“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 14)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 14

Twinkle came down running and asked, “Who’s shouting so loud that too early in the morning?” Everyone signed her to look to her left. She turned her head and hit her forehead. “Why did you touch me?”, asked Kritika. “I’m not interested to touch you. You would’ve slipped because of the tea fallen over there that’s why I pulled you”, replied Rahul. “I don’t need your help. I can manage myself. Please stay away from me”, said Kritika. Rahul looked to his right and saw a glass full of water. He picked it up and splashed the water on Kritika’s face leaving her shocked. “Come out of your dream world. You can manage yourself properly it seems. Since the time I’ve met you, I’ve only seen you creating scenes”, said Rahul. Kritika was about to speak when Twinkle stood in between both of them. “You both aren’t talking to each other. Nobody shouts in our home so much. Just go to your rooms”, said Twinkle. “Di/Bhabhi but..”, said Rahul and Kritika together but Twinkle shouted in between and said, “I said go to your rooms. If I see the two of you here for another minute, you both will be locked together in the store room for the whole day.” Rahul and Kritika glared at each other and went to their rooms. Twinkle came back and sat down with everyone. They were talking when Kunj said, “Bebe, Maa and Papa, my results are out. I passed with distinction. Now, I can help you in your business Papa.” Everyone congratulated Kunj. “Celebration toh banta hai”, (Celebration is a must) said Bebe. Everyone agreed. “But, what do we do?”, said Usha. “We’ll have dinner from out. I’ll order it”, said Twinkle. “Okay fine then. By the way, right now I need to go to college to collect all the certificates, reports and everything. So, see you all later. Bye!”, said Kunj and walked away. Everone talked to each for some time and then went to their own rooms.

Twinj room
Twinkle (POV)
Thank you so much Babaji! I’m really happy that Kunj is done with his MBA course and he has done well too. But, where is he! It’s been quite a long time he went to the college. I’ll call him and check.
Twinkle picked up her phone and was about to call Kunj when someone forwarded her a yellow coloured rose. She took it and turned around. “This is for our friendship Twinkle. Before my love, my wife you’re my friend, best friend”, said Kunj. Kunj forwarded a white coloured flower and said, “This is for always being there for me and supporting me.” Twinkle smiled and took the rose. He forwarded a pink coloured flower and said, “This one is for coming into my life and always guiding me to choose the correct path.” Twinkle accepted the rose. Kunj forwarded a red coloured rose and said, “Lastly, this one is for our love. For bringing in so many colours in my life. For becoming my life Twinkle. I LOVE YOU Twinkle!” Twinkle took the flower and said, “I am the one who’s supposed to thank you Kunj. You made my life perfect. I’m blessed to have you in my life.” They hugged each other. Kunj patted on Twinkle’s back and said, “So, what do I get for making your life perfect?” “What do you want”, Twinkle asked pulling back. Kunj pointed towards Twinkle’s lips and then towards his lips. Twinkle started blushing and tried running away but, Kunj held her wrist and pulled her back. He held her by her waist and said, “You ain’t going anywhere before you give me a kiss.” Kunj moved closer to Twinkle and kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated and they pulled back after about 5 minutes. “I don’t think I need dinner today. The desert itself was so sweet. I’m so full”, said Kunj teasingly. Twinkle started blushing and hit on Kunj’s chest playfully. Twinkle tried to walk away but Kunj pulled her back with a bit of force and they lost their balance. They fell on the bed with Kunj on top of Twinkle. Twinkle’s face was covered with her hair. Kunj removed her hair and tucked it behind her ear. He kissed her right cheek and then her left cheek. Kunj kissed her forehead and then her closed eyes. He was about to kiss her lips again when they heard the sound of someone shouting. Kunj and Twinkle quickly got up and composed themselves. “Not again”, they said looking at each other and rushed down.
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