“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 27)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 26

Sarna Mansion
“Kunj, now since you’re done with your MBA degree I want you to join in the business”, said Manohar. “But, papa which business will he handle?”, asked Yuvraj. “Yes, I’m coming to that. I’ve started an event management business and I’m not getting the time to manage it and neither does Yuvraj so, I would like you to manage it Kunj”, said Manohar. Kunj smiled and said, “That’s alright papa. But, how will I alone manage the entire business? I’ve never done all this.” “Who said you’re alone? Twinkle is there no”, replied Manohar casually. “Papa, me? I don’t know anything about business. What will I handle?”, said Twinkle. “Who told you’ll manage. You’re an event manager so, you’re going to manage the events and Kunj is going to look after the financial issues”, said Manohar. “But still”, replied Twinkle worriedly. “I know you can do it and I’m not listening to anything”, said Manohar. “And, by the way Mahi it’s been a long time you also haven’t come to the office. There is a lot of work pressure so, will you join back from tomorrow?”, added Manohar. Mahi nodded his head while Yuvraj’s mood lightened up. “Oye Siyappa Queen, now come we need to see how to manage business”, said Kunj. “Don’t order me”, replied Twinkle. “I will. I’m the boss”, said Kunj. “Who said you’re the boss? If you talk more I’ll make Twinkle the boss. Nobody is boss. You both are partners”, said Manohar interrupting. Twinkle showed her tongue to Kunj while he frowned.

College fest
The college was overcrowded with the students from all the years. Loud music surrounded the entire environment along with the sounds of people talking. At the gate of college it was written “Punjab University – 15th year Fest”. Kritika and Akshat entered the college talking with each other while Rahul followed them alone. He came to Kritika and said, “Do you remember that I’m with the two of you?” “We never told you not to get involved. You’re not talking that’s completely your own problem”, replied Kritika in a cold tone. Rahul felt irritated by her behaviour but, controlled himself. Kritika saw her group of friends standing and talking and went to them. “Hey all!”, said Kritika greeting them. “Why are you so late?”, asked one of her friends. “Baby doll was being made drink coffee by .. what’s your name? Kriti, won’t you introduce us to him?”, said Akshat. “What shall I introduce? He’s my di’s brother in law and we are childhood friends. His name is Rahul. And, Akshat it’s not about coffee or something but, it’s because you were late and there was traffic. Idiot”, replied Kritika. Rahul was disappointed with the way Kritika introduced him to her friends but suddenly Akshat said, “Rahul. Hey! Baby doll, then you both must be sharing a great bond right?” Rahul was about to reply when Kritika said, “Just as friends do. Nothing special.” Listening to her reply Rahul was frustrated and walked away from there.

Kritika (POV)
Atleast now I hope he stays away from me. I can’t behave so rudely to him but, still I have to because I don’t want whatever happened in the past to repeat again.

Sarna Mansion
Twinkle was placing the coffee mugs on a tray when Kunj came and hugged her from behind resting his hands on her stomach. “Oh you came down. Take your coffee”, said Twinkle while lifting up a cup. “Let’s go out somewhere. I’m too bored”, replied Kunj. “No Kunj, we need to see how should we handle everything in the business. We’ll go out some other day”, replied Twinkle handing Kunj the cup. He took it and sipped the coffee. He said, “Why did you make it so dark. I don’t like dark coffee you know na!” “I made it like everyday. Give me the cup, I’ll taste”, replied Twinkle taking the cup from his hand. She sipped the coffee and said, “It’s alright. It isn’t dark at all.” Kunj took the cup from her hand and sipped the coffee. “Now, it’s fine. After you sipped it with so much sweetness it’s fine now”, said Kunj winking at Twinkle. “Kuch bhi”, (Rubbish) replied Twinkle. Kunj placed the mug on the slab and moved closer to her. He pulled her towards himself by her waist and said, “You think I’m joking?” “Yes”, replied Twinkle. Kunj picked her up and made her sit on the slab. “Now, it’s easier to talk to you”, said Kunj. “What do you want to talk?”, asked Twinkle wrapping her arms around his neck. “Jaake bedroom mein romance karo. Kabhi toh sharam kiya karo”, (Go romance in your bedroom. Have some shame sometimes) said Mahi from behind. Kunj quickly turned around while Twinkle looked at Mahi sitting on the slab. “Ab aapko special invitation dekhe utarvaana padhega kya Twinkle princess?”, (Should I give you special invitation to get down from there Twinkle princess?) asked Mahi. Twinkle got down from the slab while Kunj said, “Bhabhi, firstly Queen and secondly, kya yaar iss ghar mein sab ki timing itni kharab kyun hai! (why is everyone’s timing so bad in this house!) Mahi walked towards Kunj and folded her hands. She said, “Abhi batati hoon. Woh kya hai na timing kisi ki kharab nahi hai. Aap logo ka placement hi kharab hai. Ab jao room mein”, (I’ll tell you now only. Actually the fact is no one has a bad timing. You people are always at the wrong place. Now, go to your room) said Mahi. Kunj took his coffee mug and went to the room while Twinkle went to the cupboard to take out biscuits and said, “Di, did you think anything about yesterday’s discussion?” “What discussion?”, replied Mahi. “About adding a new member to this family”, said Twinkle giggling. Mahi lifted the coffee mugs’ tray and said, “The way you too are romancing na, you both will become parents even before us.” Twinkle served the biscuits on a plate and realised what Mahi said. She quickly turned around but saw that Mahi had left. She said, “Di is also speaking rubbish now.” She took the biscuits and went to the hall.

College fest
The fest had come to an end and all the functions got over. Suddenly the lights went off and the spotlight fell on a boy stading on the stage. He spoke into the mike, “Hey guys, Akshat here. I guess you all know me. Kritika can you please come up on the stage?” Kritika was blank about his behaviour but, walked up to the stage. She climbed on the stage and stood next to Akshat. Akshat knelt down on his knees and took out a ring. He said, “Will you like to spend the entire of your life with me? Would you like to become my better half?” Rahul who was witnessing all this clenched his fist in anger and walked up to the stage. Kritika stood shocked on the stage trying to figure out what happened. Rahul climbed the stage and slapped Akshat making Kritika come out of her thoughts. “How dare you ask her out?”, asked Rahul. “Why? We’re very good friends and I love her. What is your problem?”, replied Akshat. He added, “And, by the way how dare you slap me?” “I’ll kill you if the next time you say that”, replied Rahul. Akshat was about to reply when Kritika ran away from there. “If something happens to her, I swear I’ll not leave you”, said Rahul and went behind her. He cleared his way through the crowd and saw Kritika run into the college building. He followed her.

College Building
Kritika entered the building and ran towards the washroom. She went inside the washroom and stood in front of the wash basin. She opened the water tap and started splashing water on her face. She looked into the mirror and cried. She said, “Not again. I know how much it hurts to break someone’s heart. Please Babaji don’t make me do this.”
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