“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 15)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 15

Store room
Kunj came closer to Twinkle and was about to kiss her lips but, Twinkle escaped and ran away from him. “Kunj, see please stop all this and find a way to get out”, said Twinkle. “No, I want to stay here. If you can, then go out”, replied Kunj while walking towards Twinkle. “You’re challenging me?”, asked Twinkle. “Yes. If you find out a way then, alright. If not, then you’ll kiss me”, said Kunj. “Okay fine”, said Twinkle with full attitude and went to the door. She took out her hair clip and tried opening the door.
After about half an hour, Twinkle sat down near the door and said, “It’s impossible.” Kunj came to her and picked her up in his arms. “So, Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, you’ve lost the challenge. I hope you remember the condition”, said Kunj. Twinkle wrapped her hands around Kunj’s neck and said, “What condition Mr. Sarna?” “Don’t act. You very well know what I’m talking about”, replied Kunj. “No, I don’t”, said Twinkle blinking her eyes in an innocent way. Kunj made Twinkle stand and turned around crossing his arms. Twinkle went and stood in front of him. She sensually moved her finger on Kunj’s face and said, “Are you angry on me?” Kunj ignored her. Twinkle wrapped her hands around Kunj’s neck and rose up a bit. She kissed his cheeks and said, “I’m sorry.” Kunj turned his face and ignored her. Twinkle turned Kunj’s face towards her and kissed Kunj’s lips. He reciprocated. His hands went to her back and he was about to slide down the zip of her salwaar when Twinkle broke the kiss and whispered, “No please.” Kunj moved his hands down and held her by her waist. He said, “Never without your permission.” Twinkle smiled and looked at the watch. “It’s 11. No one even looked for us. I guess we’ve to sleep here only today”, said Twinkle. “But, where?”, asked Kunj. They looked around and spotted two chairs at the corner. “Twinkle, we’ll have to sit and sleep today”, said Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head and they went near the chairs. They cleaned the chairs with a cloth lying close over there and sat down. They both sat down and Twinkle said, “But, I need a head rest.” Kunj pulled Twinkle’s chair closer and lifted his hand. “What are you doing?”, asked Twinkle. He touched her cheek and made her head rest on his shoulder. Twinkle looked up and smiled at him. He rested his head on her head and both of them felt asleep.

Kritika opened the door and found Kunj and Twinkle sleeping in the same position. She said, “Aww so cute.” She went and woke them up. They both woke up and saw Kritika in the room. “Where is Rahul?”, asked Kunj. “How do I know about that shameless?”, replied Kritika. “Just half an hour and I want the two of you in the hall”, said Kunj in a stern voice. He entwined his hand with Twinkle’s and went to their room.

Kritika (POV)
You’re gone Kritika Taneja. What was the need to act smart and lock di and jiju in the store room? Now, they’ll give me some punishment and that too with that shameless. Babaji, please save me.

Rahul’s room
Kritika went to Rahul’s room and knocked the door. She didn’t get a reply. She knocked again but, she didn’t get any response. She unbolted the door and walked in. She saw Rahul sleeping. Kritika picked the water jar from the side table and emptied it on him. He woke up with a sudden jerk and said, “How dare you enter my room?” “I’m not interested to. I just came to tell you that you should come in the hall in half an hour as jiju wants to talk to us”, replied Kritika and walked out of the room. “Ms. Attitude”, murmured Rahul and got up from his bed and went to freshen up.

(After 30 minutes)
Kritika and Rahul were already present in the hall. Kritika was continuously biting her nails thinking of what would Kunj tell. “Can you for God’s sake stop biting your nails!”, said an irritated Rahul. “No, I can’t. If you have a problem then please go from here”, replied Kritika. “I surely would’ve but, bhai called me here that’s why I’ve to wait”, said Rahul. “Yes, so you both think you’re too smart right?”, said Kunj while climbing down the stairs with Twinkle. “What are you saying jiju? Me and smarter than you? I know I’m not. I don’t know about this shameless”, replied Kritika. “No bhai. What makes you think so?”, replied Rahul. “Actually, I don’t want to listen to the two of you. You both listen to me. You both will not talk to anybody in this house except to each other for the entire day. You both shouldn’t fight at all and talk nicely to each other”, said Kunj. “And, if you both don’t talk to each other nicely then this punishment would increase upto 7 days. So, better think about it”, added Twinkle. “Di/ Bhabhi but..”, said Kritika and Rahul together but were interrupted as Twinkle said, “And, the punishment starts right now.”
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  1. Kruti

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  3. Hey Ria.. I never expected such a punishment… ??? twinj rocked in the last part of the epi… ??? when ever I see ur epi posted without my consciousness I get a very big smile dear… ☺️☺️☺️ Thanks for bringing such a smile… Ur ff is really a stress relief for me… Keep rocking dear… ????

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      Thank you so much Keerthana! I’m really glad you liked the chapter. Also, it makes me happy listening that I can reduce a bit of stress of yours.

  4. Woooow yaar… u r really a Brilliant Writer…Jhakkas Punishment….and store room Romance ????

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  6. Very nice punishment and store room romance was too good Waiting for the punishment to be completed

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    awsome ria un explainable ria fabulous

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  8. Hhhaaahhhaa…what a great punishment… this type of punishment can only arise in ur innovative mind ….loved it….
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    Ria….just fab like u….the episode was awesome….specially the store room part….loved it…

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    Hey Ria,
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      Hey Shamz,
      It’s alright. Please don’t say sorry. I’m glad that you liked it and moreover inspite of not feeling well you read my fan fic. Please take care of yourself and get well soon.

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    Very gud epi
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    Your fanfiction is like seriously really perfect.

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      Hey RiaA,
      I’m glad that you liked the chapter. Lol! I’m really happy that you’re not getting bored because I’m paying a bit more of attention on the supporting characters. I’ll surely make them together soon. And, thanx for such a big compliment. “Perfect fan fic”. Believe me I’m on cloud 9.

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      Thank you so much Romaisah! I’m really glad you’re liking it.

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