“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 20)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 20

Sarna Mansion
Yuhi’s room
Yuvraj and Mahi came out of the washroom with Mahi in Yuvraj’s arms. Mahi was wearing a bathrobe while Yuvraj was shirtless and had a towel wrapped around his waist. “Now, put me down. I need to change and go down”, said Mahi while blushing. “Don’t you need help in changing?”, asked Yuvraj naughtily. Mahi widened her eyes and said, “No, now put me down.” “But, I want to help. How much will you work?”, replied Yuvraj. Mahi slapped his hand and said, “Put me down. Stop your romance now. Bebe called me long time back.” Yuvraj laughed and said, “Okay go.” He made her stand. Mahi quickly ran to the cupboard, took her clothes and went to change. Yuvraj smiled and took his clothes from the cupboard and waited for Mahi. Mahi came out and went down while Yuvraj went to change.

Hotel Crown Plaza
Conference room (For convocation)
The room had a stage for giving presentations. There was a lecture stand where the principal of the college was standing. He said, “It’s really been a pleasure to stay with and teach all of you for an entire year. You all did very well and I was very impressed with the results this year.” Everyone started clapping and hooting. He added, “Now, the most awaited part of the convocation. The award for the best student.” Everyone started shouting “Kunj, Kunj, Kunj!” The principal smiled and said, “Yes, the student of the year award goes to Kunj Sarna. I would like to call you on the stage.” Kunj and Twinkle stood up and Twinkle hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. He pulled back after sometime and entwined her hands with hers and went to the stage. He took the trophy and the mike. “Thank you so much sir for thinking me eligible for this award. I present this award to my better half, Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Today whatever I am it’s because of her”, said Kunj and forwarded the trophy to Twinkle. Twinkle smiled and took the trophy. They got down the stage. Everyone threw the graduation hats into the air and came out. All the students congratulated Kunj. After around an hour they excused themselves and boarded the booked car.

Sarna Mansion
Yuhi’s room
Mahi entered the room while Yuvraj said, “Mahi, I guess you should join back to the office now. It’s been quite a long time. Also, there’s a lot of work pressure.” Mahi went and stood in front of Yuvraj and said, “I understand everything. I’m not coming. You’re not working at all in home these days. If I come then you’ll not work in office also.” She turned around and was about to go when Yuvraj held her hand and pulled her making her sit on his lap. “You understand me so well darling. But, please join back no”, said Yuvraj. Mahi was about to reply when Kritika and Rahul and said, “Sorry, wrong time.” Mahi quickly stood up and said, “No, tell what happened.” “No di, we’ll come later”, said Kritika. “Ofcourse. Look at Bhai’s face. He looks so disappointed”, added Rahul. “Ouch”, screamed Rahul and Kritika together as Mahi pulled their ears. “So, what were you telling?”, said Mahi. “Ouch..no bhabhi, we weren’t telling anything. Leave us”, replied Rahul. “Di, what is this? Ouch.. sometimes I doubt whether I’m your own sister or not”, said Kritika. Mahi left their ears and said, “Why did you come here?” “Actually di, see I have a fest in my college on Monday. So, can I take Rahul along?”, said Kritika. “Sure Kriti. He’s your prince charming. Take him wherever you want to. Now, excuse me”, replied Mahi and walked out of the room. Rahul and Kritika looked at each other and said, “What did she just tell?” “Di/Bhabhi”, shouted Kritika and Rahul. “Shut up guys. Now, go to your rooms. Poisoning everyone’s life. Disgusting”, said Yuvraj and walked out of the room. Rahul and Kritika burst out laughing and said, “Truly, madly, deeply in love.”

Twinkle and Kunj reached Akshardham and went inside. It was a temple complex with beautifully carved designs on each of the temples. It displayed a mixture of traditional Hindu and Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture. “Akshardham means the abode of God”, a lady said to her kids. Kunj and Twinkle smiled and went in. They saw numerous sculptures of gods beautifully carved. They liked the temple. It took them some time to roam around as it was a temple complex. They came out at around 12:30. “Let’s have lunch now”, said Kunj. “Are you mad? I’m not going”, replied Twinkle. “Why?”, asked a confused Kunj. “We’re going to Sarojini market now, as per my plan having street food and then buying gifts for everyone in the family”, said Twinkle. “And lunch?”, asked Kunj. “Fill your stomach with street food. They are much more tastier”, replied Twinkle and walked towards the car. Kunj left with no option followed Twinkle.

Sarojini market
Twinkle and Kunj got down the car. “Pani puri!”, exclaimed Twinkle. “Aaiyye mohotarma, aj aap ke choice ka khaate hain”, (Come greatness, today we’ll eat food of your choice) said Kunj. They went and had pani puri, aloo tikki, Delhi’s famous chat and all the available street foods. “Twinkle, I’m done”, said Kunj. “So, what do you think? I’ll eat more?”, replied Twinkle. “No, I mean just in case. Anyways, forget it. We shall buy the gifts and get back to hotel. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. We’re going to Agra tomorrow”, said Kunj. “Really? You mean we’ll be able to see Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal?”, asked Twinkle. “No, there are other Taj Mahals also. Obviously. You’ll see Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal with your Shah Jahan”, said Kunj and winked at Twinkle. “Hmm.. okay, now let’s go”, said Twinkle.
They bought salwaar pieces for Bebe, Usha and Leela; Shirts for Manohar and RT; perfume for Kritika; deodorant for Rahul; and a photo frame for Mahi and Yuvraj which had two photo holders on the sides with a heart shape in between which said “Truly, Madly, Deeply in love”.
They came out of the market at around 6 after buying gifts for everyone.

Booked car
Twinkle and Kunj were in the car. It was around 7. Suddenly, it started raining very heavily. Twinkle said, “Bhaiya, please stop the car.” “Are you mad? Why do you want him to stop the car?”, said Kunj.

Twinkle got down the car and spread her hands to feel the rain. Kunj came down and said, “Twinkle, you’ll catch a cold. Come inside the car.” “I won’t. If you want, you can go”, replied Twinkle while rotating around. Kunj gestured the driver to go back to the hotel. Kunj pulled Twinkle’s hand who was completely drenched. “What are you doing?”, asked Twinkle. “You wanted to enjoy the rain na! I’ll make you enjoy it in a special way. You’ll never ever forget it in your life”, replied Kunj. Twinkle smiled and said, “Show then. I also want to see what speciality you want to present.” Kunj pulled her closer and held her by her waist. “Kunj, we’re on the road”, said Twinkle while trying to free herself. Kunj tightened his grip and said, “Doesn’t matter. Nobody would come out in the rain.” Twinkle pushed Kunj and turned around. Kunj came and hugged her from back. He placed his hands on hers and rested his chin on her shoulder. He turned her around and placed his hand on her waist. Twinkle placed her hands around his neck. They romantically danced in the rain. After about sometime the rain slowed down which made Twinkle and Kunj realise the time. “Kunj, it’s so late. And, where is the car?” “I told him to drive back to the hotel”, replied Kunj. “What do you mean? Do you even know the directions? How will we go back to the hotel?”, said Twinkle. Kunj placed his finger on her lips and said, “Shh.. Google maps will help us. Don’t worry.” Kunj searched for his phone but, wasn’t able to find it. He remembered something and said, “Shit! I left my phone in the car.” “What!”, exclaimed Twinkle. “See, don’t worry. We’ll walk straight. We might find someone and we’ll ask them”, replied Kunj. They walked for about half an hour but, didn’t find anyone on the roads. “Kunj! What should we do now?”, said Twinkle. “See, there’s a cottage there. We’ll spend the night there. And, then tomorrow we’ll go back”, said Kunj. They walked towards the cottage and found it completely empty. They went inside and sat down. Twinkle said, “I feel too cold.” “Who told you to get down the car? Okay, wait. See, there are some clothes there. See, if you find anything”, said Kunj. Twinkle found a transparent pink saree. “Kunj, there’s nothing in it”, said Twinkle. “You’re holding a saree. Go, change in it”, replied Kunj. He added, “By that time I’ll try lighting up fire here.” “But, this one is too transparent”, replied Twinkle frowning. “You don’t have any other option. So, please go and change”, replied Kunj while trying to find stones to light up fire. Twinkle unwantedly went to change and after about 10 minutes came back changing into the saree. She saw Kunj sitting near the fire shirtless. “Why aren’t you wearing your shirt?”, asked Twinkle. “What do you think I am? You’ll feel cold in those wet clothes of yours and I’ll feel hot?”, asked Kunj while looking down. “No, I mean..”, replied Twinkle. “What do you mean then?”, asked Kunj and looked up. He saw Twinkle and was mesmerised seeing her. He got up and walked towards her.
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