“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 18)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 18

Amritsar (Sarna Mansion) and Delhi (Hotel Crown Plaza)

Yuvraj picked up the call and casually said, “Ya Kunj tell. Did you reach safely?” “Ya Bhaiya. We did. But, what did you do?”, replied Kunj. “What did I do?”, asked Yuvraj. “Don’t act so innocent. You very well know what I’m talking about. Why did you book a honeymoon suite for us?”, said Kunj. “What do you mean by why?”, said Yuvraj. “Bhaiya, we’re here for my convocation”, replied Kunj. “Acha! Ab itna bhi bhola mat ban. Mujhe pata hai tere man mein toh laddu phoote honge ‘honeymoon suite’ sunkar”, (Seriously! Don’t act so innocent now. I very well know you would have been very happy listening that a ‘honeymoon suite’ is booked) replied Yuvraj. “See, Bhaiya we are still kids. You’re thinking everything in a bad way”, said Kunj.

“Bacche paida karne ki umar ho gayi hai. Kahan ke bacche?”, (You should become parents now. How can you be kids stupid?) replied Yuvraj. “Pehle khud ban jao phir mujhe bol na. Bade aaye”, (First you become then tell me) replied Kunj. Twinkle snatched the phone from Kunj and said, “Jiju, what is wrong with you?” “Twinkle, see now you also don’t start”, replied Yuvraj. “What should I start? You only started everything. We’re not here for honeymoon. You know na me and Kunj are just friends. Then?”, replied Twinkle while Kunj narrowed his gaze at her. “Friends nahi aur bhi kuch. Tujhse bada hoon. Sab samajhta hoon. Ab phone rakh aur Delhi ghoom”, (Ya, ya friends or something else. I’m elder than you. I understand everything. Now, disconnect the call and go roam around in Delhi) said Yuvraj and cut the call.

Hotel Crown Plaza
Twinkle looked at the phone as Yuvraj cut the call. Kunj took the phone and threw it on the bed. He pulled her closer by her waist and said, “So what are we? Friends?” Twinkle said, “No, I mean yes. Ofcourse. We are friends first and then everything else na?” Kunj raised his one eyebrow and said, “But, you just told we’re just friends. So, what do you mean by everything else?” “Leave me. You won’t understand. Anyways I need to change. We’ll get late otherwise”, replied Twinkle. Kunj pulled her even more closer and said, “Explain then only I’ll understand na. What won’t I understand! Explain it I’ll understand. I’m a very good student.” “Kunj, stop pulling my leg. Let me go and change”, replied Twinkle while blushing. “I’m not pulling your leg. See, I just pulled you by your waist”, said Kunj. Twinkle pushed him back. She took her clothes and went to change. She came out wearing a jeans and a pink crop top. “Come, let’s go”, said Twinkle. Kunj nodded his head and they went.

India Gate
Twinkle and Kunj reached India Gate and went towards it. It was a gate with writings scripted on it. “See Kunj, there’s something scripted on the gate too”, said Twinkle. “Ya, I saw”, replied Kunj. “India Gate is actually a war memorial. What you see scripted on the gate are the names of freedom fighters. Inside you’ll be able to see a burning flame. It is called Amar Jawan Jyoti (Flame of the immortal soldier)”, said a guide. Twinkle and Kunj carefully looked at the Gate as well as at the flame. They roamed around there for sometime. Twinkle saw the numerous number of ice-cream sellers there and said, “Let’s have ice-cream. It’s so hot here.” “Not more than you”, replied Kunj. Twinkle started blushing while Kunj entwined his hand with hers and went to get ice-cream. They had ice-cream and went from there.

Doll Museum
Next, they went to Doll Museum. They bought the tickets and moved inside. They saw the notice stating “No pictures allowed”. They saw the museum. It had numerous small dolls displayed. At the entry there were dolls showing how to wear a saree like Bengalis. The museum had a collection of dolls from European countries as well as Asian countries. There were dolls showing various Indian dances and cultures, regional costumes, pairs of bride and grooms of various states and many more. Twinkle and Kunj liked the museum and after they finished they went for lunch.

After lunch (Around 2:30)
They went to the Lotus Temple. It took some time to reach. They reached there at around 4:15.

Lotus Temple
They went inside and removed their footwears as they weren’t allowed inside. It was a temple shaped in the form of lotus. It was white in colour and looked amazingly beautiful. They roamed around in front of it sometime and then went inside. They saw people sitting and meditating. It was a very peaceful area. Twinkle whispered, “Kunj, can we sit here for sometime?” “Sure”, replied Kunj and they sat down closing their eyes for sometime. They came out at around 5:30 and saw the lightning of the temple. It looked even more beautiful now. Kunj saw a photographer and said, “Can you click a picture of us with the temple as the background?” The photographer nodded his head. Kunj and Twinkle stood in front of the temple touching their foreheads with each other’s. They smiled at each other and looked into each other’s eyes. The photographer clicked the picture and gave it to them. Kunj and Twinkle started from there to come back to the hotel.

Hotel Crown Plaza
They came back to the hotel at around 7. They took the card from the reception and went to their room.

Hotel room
They entered the room and found it arranged like the day before. They went inside and sat down on the sofa. Twinkle said, “Do one thing. You go, freshen up. I’ll order coffee. It’ll come by the time we both will change.” Kunj took his clothes and went to change. Twinkle called the room service and ordered two coffees. Twinkle went to the washroom as Kunj came out. Twinkle entered and closed the door (didn’t lock). She screamed and shouted out for Kunj. Kunj came to the door and said, “What happened? Is everything alright Twinkle?” “Kunj, please come inside. There’s a cockroach inside”, replied Twinkle. Kunj started laughing and went in. He shooed away the cockroach and said, “It’s done.” He turned around and saw Twinkle wearing his shirt which came only up till half her thighs.

He walked towards her. Twinkle walked back and said, “Ku.. Ku.. Kunj, what a..a..are y..you tr..trying to do?” Kunj came to her and put his finger on her lips. He kissed his right cheek and then the left one. He was about to kiss her lips when Twinkle turned away her face in shyness. Kunj picked her up in his arms and went inside the room. He knelt down on the bed and placed her. He came on top of her and kissed her closed eyes. She opened her eyes and looked at Kunj lovingly. He kissed her lips while Twinkle reciprocated. They pulled back after sometime and Kunj kissed her neck. He was about to unbutton her shirt when the doorbell rang. They quickly got up and composed themselves. Twinkle ran to the washroom in shyness. Kunj opened the door and saw the room service. He murmured, “Iss room service ki toh main band baja doonga.” (I’ll kill the sh*t out of this room service.) Kunj said, “Ya, come in.” The room service boy came in and kept the tray on the table. Kunj said, “Thank you.”

He smiled and went away. Twinkle came out of the washroom wearing a white crop top and pink pleaded skirt till her knees. Kunj said, “I hate this room service. They spoiled such a beautiful moment.” Twinkle looked away in shyness while Kunj started walking towards her.
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