“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 13)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 13

The person at the doorstep shouted back and said, “You? What are you doing here you shameless creature?” He was about to speak when Kunj and Twinkle came and Kunj asked, “Who’s there?” Kunj looked at the person and said, “Kritika, why are you standing out? Come in.” “You know her?”, asked a confused Rahul. Twinkle replied, “Ofcourse. But, how do you know her? You both haven’t ever met. In di’s wedding Kriti wasn’t there and in my wedding Rahul you weren’t there.” “Wait, put a full stop. Who is he?”, said Kritika. “He’s Kunj’s maternal brother. You remember I told you. He stays with us because..”, Twinkle was about to complete when Kritika said, “Oh yes I do. But, Kunj jiju and Yuvraj jiju are so nice why is he so shameless?” “Oh excuse me Ms. Whatever you are. Please, I’m not shameless. I was just trying to help you out. But, I think it would have been better if I would’ve let you fall”, said Rahul. “Ya, so why did you help! Who told you to? I could’ve just managed myself”, replied Kritika.

“Stop it”, shouted Twinkle. She added, “What is this going on? Kriti, you hold on. Rahul is not at all shameless. He is very much decent. Can any one of you tell me where did you both meet and what exactly happened?”, said Twinkle. “Actually”, Rahul and Kritika said together and looked at each other and said, “I’ll say.” “Don’t fight. Rahul you say”, said Twinkle. Rahul told the entire incident and how Kritika misunderstood him. “Don’t lie. You are shameless. I saw you staring at me. Also, you were the one who wasn’t careful. And, Twinkle di you obviously would support this shameless just like Mahi di always supports Kunj jiju. Anyways, I’m going to sleep”, saying this Kritika went to her room. Twinkle signalled Rahul that Kritika is mad. They laughed and got in. Kunj said, “I’ll go and check where are others.” “No need puttar. We’re here. We just met Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor so that’s why we came in a bit late”, said Bebe. “Okay, let’s have dinner then”, said Twinkle. Usha said, “We all already had. Even Yuvraj and Mahi had it outside only. You both go eat. Rahul, have you eaten?” “Yaa mami”, replied Rahul. “Okay then. Twinkle and Kunj you both have dinner. We’ll talk to Rahul in the mean time. By the way where is Kritika?”, said Usha. “She went to her room. Actually, Rahul and Kriti met in the market in the morning and bumped into each other. Then, they got involved in a fight. So, that’s why. But, it’s alright. It’ll take some time but, everything will be fine between them”, said Twinkle. Everyone nodded their head and talked with Rahul while Kunj and Twinkle went to have dinner.

After around 1 hour
Yuhi’s room
Yuvraj entered the room and found Mahi making the bed. He came to her and said, “Hey sweetheart!” She turned to him and said, “Yes?” “You’re so boring. I’m trying to be so romantic and you’re spoiling my mood”, said Yuvraj. Mahi put her hands around Yuvraj’s neck and said, “Oh really?” He pulled her closer by her waist and said, “Yes. You’re damn unrom..”, Yuvraj was interrupted as Mahi kissed his lips and started caressing his hair. He pulled her closer and they shared a passionate kiss. Mahi pulled back and said, “I hope you won’t say that the next time. Anyways, lets sleep now.” “Nights are not only for sleeping”, said Yuvraj. Mahi widened her eyes and said, “Nights are only for sleeping. Now, let me sleep and you also sleep.” She quickly went to the bed and laid down and pulled the blanket over her face. Yuvraj smilingly went to sleep thinking about Mahi’s behaviour.

Twinj room
Twinkle entered the room and saw Kunj working on the laptop. “Project?”, asked Twinkle. “Yeah. Why?”, said Kunj. “No, nothing. I’m going to change and then I’ll sleep. Will you be working late?”, said Twinkle. “No, I’m almost done. Just 2 more minutes”, replied back Kunj. Twinkle went to the cupboard and took her clothes. She turned around to go to the bathroom but was stuck. “Kunj, leave my dupatta”, said Twinkle. Kunj looked at her and said, “I’m sitting here Twinkle. Turn around, your dupatta is stuck in the cupboard.” She turned around and took her dupatta out. She turned around and was about to go when again her dupatta was stuck. She turned around and saw Kunj holding her dupatta. Kunj walked towards her.

Twinkle freed her dupatta and moved back. She was stuck by the wall. She tried to run away but Kunj put his hands on the wall preventing her from escaping. He kissed her right cheek and said, “Now, where will you run?” Twinkle replied, “Kunj, move away.” Kunj kissed her left cheek and said, “What if I don’t?” “Kunj, see you know me. Just move away”, said Twinkle. “No, I don’t. That’s why I’m trying hard. But, you aren’t allowing me”, replied Kunj. “Okay, you don’t right! So, you don’t need to”, said Twinkle. She bent down and escaped from under Kunj’s hand. Kunj turned around and held her hand. “Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, don’t even try to escape. I’m not leaving you”, said Kunj. “You’ll leave me Kunj Sarna. You can’t hold on me”, said Twinkle. “I can”, said Kunj. She turned around and kissed Kunj’s lips. Kunj loosened his grip and Twinkle pushed him back. “I told you. Now, go sleep”, said Twinkle and went to change. Kunj said, “Haaye! Ye ladki jaan le legi ek din.” (God! This girl will kill me one day.)

Twinj room
Twinkle was folding the blanket when Kunj shouted from the bathroom, “Twinkle, can you give me a towel?” “Ya, giving”, replied Twinkle. She took a towel from the cupboard and knocked the bathroom door. Kunj opened the door and she stretched her hand to hand him the towel. Kunj held her hand and pulled her inside. Twinkle was shocked for sometime to understand what happened but, soon she closed her eyes. Twinkle slightly opened her eyes and said, “You told you didnt take the towel. Then?” Kunj took the towel from her hand and wrapped themselves in it. He pulled her closer. “Kunj, see I’ve a lot of work”, said Twinkle. “It’ll hardly take 10 minutes for a kiss darling”, replied Kunj. “What kiss! No kiss and all. I’m leaving”, said Twinkle. Kunj stood there smiling and said, “You can’t do anything because the control is in my hand.” He came close to her and was about to kiss when they heard someone shouting in the hall. They quickly separated themselves and Twinkle went out of the bathroom.
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    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Sayeeda for such a sweet and lovely comment. I’m in love with your comments. I’m really really glad that you like all my chapters. Hope I can entertain you all further. And, about writing novels.. hehe.. I can never do that. Love you too sweetheart.?

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    I think kritika was shouting…n that too becoz of Rahul…just a guess

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Shatakshi! I’m really glad you found it romantic. Stay tuned to know whether your guess was right or not.

  5. nice episode dear

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      Thank you so much Lover! I’m glad you liked it.

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      Thank you so much Shamz! I’m really glad that you liked it. Stay tuned to see whether your guess was correct or not.


    very good ria awsome tremendous beautiful but dont stop ur ff like all did pls pls pls thank you so much for writing


    very good ria awsome tremendous beautiful but dont stop ur ff like all did pls pls pls thank you so much for writing thank you

    1. Ria

      Thank you so much Ayesha! I’m really glad that you liked it. Till the time you all support me I won’t stop writing until and unless I’ve a lot of study pressure.

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      Hey Keerthana, you all comment so sweetly that I have to write your names. I’m really happy you liked this chapter. I’ll try writing but, I can’t make any promises.

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      Hey Romaisah, I haven’t forgotten you at all. So, don’t cry. I understand. Even I’m not able to comment on half of the ffs. I’m just reading them. By the way, thank you so much. I’m really glad you liked the chapters. And, also thank you because telling me that you like my name.

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