“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 23)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 23

Twinkle came out of the washroom wearing a blue top and white skirt till her knees. She kept her dresses in the suitcase and said, “Uff! Kunj, go and change.” Kunj came and hugged her from back resting his chin on her shoulder. He said, “Ya, you also come along.” “Where do you think I’m telling you to go?”, asked Twinkle. “To freshen up. I know. And, I’m asking you to come along”, replied Kunj.
Twinkle turned around and said, “I told you to stay away from me.” “Who told you I’m so obedient?”, asked Kunj. “True. What did you get the best student award for?”, Twinkle replied. Kunj murmured, “Baatein jodhna toh koi isse sikhe.” (One should learn how to connect talks from her.) “That’s for listening to the professors, not my wife”, replied Kunj winking at her. Twinkle rolled her eyes and said, “You’re impossible. Anyways, go change and come.” She turned around and was about to go when Kunj picked her up in his arms. “Kunj, leave me. I’m not going to the washroom”, said Twinkle while moving her legs and hands. “Shh.. Keep quite. We are fulfilling your wish also and mine too”, said Kunj. “What do you mean?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj made her stand and said, “How can you talk so much? Don’t you get tired?” Twinkle turned and went near the suitcase. She took out clothes for Kunj and threw it on him. “Go, change and not even a word”, said Twinkle. Kunj went to the washroom smilingly. He came out and saw Twinkle searching for the TV remote. He went to her and kissed her right cheek making Twinkle shocked. Kunj kissed her other cheek making Twinkle come back to senses. She turned around and kissed Kunj’s cheeks. Kunj smiled and said, “So Mrs. Sarna is being romantic.” Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck and said, “So, you thought I’m unromantic?” Kunj pulled her close by her waist and said, “I don’t think. You’re unromantic.” “No, I’m not”, replied Twinkle frowning. Kunj smiled and said, “Prove it then.” Twinkle pulled back and pushed Kunj on the bed. She came on top of him and sensually moved her finger on his face. “So, I’m unromantic?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj smiled and said, “Yes.” Twinkle started unbuttoning his shirt and said, “Kunj Sarna, you’re wife isn’t unromantic.” “You don’t know. She is damn unromantic”, said Kunj smilingly. “I don’t want to talk to you”, saying this she pushed Kunj and was about to get up when Kunj wrapped his arms around Twinkle’s waist and pulled her towards him. “Maybe you’re not unromantic but, I’m more romantic”, said Kunj. “Ya sure. After all you’re in love with the great Twinkle Sarna and I’m in love with the Sadu Sarna”, replied Twinkle giggling. “Haha. It was such a bad joke”, said Kunj rolling his eyes. “Aww.. you look so cute”, said Twinkle pulling Kunj’s cheeks. “Don’t pull my cheeks”, said Kunj. She again pulled his cheeks and said, “You’re so cute.” “Not more than you”, replied Kunj kissing both her cheeks. Kunj kissed her lips and Twinkle reciprocated. He slid her top a bit from the shoulder and kissed her over there. He moved his hands on her back and unzipped her top. Twinkle shied and pushed Kunj away. Twinkle stood in front of the dressing table and tried to zip her top when Kunj came and held her hand and nodded his head in a no. He kissed her bare back and was about to remove her top when Kunj’s phone rang. Kunj picked up the call while Twinkle zipped her dress and quickly went to sleep reminiscing about the moment. After sometime, Kunj disconnected the call and was searching for Twinkle when he found her asleep. He went to her and kissed her forehead saying, “I love you.”

“Kunj, you’ve checked carefully na? I hope we didn’t leave anything”, said Twinkle while checking out. “Relax. We came here just yesterday. There wasn’t anything outside”, replied Kunj. They boarded the car and went to the airport.

Sarna Mansion
Dining Hall
Mahi was serving breakfast to everyone when Kritika came down. “Why are you so late?”, asked Leela. “Sorry maa, actually I forgot to set my alarm”, replied Kritika. “Kriti, why does it look like you’ve been crying for long?”, asked Mahi. “No di, actually something went into my eyes and I was constantly rubbing my eyes so maybe that’s why it looks red”, replied Kritika. “Now, you’re fine right?”, asked Rahul. Kritika said, “What’s there for breakfast today?” She came towards the table while Rahul pulled out a chair for her. Kritika noticed him and went and sat next to Mahi. Rahul felt strange but, kept quiet. After sometime, while having food Kritika started coughing. Rahul quickly poured a glass of water and forwarded it to her but, Kritika poured herself a glass of water, drank it and continued eating. Rahul kept the glass on the table feeling wierd. Everyone had their breakfast and went to their rooms.

Kritika’s room
Kritika was sitting and chatting with her friend when Rahul entered her room and sat next to her. “Hey Baby Doll!”, exclaimed Rahul. “You need something?”, asked Kritika looking into her phone. “Why can’t I come to your room just like that?”, asked Rahul. Kritika ignored him and continued chatting with her friend. Rahul took her phone and threw it on the bed. “What’s wrong with you Rahul?”, asked Kritika picking up her phone. “What’s wrong with me? I should ask you that question. Why are you behaving so wierd since yesterday?”, asked Rahul. Kritika silently got up from the bed and was about to go when Rahul held her hand and pulled her back. “Kritika, for God’s sake tell me what’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me?”, said Rahul. “Rahul, leave me. You’re hurting me”, said Kritika trying to free her hand. He tightened his grip and said, “You’re hurting me even more. Tell me what’s disturbing you?” Kritika jerked his hand away and pushed Rahul. “Just stop your nonsense. Stay away from me”, said Kritika and ran out of the room leaving Rahul shocked.
Hey all! Thank you for all your lovely comments and ofcourse the love and support. Love you all loads. Also, thanx to all my silent readers.

Zikra, thank you for the wishes. I’ll try giving you a party. I just hope I’m not busy these two days.

Loveleen, I hope you were happy with Twinj romance today.

Sayeeda and Shatakshi, I hope your guesses are true because even I dont know what my mind will plan at the last minute. Stay tuned for the upcoming twists.

Did you all like the romance today? Also, did you people like the way Kritika is behaving with Rahul? But, what is the reason behind such behaviour? I hope I didn’t bore you all with Kritika and Rahul scenes. Or, I did? Also, I hope you all were satisfied with the length. If not, then I’m really sorry as I wasn’t there at home for the entire day yesterday.

In case if someone missed the previous chapter, here is the link below:

Episode 22

I’ll upload the next chapter tomorrow so, please stay tuned. I hope you all liked today’s chapter.

Lastly, please remember about my support system. Please don’t forget to throw your comments below whether it’s positive or negative.

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    And I like the fact that You are not showing Twinj consummation so soon… Keep going..

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      Thank you so much Shreya! I’m really glad you’re liking my ff. I hope I can continue to do so further.

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    About today’s chapter & the previous ones, I enjoyed it so much. Twinj’s romance was so steamy especially in this chapter. But twinkle is playing hard to get.
    Also, I’m feeling sorry for rahul. Did he break kritika’s heart unknowingly?
    I just love your writing as u never seize to amaze me. Excellent job & I cnt wait for the next episode. Oh & hw long will it take for twinj to consummate their marriage? I’m so anxious.

    1. Ria

      Hey RiaA,
      Long time. I missed you and your comments a lot. Hope you’re fine now and please take care of yourself.
      I’m glad you liked all the chapters which you missed and even this one. Also, I’m happy that you enjoyed twinj romance. Let Twinkle play hard for a bit of time because it’ll be awkward if she doesn’t resist to it as it’s been just a few days after the confession.
      That Rahul and Kritika question, everyone is asking. I didn’t yet reveal everything but, soon will. So, up till then keep reading
      And, your last question. Twinj are going to consummate their marriage a bit later. I want their relationship to first develop with trust and love and after that. But, don’t worry I’ll not make you all wait for a very long time.
      Thank you so much for all your compliments.

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    Love ur nd Sattu ff a lot ….they both r in the top in my fav list

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  9. hey riya its cool
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    I am new but liked it .would you mind giving me a short summary pls ria?

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      Hey Angita, a warm welcome to you. I’m glad you liked it.

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      So here is the short summary.
      The story starts with a normal day and it portrays the normal schedule of Sarna family. From the beginning itself yuhi and twinj were married. Yuhi had a love marriage but twinj an arranged one. But, Kunj had started loving Twinkle but was afraid to express. even Twinkle had started loving him but never realised. They always used to have nok jhoks. It showed Twinkle’s birthday and how Kunj managed to keep her happy. The next day Maya, Kunj’s friend came to their house and Twinkle was too jealous seeing their closeness. The same day while playing with her sisters about what love stands for each of them she unconsciously tell Kunj’s name after defining what she thinks about love. Now, Kritika and Mahi are the sisters. Next day, they plan to go out for the weekend to the farmhouse and go to a mall to shop. There Kunj meets Maya and keeps talking with her. Twinkle frustrated returns back home and after an hour Kunj realising Twinkle’s absence calls home. Kritika tells him everything and he returns back. Twinkle keeps on ignoring Kunj and at last when she loses her cool due to Kunj’s continuous questions she tells about how she feels when Maya is close to Kunj and how he doesn’t care about her and only Maya. The next day while going to the farmhouse Kunj confesses his love making Twinkle shocked but, later she also confesses her feelings. Farmhouse trip has some cute twinj scenes. After their return from farmhouse Rahul, Kunj’s maternal brother comes to their home. He stays with them from an early age as he lost his parents. Rahul and Kritika meet in a market and Kritika shouts at him bcuz he can’t walk properly and because of him she was about to fall. Upon seeing Rahul in Sarna house they both keep on fighting with each other. But, after 2 days they’re given a punishment by twinj about staying with each other the entire day and talking nicely to each other. That’s when they introduce themselves and realise that they were childhood best friends. Kunj’s college’s results come out and he’s supposed to go to Delhi for convocation. Kunj takes Twinkle along and it’s a romantic series. On the other hand on the second last day of twinj’s trip, Kritika starts ignoring Rahul due to some past issues. Finally, in this chapter twinjs trip comes to an end. Now, you read my chapter 23. I hope you get my story and please feel free to ask me anything if you’re confused.

  11. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ria dear the romance was too good.., lovely
    Really its lovely, osum
    And ratika (rahul+kritika) secenes r not atall boring its a treat to read 2 beautiful love stories 2gether

    1. Ria

      Hey Arundhati, thank you so much. I’m really glad that you liked the romance and also liking Ratika scenes.

  12. Hmmm twinkle is stubborn ?? very bad poor kunj anyway nice episode n i love rahul n kritika scenes their “mysterious” :v post ur next epi soon plzz

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      Hey Romaisah, yes Twinkle is a bit stubborn. But, it’ll all be fine in sometime. Also, I’m glad you’re liking Rahul and Kritika scenes. Thank you so much.

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    The episode was too good yaar
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    1. Ria

      Hey Shatakshi,
      I’m really glad that you liked this chapter and also the twinj scenes. I’ll post the next chapter soon. Lol! Something is cooking up in my head but, let’s see whether you all like it or not.

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    Sorry for not being able to comment on your episodes loved it and thanks for adding more romance to it Loved the episode

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      It’s alright Sidmin. Please don’t say sorry. I’m happy that you liked the previous chapter as well as this chapter.. Loads of love.

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    it wasn’t boring
    i love both the couples and especially your ff

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      Thank you so much Apoorwa! I’m really glad you’re liking my ff.

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    awesome. ..I hv always cmmnted on ur ff…but I dnt no it dint get published. .. same with other ffs too..I dnt know will it get published or no…if u get this cmmnt it was really a romantic epi…

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      Hey Twinjfan-tamanna, I’ve seen your comment before also. Please don’t be so sorry as you had nothing to do with it. I’m really glad you liked the chapter.. hope you like the upcoming ones too.

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