“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 2)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 2

Kunj (POV)
What happened to her? She never loses an argument so easily. Did I say a lot? No, but I tell this a number of times. Kunj beta kuch soch (think something). You need to convince your Siyappa Queen. Bol toh diya “shanti milegi” (You said you’ll get peace) but, the fact is I’ll die without hearing her voice. You first need to find out what happened to her and then convince her. Think. Think. Think.

Yuhi’s room
Twinkle knocks and comes inside yuhi’s room. She sits beside Mahi and stays quiet. Mahi asks, “What happened? Why are you so quiet?” “I’m practising. Vaise bhi maa ne toh ek aise insaan se shaadi karva di jo meri ek bat tak nahi sunta”, (Anyways, maa got me married to a person who doesn’t even listen to me) replied Twinkle. Mahi was shocked by the reply and said, “I just asked why are you so quiet. Why do you pull your marriage into everything? Okay, I understand maa told you to agree but, then she told you also to think about it. Why did you agree at that time?” “Because I wanted to see maa and papa happy”, said Twinkle. She added, “Kunj is good but, di aap hi batao kaun sa pati apni biwi se itna jhagharta hai? Ab aapko aur jiju ko hi dekho.” (But, you tell me which husband fights with his wife so much? Look at you n jiju only)Mahi was about to reply when Yuvraj suddenly entered and said,

“Yes, Twinkle I agree we both set a good example of a perfect couple. Ab nazar mat laga.” (Don’t put an evil eye) Mahi was blushing. Twinkle pushed her lightly by the shoulder and said, “Di and jiju you both enjoy. I’ll come later.” Twinkle went out of the room giggling. Mahi was about to go but, Yuvraj held her by her wrist and said, “Enjoyment time wifey. Twinkle said na!” Mahi pushed him on the bed and went out of the room running.

Yuhi’s room
Twinkle was sitting with Yuvraj and Mahi in their room. They were talking when Kunj entered the room. He says, “Twinkle, I’ve been searching for you since the morning. Where have you been?” Twinkle showing no interest turned her face to the other side and said, “Di, nahi Jiju. Meri di toh meri na rahi. She always only supports Kunj so Jiju, tell him that I don’t want to talk to him.” Yuvraj was about to speak when Mahi interrupted and said, “Twinkle? You know I love you more than anyone else. (Yuvraj gives a disappointed look) And, secondly just listen to him for once.” “Ya Twinkle, please come to my, sorry OUR room for once”, said Kunj. Mahi signals Yuvraj to go out. Yuvraj and Mahi get up and said, “We’ll be back.” They went out of the room leaving Twinj alone in the room. Twinkle got up and was about to go when Kunj held her wrist and said, “Twinkle please? For once.” Twinkle ignored and kept quiet.

Kunj said, “Nahi manegi naa? Toh ab bas yahi tareeka baaki hai.” (You won’t agree right? So, now only this way is left.) Kunj bends down and, picks up Twinkle making her shocked. “Ab toh jana hi padhega Siyappa Queen. Main bhi dekhta hoon kaise nahi jaati” ( Now you have to go Siyappa Queen. I’ll also see how you don’t), said Kunj.

Twinkle (POV)
Twinkle, you shouldn’t let him convince you. What does he think of himself huh? Kuch bhi karega aur phir aake ek “sorry” bol dega toh ho jaayega, main maan jaungi. (He’ll do anything and then come and tell “sorry” and, I’ll accept it.)No, not at all. You shouldn’t even utter a word. And, what are you doing? Why are you gazing at him? Just look away.

Kunj (POV)
What do you call her Siyappa Queen for? Call her Drama Queen. Kitne nakhre dikhati hai yaar! Ab ek aur. Dusri taraf dekh rahi hai eye contact avoid karne ke liye.Koi baat nahi. Tera hi pati hoon. Teri company mein reh kar kuch toh seekh hi gaya hoon. ( How much drama she does! And, now here one more. She looked away just to avoid eye contact. Never mind. I’m your husband only. I’ve also learnt some drama in your company.)

Kunj brought her out of yuhi’s room and was lost in her when suddenly Twinkle said, “Maa?”. Kunj quickly puts her down and looks behind to find no one. He turned back to face Twinkle and saw her entering their room with full attitude.

Twinj room
Twinkle went inside and was amazed to see the room beautifully decorated with cards asking for forgiveness and flowers and balloons all over the room.A smile appeared on her face. She was about to pick up a card when Kunj came inside and said, “Did you like it?”. Twinkle quickly composed herself and ignored his question. He came in front of Twinkle and said, “Sorry na yaar. Kitna bhaav khaayegi. Ab kar bhi de maaf.” ( I’m sorry. How much attention do you want? Now, forgive me no.)

Kunj presented her a bunch of roses. Twinkle took it with a smiling face and, threw it on the floor. Kunj gave her a balloon saying “sorry”. She took a hair clip from the dressing table (she was standing next to the dressing table) and pricked it. Kunj enacted that she took out his heart and broke it into pieces making Twinkle laugh. He was lost in her laugh when Twinkle said, “Mocambo ne maaf kiya” (it’s a Hindi film dialogue in which the character used to say, “Mocambo forgave you”). Kunj was too happy and hugged her tightly (a bone crushing one. Remember?).

Twinkle (POV)
Finally! Kya finally? Kya huh? (What finally? Huh what?) But, still when he can hug his friend this tight, he can hug me also. I should also put my arms around him. Maybe he’ll feel good.

Kunj (POV)
Finally, I was able to convince her. She is back to normal. Thank God! But, wait. Am I dreaming? She hugged me? Like, seriously? I feel on cloud nine, ten, eleven, … infinity today. I love you Twinkle. I hope I’m able to confess it soon and, you also feel the same for me.

Kunj and Twinkle both happily moved back. Kunj played the music “Soch na Sake” (from Airlift) and forwarded his hand to Twinkle. She quickly gave her hand and they romantically danced on the song. Later, on finishing the song they had dinner. While having dinner Kunj said, “Why did you become so angry today? I’ve told this so many times. You’ve never been so angry!”. Twinkle said, “Not for that but, ..” She stopped in the middle thinking that how will she tell she wasn’t angry about that but, because of Maya. Kunj said, “But what?”. Twinkle said, “Nothing. Have your food. Don’t ask me so many questions. Varna ab 7 din ka maun vrat rakhungi.” (Otherwise I’ll keep quite for 7 days) Kunj quickly replied, “No. I’ll have my food. Chill. But, don’t be quiet. It has become a habit to hear your voice 24/7”. Twinkle smiled to his reply. They have some genuine talks and finally go to sleep with a broad satisfied smile on their faces.

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  19. U can take ur time to post ur ff ….we will wait but that waiting will make to crave for it…..but no problem we can adjust for such a wonderful ff nd our too good nd outstanding ff writer….
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