“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 25) (Silver Jubilee Celebrations)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Silver Jubilee Celebration

Hey all! So, are you people excited for the surprise? Even I’m. As I promised it’s going to be something new so, I’ve come up with something new. Now, I know your question is “what”! I’ll let you know, have some patience. Okay, so now you all must be wondering why I’ve invited you all here. It’s for the celebrations. My best friends will be here to attend you and don’t worry that you’ll get bored. They’re also like me or rather more crazy. By the way, I’m dumb how will you all know me! I’ve never opened up to any of you except for Sidmin as she was the person who wanted to talk to me and now we’re chatting on WhatsApp. Okay, now the reason is I take time to open up that’s why. But, now don’t worry I’ll surely open up. I have to go to Amritsar to see what’s happening there so, Prashanti and Sneha, my best friends will be here with you all.
So bye guys. I’ll meet you all after the party.

Suddenly the lights went off and the spotlight fell on a girl. She switched on the mike and said, “Hey all! This is Prashanti. I’m Debosmita’s sorry, Ria’s best no, no, bestest friend.” “And I’m her friend cum sister”, said a girl coming from backstage. She added, “I’m Sneha.” “I don’t know how you find this Ria so good? Actually, she no.. let it be.. actually she’s like me only. Yes, you guessed it right I was going to talk bad about her but, only I sorry we have that licence so.. Anyways, forget it”, said Prashanti. “I know you all are eagerly waiting for the surprise but, just a few more minutes”, said Sneha. Suddenly, Prashanti’s phone rang. (Don’t worry I’m only calling) “Ya, okay fine. I told na okay. Buddhu, idiot. Just shut up. Bye”, said Prashanti. (That’s the way we talk)

“Okay, so guys here we’ve a game for you. But, it’s regarding Ria’s fan fic”, said Prashanti. “We’ll be giving you some sheets and with some questions. You all have to write the answers and give us the sheets. Ria will announce the winner and tell you all the answers later on the TU page”, said Sneha. “Are you all ready?”, asked Prashanti. “Yes”, shouted the entire TU group. “So, it’s called MEMORY REFRESHER”, said Prashanti.
“Let’s refresh our memory no, sorry your memory regarding her fan fic. Come, let’s start now”, said Sneha. They handed over the sheets and the game begun.
Memory refresher

Q1) What excuse did Kunj give to take Twinkle for the first coffee date?

Q2) When did Twinkle for the first time kiss Kunj?

Q3) How did Twinkle realise her love for Kunj?

Q4) When did Kunj get to know that Twinkle too loves her? (Mention the situation)

Q5) How did Kunj get his kiss after their love confession?

Q6) Where did Rahul and Kritika meet for the first time and what was the reason for which they fought?

Q7) What relation does Rahul have with the Sarna’s?

Q8) How did Rahul and Kritika come to know that they were childhood best friends?

Q9) What was the reason for which Kunj and Twinkle went to Delhi?

Q10) Why did Twinkle become angry as soon as they entered the hotel in Delhi?
The TU group handed over the sheets and went to the food and beverage section. The group enjoyed themselves and went back.
Let me know whether you all enjoyed this or not. Though I guess it wasn’t that good. I’ll tell you all the winner tomorrow and publish the answers too. Stay tuned to know who’s the winner.

So, now the most crucial part.

Thank you so much for supporting me up till now and I hope you all will support me like this further too. Thank you to all those who have commented on my fan fic up till now. I’m sorry for not mentioning each one’s names but, to be frank all your comments enlighten up my mood. Please don’t be sad as I didn’t mention your name but, I love you all a lot and am really grateful to you all.

Sayeeda, thank you so much you’ve always commented on my fan fic and it’s always been a pleasure to read your comments. Thank you for the constant support and all the love you’ve given me.???

Rashi, thank you dear for always managing to comment on my fan fic. Love you loads.??

Arundhati, your comments always make me happy. You know why? Because how much ever late you are you’ll never forget to comment and I’m really grateful for that.?

Shatakshi, you’ve always managed to bring a big smile on my face. ALWAYS. Thank you for such beautiful comments. I still remember the day we were chatting and you told me sorry for not reading my chapters. I was so happy and then after that day you’ve never missed out to comment. Love you loads.??

RiaA, you’ve always encouraged me. Your comments are always so encouraging and full of love. You’ve always managed to comment on my fan fic except for 3-4 chapter but, that’s alright.?

Shamz, thank you so much for always commenting on my fan fic. I guess you’ve missed to comment only 4 times but, I don’t care about it as whenever you’ve missed you always tell me the next day that how both the chapters were. Love you loads.??

Shreya, you’ve not commented on all my chapters but, whenever you did it always brought a broad smile on my face. Especially, when you said that my fan fic is one of your favourites I was really happy. Love you a lot.??

Love you all loads and I hope you all will like the upcoming plots. Please keep supporting me as only your support will help me to continue my fan fic further. I hope you’ll keep supporting me and do tell me whether you enjoyed the surprise or not.
After reading the thanking ceremony please don’t forget about the surprise. I would really like my silent readers to comment too but, there’s no pressure. And, and, your sheets are below, the comment boxes so, please do answer. Also, please tell me whether you liked the idea. I feel it wasn’t that good but, still let me know.

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  1. Mayahtwinjfan

    I’m confused

    1. Ria

      Regarding what?

  2. Hey ria!!! So here’s the ans..
    Q1) What excuse did Kunj give to take
    Twinkle for the first coffee date?
    Ans. Excuse was that mahi gave a bad coffee(i. e. Coffee wid salt instead of sugar) in the morning..
    Q2) When did Twinkle for the first time kiss
    Ans. She kissed him accidentally when they were on their outing with family at their farmhouse,, kunj was acting to sleep n moved his head to get the kiss
    Q3) How did Twinkle realise her love for
    Ans. She realized her love for kunj when maya came into scene.. Ans she was a good frnd of Kunj n twinkle didn’t liked to see their close frndship..
    Q4) When did Kunj get to know that Twinkle
    too loves her? (Mention the situation)
    Ans. He got to know when twinj were out for shopping for some stuffs @mall as they were heading for farm house next day for family outing.. Nd there itself(mall) maya came n kunj became so busy with maya that he didn’t saw twinkle went back home.. N back at home when he confronted her y she came back @ first she ignored his ques but then she yelled at him that he was busy with maya n didn’t even noticed her if she was there or not.. N how she felt when he ignored her.. N found her missing when maya went back.. This was the time kunj got to know about her feelings for kunj himself..
    Q5) How did Kunj get his kiss after their love
    Ans. He acted to sleep on bed and when twinkle came to room she tried kissing him his cheeks but he moved his face n accidentally twinkle kissed her.. (they were @thier farmhouse coz they went for a family outing their).
    Q6) Where did Rahul and Kritika meet for the
    first time and what was the reason for which
    they fought?
    Ans. They met in the mall when kritika was gone out for shopping wid mahi.. They fought because kritika bumped into rahul n when she was about to fall rahul held her and was continuously staring her.. She thought of him as a creepy guy..
    Q7) What relation does Rahul have with the
    Ans. Rahul is maternal brother of Kunj n yuvi..
    Q8) How did Rahul and Kritika come to know
    that they were childhood best friends?
    Ans. When twinj locked them up in a room as a punishment and after some argument they asked eo their name..
    Q9) What was the reason for which Kunj and
    Twinkle went to Delhi?
    Ans. Reason was kunj’s convocation
    Q10) Why did Twinkle become angry as soon
    as they entered the hotel in Delhi?
    Ans. She was angry because yuvi booked honeymoon suite for twinj..
    N yrr frankly telling u.. There was just no ques whose ans I didn’t knew.. I just read the ques n the ans strikes my mind in no time..
    This just States that how good u were in making me fall for this ff so badly..

  3. good epi as usual

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Zarmeen!?

  4. Shatakshi

    Hey Ria
    I won’t talk now….my comments are below the answer..
    1. Kunj excused himself n twinkle for the coffee date by saying that mahi makes bad coffee (aab mahi ke kharab coffee banane ka reason bhi batana padega kya??)
    2.Twinj first kiss was an accident…u know na our naughty kunj…
    3.Jealously….Maya…u know na these wife’s… Hehe
    4.Ignoring twinkle is the best way to know her feeling….n that too in mall…then kunj us seriously dead…uppar se Maya bhi hai then to gone…I hope u understood
    5. He challenged her…n u know na challenge liya to pura karna padega…varna ego hurt ho jaiga…so the same story… The accidental kiss….kunj moved slightly which by mistakenly made their lips meet
    6.hmmm….I guess they met at the mall where they bumped n rahul spilled her coffee or some drink on her only (sorry if I m wrong)…from that time she calls him a cheapster becoz he was staring her…
    7. Bro cum best friend of kunj n UV
    8.during punishment given by twinj they were locked in the room where they came to eo name… N rahul first recognized her
    9.for attending convocation of kunj
    10. Becoz UV booked hineymood suite for twinj without their knowledge
    Aab bats kaisa that…dekha I answered all of them
    N Congo for ur silver jubilee…

    1. Shatakshi

      N yes…mai aachi bacchi hu so fail mat karna okay…??
      N ria on a serious note… U know the answers were automatically coming
      Becoz ur ff involves me so much…
      Really loved it a lot❤❤❤❤

  5. Angita

    Q 1 I dunno
    Q2 dunno(sorry I’m such a dumb)
    Q3 dunno
    Q4 dunno
    Q6 market where rahul catched her by the waist and bumped into her
    Q7maternal brother of kunj
    Q8when kritika told her name and rahul replied baby doll
    Q9convacation of kunj
    Q10 because of honeymoon suite

  6. […] “I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 25) (Silver Jubilee Celebrations) […]

  7. Sayeeda

    Awwww!!!!! Dammmm …I’m late …ufffff miss the chance …
    Ab jab saare answers de diye Gaye hai toh main kya doon lagega copy paste Kara hai but koi nai next time mein time pe aungi ….
    Leave all that coming to celebration amazing…. love ur idea of celebration ….
    Congrats for ur silver jubilee,.

    1. Ria

      No, Sayeeda. Please comment. I want the answers from everyone how much ever late you are. May be the past commentators didn’t give the correct answers.. so please.

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Congo….for silver jublie of your ff….
    1.reason was that ki mahi makes bad coffee…
    2.it was by mistake when kunj was sleeping & twinkle was going to kiss him on cheeks& at that tym kunj turned…..as he was doing acting…..
    3.when maya came….she was feeling jealous of there closeness….
    4.when they went for shopping…& at that time they met maya…after that kunj was so engrossed in talking with maya that he forgot twinkle….& she went home……& after that she yelled on him for this….
    5.same as ans 2…(srry yr…..wapas itta type krna naa pade isley shortcut)
    6.they met in market when kratika was wid mahi doing shopping….& she bumped into rahul & was about to fall….when rahul catches her & was continuously staring her…this was the reason for there fight….
    7.maternal bro of uv & kunj…
    8.when twinj locked them in room & they were arguing…..after that….
    9.for kunj’s convocation…..
    10.cozzz uv booked a honeymoon suit for them…..
    Try kiya h jo yaad tha sb……kuch glt ho toh srry…..& once again congo……

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Hy ria….very busy today….will comment answers by tomorrow ……
    I always comment on ur ff coz I really love it….hats off to u for such awesomely amazing story….

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Rashi! It makes me feel really good to listen that you all are liking my fan fic.
      Regarding the answers, if you give please try to give them before the evening because I need to upload the answers too.?

  10. Sayeeda

    OK so let me start..
    • Kunj gave excused that Mahi makes a bad coffee….
    • She kissed him accidentally ..when they were at farm house for outing..
    •She realized her love when she saw Maya getting close to Kunj nd she discussed the matter with Kritika ..
    • When Twinkle ; Kunj nd Maya were at shopping mall nd kunj ignored her ( not deliberately) nd she came back home without informing Kunj nd when he came back nd asked her the reason of not informing him ; she yelled at him that he was busy with Maya ….then Kunj realized her pain of jealousy nd understood her love for him..
    •Kunj was acting that he slept and as Twinkle came near him to kiss on his cheeks he turned his face nd got the kiss on his lips …
    •They met at Mall nd both bumped into eo nd Rahul held her by her waist nd the way Rahul was staring at her made her angry ….
    • Maternal bro nd best frnd of kunj nd Uvi ..
    • When they were locked in store room …nd both came to know eo name …nd Rahul recognized her saying her baby doll u missed me …then Kritika came to realize who is he ..
    • for convocation …
    • As Uvi booked honeymoon suite for them nd there were no salwar nd suit in her bags as all were replaced by western one…

    So here’s the answer ….love ur ff a lot …

  11. Lama

    Hey Ria,
    Firstly Congratulations for Silver Jubilee of ur ff ????????…nd the idea of Memory Refresher is Superbbbb…so here we go with the answers –
    1- By making excuse that Mahi makes bad coffee.
    2- Twinj first kiss was by accident…when they were on outing…nd twinkle was going to kiss kunj on his cheek…nd he turned his face (i hope you got)
    3- When Maya came…nd twinkle got jealous with kunj & Maya’s frndship
    4- Kunj got to know about twinkles feeling for himself when they were at mall for buying things to go to farmhouse and in mall maya came nd kunj got busy wd her nd he did’nt noticed that twinkle was not there as she has already returned nd when kunj came back he asked twinkle that y she came back , firstly she ignored him bt then she yelled at him that he was so busy wd maya that he didn’t noticed that she was there or not, at that time kunj got to know about twinkle’s feelings for him.
    5- Same as answer 2 ( yaar samajh jana, itna type nhi kr paungi )
    6- When kritika nd Mahi was doing shopping in mall, nd by mistake kritika bumped into rahul, nd rahul save her from falling bt he was continously staring at her, this was the reason for their fighting.
    7- Maternal bro & bf ( i mean best frnd, zyada mat socho ) of kunj & uv.
    8- When Twinj locked them in a room as a punishment, nd while arguging they got to know eo’s name
    9- For kunj’s Convocation.
    10- Bcoz UV booked honeymoon suite for Twinj without asking them.
    Phewww…haash khatam…thak gai type krte krte
    I hope my answers are correct…kuch galat hoto sorry
    Once again Congratulations ???

  12. Dreamer...arundhati

    Congo 4 silver jubilee.
    M happy to know that my comments make u happy.
    U r worth it dear.
    U r ff is just too good
    I told na I m in love with dear.,
    Sorry that I can’t write the answers now as it will take a lot of time.i know them all.but..hope u understand.
    Luv u loads
    Keep smiling
    Keep writing

    1. Ria

      It’s alright Arundhati. Don’t say sorry. Thank you so much for your well wishes and I’m really happy that you’re liking my fan fic. Hope I can continue to entertain you all further. Love you too dear.?

  13. I’m so late? Dammit. I was busy with work. I’ll Answer anyway.
    1.kunj’s excuse to go for coffee was the coffee that mahi made was bad .
    twinkle kissed kunj by accident when he turned his face.
    3.twinkle realize her love for kunj when Maya came into play.
    4.kunj got to know of twinkles feelings because of the mall situation.
    5. ……….
    6.Kriti & rahul met for the first time in the market. Rahul saved kriti from falling as they bumped into each other. He was staring at her continuously thts y they fought.
    7. Rahul is maternal son & brother of the sarnas
    8.kriti & rahul got to know about each other after being locked up in the store room.
    9. Twinj went to Delhi for kunj’s convocation.
    10.twinkle became angry as a honeymoon suit was booked.

  14. Aamu

    hey sayeeda congo for silver jublie
    sry cant able to answer ur question as i m too late so me abar ans dungi to lagega ki copy kiya hai
    n it will take so much time u know i m reding n writing by hiding s mumma dont allow me to read in ramadan
    n yaa u know i read d epi first(i think)i read d epi at early in d morning wen i woke up for sehri
    i was going to answer d question buttttttttttttttttttt
    my sis close d wifi (shararat jaan buj kr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,huh)

    1. Ria

      It’s alright Aamu. I know you all have a busy month going on.
      By the way it’s Ria not Sayeeda. Anyways, forget it because I understood what you meant so thanks.

  15. congratulations ria bt sry yr i wont b able 2 play d quiz or say d game bt i m sure dt i no all d answers thourougly hahaha

    1. Ria

      Thank you Baby! And, it’s alright. Don’t say sorry. I’m glad knowing that you know all the answers.

  16. hey ammu its ria nt sayeeda

    1. Ria

      Hehe.. Thank you Baby for telling.

  17. do u study in pmi school as i think i saw u some where

    1. Ria

      Shreya, how did you see me? I don’t have my own dp dear.

  18. Apoorwa

    it was a brilliant celebration
    loved it

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Apoorwa!

  19. Shamz

    Hey Ria,
    I know I’m hell late…but seriously last three days and today as well as tomorrow also will be very tedious days for me…I’m feeling like I’m a lifeless body……..so sorry for late comment……
    Now answers for ur questions…..
    1- Mahi made coffee for twinj and by mistake she spill salt in it instead of sugar which gave Kunj a chance to take Twinkle for a coffee date….
    2- Kunj asked Twinkle for a kiss but she denied so he made up his mind that by hook or crook he’ll get a kiss from her so in farm house he acted to sleep and when Twinkle came to their room at night and went to kiss him on his cheeks he purposely change his position and she accidentally kissed his lips… And afterwards she gets to know that he did purposefully to get his challenged completed…
    3- When Maya came into their life….he hugged Maya in front of Twinkle and above that he asked her to make coffee for them….
    4 – Twinj went to mall and their also Maya came and spoiled theirtheir mood or rather say Twinkle mood and she went from their widout informing them…after reaching home she directly went to kitchen to avoid all the members but Kritika was there and asked her abt jiju which infuriated her and then only she gets a call from Kunj so she gave it Kritika….after sometimes Kunj and Maya came and went for a dinner so to avoid them Twinkle went Kitchen and Kunj also came over there and asked her why did she came back without informing him so she yelled at him which shows her jealousy and pain and love….this made him realize that she also loves him equally which brought a big smile on his face.
    5- refer to ans 2… I know yaaar but I’m hell tired plz excuse me for this….
    6 – Kritika was coming out of the mall in hurry when she bumped into someone and was abt to fall but in time a muscular man held her tightly preventing her to fall on the ground but her beauty mesmerized him and he was lost in her which infuriated her and she starts to fight with him….
    7 – Rahul is maternal bro of KuVi…
    8 – When KriRa locked Twinj inside the store room and next day when Kritika opens tthe door then Twinj asked them to meet him in half an hour…in half an hour both of them were in the hall and as usual started to fight for which Twinj gave them punishment that they cud talk to each other only for a day and not to fight with each other or else the punishment will be exceeded for 5 days then also at dining table they fought so Twinkle asked them to go rto Kritika room and locked them over there and after some fight they introduced themselves and at that moment they came to know abt each other and soon they realized that they were old school friends.
    9 – Kunj had completed his MBA course and was to be felicitated as SOTY so the institution had org convocation ceremony at Delhi.
    10- Twinkle was angry at Yuvraj as he had booked honeymoon suite for Twinj….and she was again angry wen the room was beautifully decorated as she misunderstood that again Yuvi had done this but this time Kr nj did all this for Twinkle…. But as soon as she came to know Kunj did all that a smile peeps on her lips..
    I hope all the answers are correct and hope for d best…..
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Shamz

      Hey Ria I remembered ya Twinkle’s first kiss was on his cheeks only wen she came to her room and saw Kunj sleeping and admires him and said smthing (sorry I don’t remember that) and kissed on his cheeks but at that tym also Kunj ws awake and surprised her…Kunj was hell happy that she kissed him but that time also he didn’t knew dat she loves him…this one occurred before their confession…. And yah plz do refer 2 as 5 and this one as 2 only….

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