“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 27 Part 2)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 27

NOTE : The caption tells it’s 2nd part of the 27th chapter as the caption and my chapter numbers aren’t matching. That’s why. So, please don’t worry. You all haven’t missed anything.
College Building

Kritika kept splashing water on her face trying to clear her face and control her emotions but, she wasn’t able to. She shouted, “Not again” and sat down on the floor resting by the wall.

Kritika (POV)
Why does this always happen to me? I don’t want to break anyone’s heart. I know it hurts a lot and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Why did you come back? I had moved on from the past but, again you reminded me of everything.

Flashback (Kritika’s POV doesn’t end)
I came to my class and found the entire class empty. One of my friends Srija came to me and said, “Why are you here? Come with me.” She held my hand and dragged me with herself. I asked, “Where are we going?” She didn’t reply and finally we entered the rehearsal hall. I saw Rahul with folded hands waiting inside. He said, “Have you seen the time?” “I’m on time”, I replied. “Forget it. It’s waste telling you. Now, come here”, said Rahul. He brought me to centre of the hall. He knelt down on his knees and said, “Thank you for coming into my life. I love you a lot.” My eyes were filled with tears while Rahul stood up. I quickly hugged him and said, “I love you too.” He hugged me and pulled back when everyone started hooting and clapping around. “See, I told you all that Kritika will do it the best. After all she’s my baby doll”, said Rahul. “Hehe.. it looked so real man. Well done Kriti”, replied Arnav. I stood there confused and said, “What’s happening?” “Oh! We forgot to tell you. Actually what happened was Rahul is playing the male lead role in the play and we weren’t able to find anyone for the female lead role. So, that’s why we were trying it out”, replied Arnav breaking my heart into a million pieces. I stood there blank not knowing what to do and how to react. Rahul patted my back and said, “Well done Baby Doll.” I faked a smile at Rahul and excused myself. I ran out of the hall and went to the classroom which was completely empty. I closed the door and broke down into tears.

The reality was too harsh but, it wasn’t in my hands. After that year, I told Dad to change my school and after that I didn’t have contact with any of my friends from that school. I know Rahul wasn’t at fault and he can never be mine but, I can’t be of anybody else except his.

Kritika wiped her tears and splashed water on her face as someone banged the door. Kritika composed herself and opened the door of the washroom. Rahul stood at the doorstep and said, “Were you crying?” Kritika ignored him and looked away. “Kritika, answer me”, said Rahul frustrated. Kritika ignored him and was about to walk away when Rahul held her by her shoulders and pinned her to the wall. He said, “Kritika, enough is enough. Stop ignoring me. I’ve been asking you a number of times what’s wrong but you don’t seem to be affected. Now, just answer me. What happened? Why were you crying?”, said Rahul. Kritika looked the other side and said, “Rahul, leave me. It’s hurting.” Rahul tightened his grip and angrily said, “First answer my question.” Kritika pushed him back hard and said, “Rahul, behave yourself. I have told you before also and again I’m telling you that I’m not answerable to you.” Kritika walked out of the washroom while Rahul blankly looked at her. He followed her as she went to the parking plot. Kritika’s friends were waiting for her and waved at her as soon as she they saw her. Kritika silently unlocked the car and said, “Akshat, it’s quite late. I need to go home. Are you coming?”

“No, he’s not”, said Rahul interrupting and snatched away the keys from Kritika’s hands. He got into the car and settled down on the driver’s seat. He looked out of the window and sweetly said, “Baby Doll, come quick. Everyone must be waiting at home.” “Rahul, get out of the driver’s seat and you’re not the one telling me who all are coming in this car”, said Kritika. Rahul started the car and said, “Fine, if you don’t want to come it’s okay but, atleast tell me an excuse that I should tell everyone at home.” “Rahul, see”, said Kritika and was about to complete when Rahul said, “Fine you really don’t want to come so, bye.” Rahul accelerated the car and moved a bit ahead. He stopped and peeped out of the window. “Baby doll sure na?”, asked Rahul. Kritika walked to the car and sat behind. “I’m not your driver baby doll. Come and sit in front”, said Rahul. “Rahul, drive or..”, said Kritika when Rahul interrupted, “Come in front or we’re staying here for the entire night.” Kritika gave a disgusted face and sat in the front seat next to Rahul. Rahul smilingly started driving while Kritika with an annoyed face looked out of the window. After about half an hour, they reached home. Rahul parked the car and they both got down. Rahul was about to talk to Kritika but, she ignored him and went inside.

Rahul (POV)
Kab tak ignore karegi tu mujhe? Baat toh tujhe karna padhega baby doll. Tujhe toh main manake hi chodunga.
(Till when will you ignore me? You will have to talk to me. I’ll not end the matter without convincing you.)

Sarna Mansion
Twinj room
Kunj came inside the room and saw Twinkle sleeping on the couch resting her head on a bunch of papers. He carefully made her arms wrap around his neck and picked her up. “Mr. Sarna, I must say you love your wife a lot”, said a voice. Kunj looked here and there to figure out who was talking. “What are you looking here and there for? Are you expecting someone else in our room at 10 in the night? Look down baby”, said Twinkle. Kunj looked down being astonished and said, “You didn’t fall asleep?” “I did”, replied Twinkle and tightened the grip of her hands around his neck. “Then?”, asked Kunj. “Do you think I’m Kumbhakaran (character in Mahabharat who used to sleep 6 months in a year) that you’ll pick me up in your arms and I won’t realise?”, replied Twinkle. “I’m sorry to disturb your sleep”, said Kunj. “I feel glad you spoilt my sleep otherwise how would I’ve got to know that my husband loves me so much!”, replied Twinkle smilingly. “Mrs. Sarna is becoming romantic. After all, sangati ka asar hai (effects of romantic company)”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled while he placed her on the bed and caressed her hair. “I love you Kunj”, said Twinkle.

“I love you too”, replied Kunj. “I love you more”, said a voice from the doorstep. Twinkle and Kunj turned to look at the door. Kritika stood smiling there while her eyes were swollen up and reflected the pain she was going through. “Kriti, so late? Why are you standing there? Come inside”, said Twinkle. “No di, I’ll come in the morning. I feel too tired today. Good night!”, replied Kritika and walked to her room. Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other while Twinkle signalled Kunj with her eyes ‘what happened to her?’ “We’ll talk to her in the morning. Now, you sleep. Good night”, said Kunj and pulled the blanket on Twinkle and went to close the door. He switched off the lights, went to his side of the bed and laid down. Twinkle hugged him while Kunj placed his hand on her waist and both of them fell sleep.
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