh thank you so much”, replied Twinkle sweetly. “She’s my wife”, said Kunj standing behind with his arms folded. “I’m so sorry. Actually ma’am you look so young so..”, he said. Twinkle smiled and said, “Thank you so much.” “You may leave now”, said Kunj in a stern voice. The employee went out of their cabin while Kunj walked towards Twinkle who was going through another file. Kunj came to her and turned her chair around. He took the file from her hand and kept it on the table. He bent down and moved close to her.

“What were you doing with that employee?”, asked Kunj. “What?”, replied Twinkle raising her eyebrows. “You were flirting with him?”, asked Kunj. “He was flirting. Not me”, replied Twinkle. “And, you were enjoying it?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck and said, “Why you felt jealous?” “I felt disgusted about it. You’re only mine and no one else”, replied Kunj. “So cute”, said Twinkle and kissed Kunj’s cheeks. Kunj smiled at Twinkle and then pointed towards his lips. Twinkle nodded her head in a no and said, “We’re in office not at home.” “It’s okay. No one would come. Wait, I’ll make sure no one comes till half an hour”, said Kunj and called the receptionist. “Jenny, make sure that no one comes in our cabin for some time. We have something important to discuss about”, said Kunj on the call. He disconnected the call and turned to look at Twinkle but, didn’t find her. He walked around the cabin while Twinkle walked behind him. Suddenly, Kunj turned and saw Twinkle. He moved towards her while she moved backwards. Finally, she was stuck by her desk. Kunj held her by her waist and made her sit on the desk and moved close to her. Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck while Kunj tightened his grip around her waist. Twinkle kissed his lips while Kunj reciprocated. After sometime they pulled back as they were out of breath. Kunj said, “Tonight will be your best night Twinkle. I promise.” Twinkle smiled and said, “Why? What are you going to do?” “Let it be a surprise”, replied Kunj and kissed her forehead. They separated themselves while Twinkle got down from the desk as they heard a knock at the door. “Come in”, said Kunj. “Sir, you have a meeting in five minutes”, said their personal assistant, Sia. “Ya, we’re coming. You all proceed”, replied Kunj. Sia nodded her head and after around 5 minutes Kunj and Twinkle went to the conference room.

Car (Kritika and Rahul)
“Rahul, stop the car I want to have pani puri”, said Kritika. “Where will I stop the car here? We’ll have it somewhere else”, replied Rahul. “I don’t know. I will have pani puri from here only”, said Kritika. “We’ll have it later”, replied Rahul. “No, now”, said Kritika. Rahul increased the radio volume so that he doesn’t have to listen to Kritika. Kritika looked at him with narrowed gaze and then looked outside the window. Rahul stopped the car in front of a building. He said, “Look in front once.” Kritika looked in front and then looked at Rahul. “The place we first met. I guess it was the best moment of my life to meet you. This school has given me a lot of memories and the best ones are with you”, said Rahul and smiled at Kritika. Kritika smiled back while Rahul got down from the car. He opened the door for her while Kritika got down. “Come, I want to take you somewhere”, said Rahul and entwined his hands with hers. They went to an open place where many street food stalls were present. “You did all this?”, asked Kritika. “I guess”, replied Rahul. Kritika hugged him tightly and said,

“Thank you Mr. Prince Charming.” Rahul smiled and said, “Such a long time. I was waiting for you to call me ‘prince charming’ Baby Doll.” Kritika pulled back and smiled at him. She ran to the stalls and had everything one by one. “Rahul, have”, said Kritika forwarding him the Vada Pav she was having. Rahul nodded his head in a no. Kritika forcefully made him eat. “Come, pani puri now”, said Kritika and dragged Rahul. After about half an hour, Rahul said, “Kriti, that’s it I’m done. How much will you eat? Come, let’s go now.” “Rahul, some more time”, replied Kritika while stuffing some candy floss in her mouth. “No more. You’ll become fat then”, said Rahul. “Haww”, exclaimed Kritika while placing her hand on her mouth. “Okay fine come. Let’s go. By the way, what’s the time?”, said Kritika and looked at her watch. “What? It’s 6? I didn’t even realise. Come, let’s go quickly. We’ll take some time to reach also”, said Kritika. They boarded the car and went back home.

Sarna Mansion
After about an hour, Rahul and Kritika reached home and went inside through the window. They came to the hall and saw everyone sitting and talking. “The door was open. Why did we come through the window?”, asked Kritika. “How would I know that?”, replied Rahul. They went to the hall.

“Where were you?”, asked Bebe. “Actually, I told you na Mami we went to Kritika’s college”, said Rahul looking at Usha. “How much time do you take for that?”, asked Usha. “Exactly Mami. How much this Kritika talks na! You won’t believe”, replied Rahul. Kritika looked at Rahul and then in a friendly tone said, “What is your problem? I was talking to my professors only na.” “Anyways, come and sit”, said Bebe and both of them sat down next to each other. After about an hour, Twinkle said, “Come, let’s have dinner.” Rahul and Kritika widened their eyes and together said, “I won’t have.” “Why? Don’t skip your dinner”, said Bebe. They both got up and were walking to the dining hall when suddenly Kritika stumbled. Rahul held her and asked, “What happened?” Kritika winked at him and said, “I don’t feel well. Can I please go to my room.” “Kriti, please take of yourself. You everyday have some or the other health problem”, said Mahi. “I’ll take her to the room”, said Rahul and both of them went to the room.

(After dinner)
Twinj room
Twinkle entered the room and saw it beautifully decorated with candles and rose petals all over the room. She entered the room and said, “What is all this happening at midnight?” She saw a heart designed on the bed with rose petals and a note placed on it. She picked it up and read it.
Hello wifey,
So, now I hope you get what I meant in the morning by ‘special night’. Here, is your surprise. Hope you like it.
With love
Sadu Sarna

Twinkle smiled while Kunj came and hugged her from back. “Did you like it?”, asked Kunj. “I loved it”, replied Twinkle. Kunj moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck. He unpinned her dupatta and threw it on the couch behind. He slid his hands on her hands slowly. Twinkle turned around and looked down in shyness. Kunj placed his finger on her chin and made her to face him. Kunj lifted up Twinkle and they kissed each other. After some time, they pulled back and Kunj made Twinkle stand. “Love you”, said Twinkle. Kunj kissed her cheeks and said, “Even more.” Twinkle smiled and hugged Kunj. He hugged her back and rubbed her back. His hands felt the chain of her kurti and he unzipped her kurti. Twinkle hugged Kunj tighter clutching his shirt. Kunj pulled back and picked up Twinkle in his arms. He gently placed her on the bed and came on top of her. He slid down the salwaar from her shoulder and kissed her over there. He slid the salwaar from her other shoulder and kissed her. He removed the kurti. Twinkle shied and looked away. Kunj made her to face him and kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated and started unbuttoning his shirt. She removed his shirt. Twinkle pushed Kunj and after about half an hour Twinkle laid down on the bed wearing Kunj’s shirt while Kunj was shirtless. He kissed Twinkle’s forehead and both of them slept hugging each other.
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