“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 28)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 28

Twinj room
Twinkle came out of the washroom in her bathrobe and saw Kunj sleeping. She nodded her head with an expression of ‘Kunj being hopeless’ and went and sat beside him. She lightly slapped his cheek and said, “Wake up Kunj.” Kunj opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist. He said, “A morning can’t be more beautiful than this.” He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. He kissed her cheeks and then moved closer to her. He kissed her lips while Twinkle reciprocated. It was a passionate and a kiss full of love. After sometime they pulled back as they were out of breath. Twinkle smiled at Kunj while he smiled and said, “I wish every morning is so sweet like this.” Twinkle started blushing and pushed him away. She stood up straight and walked up till the cupboard. She stood in front of the cupboard and was selecting her dress when Kunj came and hugged her from back. He rested his chin on her shoulder and said, “Good Morning beautiful!” “Good Morning”, replied Twinkle smiling and then kissed his right cheek staying in that position. Kunj moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck. “You smell great Twinkle”, said Kunj while Twinkle smiled. He moved his hands on her stomach and was about to untie her bathrobe when Twinkle placed her hand on his. Twinkle nodded her head in a no and said, “Suhaag raat hota hai Suhaag din nahi.” (It’s first night not, first day.) Kunj turned Twinkle around and said, “But, we sleep at night wifey.” “That doesn’t mean you’ll do everything in morning”, replied Twinkle. “Morning romance is good for health darling”, replied Kunj kissing her cheeks. “Okay, we’ll see. Now, go and freshen up. We need to go to office today”, said Twinkle. “Oh ya right! Arrange my clothes. I’ll be ready quickly”, saying this Kunj quickly ran to the bathroom while Twinkle arranged his clothes. She went to the dressing room, changed her dress and went down to the hall.

Twinkle came down and saw everyone drinking coffee. “Who made coffee so early?”, asked Twinkle. “Today Rahul made the coffee. You come and sit”, said Usha. Kritika who was coming down behind Twinkle said, “Twinkle di, I want to have tea. Can you make it for me?” “There is nothing you can make tea with so, you have to have coffee”, replied Rahul interrupting their conversation. “Fine then. I don’t want to have anything”, replied Kritika and was about to go away when Rahul came and stood in front of her. “That’s not done. I made it with so much of efforts especially for yo..I mean for everyone and you’re not having it baby doll. Come on, have it”, said Rahul and held Kritika’s hand. He dragged her to the hall amidst everyone while Kritika kept staring at his hand. Suddenly, Kritika came to her senses and jerked his hand away. She went and sat down on the sofa while Rahul murmured, “Haaye iski adaon par toh jaan de doon.” (I’ll give my life for her style and attitude.) Kunj came next to him and said, “Kyun pyaar hogaya hai kya?” (Why have you fallen in love?) Rahul not being in his senses replied, “Maybe.” Kunj smiled at his reply and patted his shoulder. “Come back from your dream world”, said Kunj and sat beside Twinkle. Rahul smiled realising what he said and patted his forehead saying, “You’re mad.” He moved towards the sofa where Kritika was sitting. He went and sat close to her. “You still didn’t drink the coffee?”, asked Rahul. Kritika ignored him and moved a little away while Rahul again moved close to her. He went close to her and made her to turn him. “What are you doing?”, asked Kritika nervously closing her eyes. He brought a coffee mug in front of her face and said, “Drink. By the way, what did you think I was going to do?” Kritika opened her eyes and saw the coffee mug in front of her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. She got up and said, “I’m going to college today. I want to meet all the professors. Oh and next week my results will be out.” She was about to go when Rahul held her hand and pulled her back. She sat down with a jerk while Rahul held her hands with one of his hands. “Leave me Mr. Rahul Singh”, said Kritika while Rahul made Kritika drink the entire cup. Kritika jerked his hand away and stood up. “What do you think of yourself huh?”, asked Kritika. “Kriti, talk properly”, said Leela. “Kri.. sorry baby doll. I don’t think anything of myself. I’m just a normal human being like you”, said Rahul while everyone laughed. Kritika gave a disgusted look and went back to her room. “By the way Bebe, me and Twinkle will have our breakfast. It will take time for us to understand everything on the first day so, that’s why”, said Kunj. “Even we’ve a meeting early in the morning. So, Mahi and Yuvraj have your breakfast and then we’ll leave”, said Manohar. “Drop me, Bebe and Leela ji to Mrs. Singh’s house while going no”, said Usha. “Ya maa, we’ll go by that way only”, said Mahi. She added, “I’ll go, lay down the table. You all come in 5 minutes.” “Bhabhi, I’ll take Kritika’s breakfast and we’ll have it together in her room itself”, said Rahul. Mahi smiled and went to the kitchen while Yuvraj followed her.

Yuvraj entered the kitchen and saw Mahi pouring the juice into the jar. He went and stood beside Mahi facing her by the support of the slab. “What happened?”, asked Mahi. “Why I can’t come to the kitchen?”, replied Yuvraj. “Ofcourse you can. But, usually you don’t that’s why I asked”, replied Mahi and kept the jar on the opposite slab. Yuvraj came and hugged her from back and said, “I come when I’m in a mood to romance.” “Yuvraj, I need to serve the breakfast so, please leave me. We’ll talk later”, replied Mahi. “Ya, we’ll talk later. Now, let me romance”, said Yuvraj kissing her right cheek. Mahi hit him with her elbow and said, “Let me do my work.” “Fine, don’t talk to me”, said Yuvraj and walked away. Mahi said, “Listen, Yuvra..” Yuvraj turned to look around what happened and saw Mahi had fallen down on the ground being unconscious. He went to her and sat down on the floor. He lightly slapped her cheek and said, “Mahi, wake up. What happened?” He splashed water on her face which made her regain her consciousness. She got up and said, “What happened?” “You fell down being unconscious. What happened? Are you alright?”, said Yuvraj. “Ya, I’m fine. Now, come let’s go. Everyone must be waiting for breakfast”, said Mahi and both of them went to the dining hall.

Dining hall
Everyone settled down while Rahul took the breakfast for him and Kritika.

Kritika’s room
Rahul knocked the door while Kritika opened it. She saw him and was about to close the door when he placed his foot in the middle from preventing her to close the door. He came inside and said, “Come, let’s have breakfast.” Kritika ignored him while Rahul ate a bite of a sandwich and said, “Yummy.. The breakfast is so tasty.” Kritika looked at him while he continued eating. After around 2 minutes Kritika snatched the plate from his hand and said, “You brought this for me na, then why are you having it?” Rahul smiled at her childishness while Kritika continued eating. Rahul kept on staring at her when suddenly, Kritika looked at him and raised her eyebrows signalling “what”. Rahul nodded his head in a no while Kritika said, “You won’t have breakfast?” “Everything is over. You have”, replied Rahul smilingly. Kritika forwarded her sandwich while Rahul bit it. Suddenly, Kritika’s phone rang. Rahul saw the name and murmured, “Aa gaya kabab mein haddi.” (Here comes the middle name.) Kritika placed the plate on her lap and picked up the call. “Hello”, said Kritika. Rahul snatched the phone from Kritika’s hand and said, “Good morning Mr. Akshit. Nice to know that you still have the guts to call Kritika. Anyways, she isn’t ready for your proposal. Have a nice day. Good bye.” He disconnected the call while Kritika looked at him. “What is wrong with you? He called to talk to me, not you”, said Kritika. “Ya, I know baby doll. Now, have your breakfast”, said Rahul forwarding her a sandwich. She kept the plate on the bed and stood up. “You’re disgusting Rahul”, said Kritika and walked out of the room. “Babaji? Main hi mila tha kya aap ko iske saare nakhre dikhane ke liye?” ( Was I the only one who had to see all her tantrums?) But, I must say she looks even more cuter when she’s angry”, said Rahul and smiled to himself.
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      Thank you so much Kruti!? Let’s see whether your guess is correct or not.

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      Thank you so much Purnima! I’m glad you liked it. I’ll try continuing after 50 chapters?

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      Thank you so much Jaya!?

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    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Shamz! I’m really glad they you’re liking the ongoing track. About, your guess let’s wait for sometime to see what happens further and let’s see whether Rahul is really in love with Kritika or its just out of friendship.

  6. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ria it was fab.i m in luv with the ratika story..twinj to muah..and mahiraj bhi fab
    Ctd soon
    Hats off

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Arundhati! I’m glad that you’re Rahul-Kritika’s story. And, Laos the tracks related to other couples.?

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    Aaaaaaahhhhaaaa…….Ria u nailed it ….I’m in love with Kritika nd Rahul’s scenes ….soooooooo cute …..atthi sundar …
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    I think Mahi is pregnant….continue after 50 also plzzz

    1. Ria

      Hey Sayeeda, I’m glad that you liked this chapter. Aap ka bahut dhanyawaad.
      I’m glad you’re liking the scenes associated with each couple. Let’s see whether your guess is right or not. Come on yaar, Mahi only doesn’t know, how will I know!
      I’ll try continuing after 50 chapters but, I would expect a similar support from your side.

  8. Dheemahee

    Awsome one yar post next one soon

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      Thank you so much Dheemahee! I’m glad you liked it.?

  9. RiaA MendeZz

    Disappoint me? You never disappoint me Ria. The past u portrayed was great but When I’m reading your fanfiction I feel like I’m watching a whole new show on TV. I forget tht I’m reading. Thts y my comment must’ve seem like I was disappointed.
    About today’s epi, I like that twinkle is getting more comfortable with kunj at the point where she’s no longer resisting. I just loved this episode’s romance. Twinj’s romance. & yuhi, I like seeing their bond. I really hope that mahi is pregnant. It’ll be so cute na. And yes I think rahul is falling for kriti. You’re outstanding. Now abt u continuing your ff, I would love it if u continued even after you would’ve reached 50 episode’s.. Y? Ria!, I love this ff. You are one of the best in the ff world, you write so beautiful & you’re so open minded. Your style of writing is both unique & intriguing. But whether you go on its up to u because you’re the writer & I’ll support any decision u make. Btw y is it I can only find your epi update only at 3am in d morning every time? Its either you don’t sleep, India and america has a massive time difference or I’m just always late?!!!!;

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      Hey RiaA or better is Ahria, thank you so much. It really means a lot for me or rather say any writer when his/her readers can imagine the entire story happening in front of them and I’m really glad that you’re able to visualise this story. I’ll try my best continuing this fan fic after 50 chapters but, in return I would expect a similar support from you all. I hope you all will continue to support me similarly. And, let’s see whether your wish comes true or not. Even I hope it does. And, no dear I do sleep. I post it in the morning when I wake up and it’s uploaded at around 1:30 at IST that’s why you see it at 3 AM in the morning according to your times as USA is 10.5 hrs behind us.?

  10. Angita

    Hmm I have a high feeling that mahi is pregnant .twinkles sentence to kunj was extremely cute.liked the way kritika ate most of the sandwiches.its amazing

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Angita! I’m really glad that you liked the chapter. Let’s see whether Mahi is pregnant or not. Also, that Twinkle’s dialogue suddenly struck my mind so, I used it. Glad you like it.

  11. Lama

    Awesome episode…Superbbb track..ummm… i wanna say that now a days their are very less scenes of twinj…can u please increase them…it seems like mahi is pregnant…lets see what happens next…agerly waitng for the next part…please post it asap…love u

    1. Ria

      Hey Lama, I’m so sorry for lessening the number of Twinj scenes. Hope you liked today’s chapter. After that just 1 more chapter and then everything will be back to normal I mean the twinj scenes.
      Love you back sweetheart?

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      Thank you so much Sidmin! I’m glad you liked it. I would try to continuing after 50 chapters. Let’s see whether your guess is correct or not.

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      Thank you so much Cutie pie! I’m glad you liked it. Yeah sure if I continue after 50 chapters I won’t separate Twinj.

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    Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baate h ki tu aapna ff 50 epis ke aage badha sakti h ki nahi…of course yaar
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    1. Ria

      Hey Shatakshi!
      Ab tujhe dhanyawaad bolti hoon.
      And, agar ghatiya ideas aayenge na toh tujhe hi bhejungi.. tu baithke padhna aur agar tujhe lage tere ideas ghatiya hain toh mujhe bhej dena, main baithke padh lungi.
      Love you loads??

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    amazing episode….
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      Thank you so much Shreya! I’m glad you liked all the scenes. Hope your guess is correct but, let’s have some patience and wait and watch it.

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      Thank you so much Saby! I’m glad you’re liking the ongoing tracks related to each couple. Also, I don’t know whether Mahi is pregnant or not. Let’s wait and watch.

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      It’s alright Baby! Please don’t say sorry.
      Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the chapter.

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