“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 12)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 12

Sarna Mansion
Everyone was sitting in the hall when Mahi and Kritika entered. Bebe said, “Okay, now as you both returned I wanted to tell we all elders are going to Mrs. Singhania’s home today as they have kept a puja at home. So, we all aren’t going to be there in the evening.” “Kriti, even you’re coming with us. Mrs. Singhania wanted to see you. She has a daughter of your age so you won’t get bored also”, said Leela. “Maa..”, cried Kritika. “You’re coming. That’s final. Stop your tantrums all the time”, said Leela. Twinkle said, “Kriti, go there. You won’t get bored there. Mrs. Singhania’s daughter is a very good company. Even I did the same before going there but, when I went there it was really nice to meet all of them.” “Twinkle di, if you say she’s a good company then, surely she would be. Okay, maa I’m coming with all of you”, said Kritika. Leela smiled. Yuvraj said, “If no one is going to be there then me and Mahi also would go out. It would be boring sitting at home.” Bebe teasingly said, “No puttar, Twinkle and Kunj will be at home only so I don’t think you’ll be bored. But, in case you’ve some other plans you might go.” “Nahi Bebe, main toh bas. Agar aap mana karte ho toh thik hai”, (No Bebe, I was just telling. If you don’t allow then it’s alright) replied Yuvraj. “No, go. It’s alright”, said Usha. Manohar said, “So, Kunj and Twinkle you both also go out somewhere. What will you do sitting at home?” Kunj was about to reply when Twinkle said, “No Papa, actually our room is totally messed up. I need to clear it up. But, if Kunj wants to, he can go.” “No, it’s alright”, replied a disappointed Kunj.

Kunj (POV)
This Twinkle na! We rarely get the chance to go out and when we do, she remembers all the possible works of this universe. Now, what do we do staying at home! But, Kunj don’t be so disappointed. You can do everything at home that you can’t do outside. And, anyways Twinkle told in the morning it doesn’t make a difference if I come close to her or not. Remember? I need to check it out. Hmm.. Twinkle Kunj Sarna, now no one can save you.

Twinj room
Twinkle was arranging her cupboard when Kunj came and hugged her from back. “Hello pretty! Can you stop working 24/7 and take out some time for your husband?”, said Kunj. She turned around and asked, “What happened?” “Ya, so back to the point. My closeness doesn’t make a difference”, said Kunj. “I told it doesn’t. Now, let me go”, replied Twinkle. Kunj came closer to her and said, “Free yourself if you can.” “Don’t challenge Twinkle Taneja Sarna”, replied Twinkle. “Ya so do whatever you want to. Who is stopping you?”, said Kunj. Twinkle came close to him. Kunj closed his eyes expecting a kiss but, Twinkle freed herself and went near the bed to pick up the clothes. Kunj opened his eyes and said, “What just happened? I thought..” Twinkle interrupted saying, “Kunj, come and help me.” Kunj came close to the bed and sat down. Twinkle was about to go when Kunj pulled her hand and made her sit on his lap. “Kunj, the door is wide open. Can you please stop your nonsense?”, said Twinkle. “Don’t worry. No one is at home”, said Kunj. He took the clothes from Twinkle’s hand and kept it on the bed. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck. Twinkle said, “Kunj, for God’s sake leave me. I need to clear the bed. Otherwise today also we have to sleep like yesterday.” “It’s alright. I don’t have any problem”, saying this he kissed her right cheek. She moved Kunj’s hand and quickly stood up. “I have a problem. Kunj, you stay away from me and let me complete my work”, said Twinkle. “I can’t sweetheart”, replied Kunj romantically. “Fine then I’m going out now. When you’re out of the room, I’ll come back and clear the mess”, said Twinkle. She went to the door but before she could get out Kunj came and locked the door. “You’re not allowed to go out of this room darling. I won’t let you”, said Kunj. Twinkle replied, “Okay fine. Tell me what you want then I’ll do my work. Otherwise you won’t let me do it.” “You’re so intelligent Twinkle. I really appreciate that”, said Kunj. “Tell Kunj. I need to clear the room”, replied Twinkle. Kunj pulled Twinkle towards himself and said, “Have patience sweetheart. And, about the room. We’ll do it later. You might need to sleep on me and I don’t have any problem so, spend some time with me.”

“I said I have a problem sleeping like that. And, stop pulling me so close to you”, saying this she pulled back. Kunj again pulled her and said, “Why? It makes a difference?” “No, it doesn’t. How many times do you want to hear it? I’ll record it and forward it to you. Okay? Then listen to it as many times you want”, said Twinkle. He pulled her even more closer and said, “Fine then, stay like this. I also don’t have a problem.” He shifted his hands to her waist and held her tightly. “Kunj, leave me. I have a problem staying like this. Everything can’t work out the way you want”, said Twinkle. She pushed him a bit tightly and freed herself. She went to the bed and picked up the clothes. Kunj took it from her hand and threw it on the floor. “Kunj!!”, exclaimed Twinkle. Kunj picked her up in his arms and placed her on the couch which Twinkle had managed to clean. He came beside her and kissed her cheek. “Nahi padhta farak?”, (It doesn’t make a difference) asked Kunj. “No”, replied Twinkle turning the other side. He lifted up his hands and was about to slid down the zip of her suit when Twinkle said, “Bohot farak padhta hai Kunj.” (It makes a huge difference Kunj.) Kunj smiled and turned Twinkle to face him. She pushed him and went towards the bathroom to hide her shyness.

She was about to lock the door when Kunj kept his foot to prevent her from locking the door. He came inside the bathroom and locked the door. “Why did you lock the door?”, asked Twinkle. “Just trying to fulfill your wishes. You were also doing that right!”, replied Kunj. “Ya, but that was just..”, said Twinkle but stopped in between thinking how will she tell the truth. Kunj started walking towards her. Twinkle started walking back nodding her head in a no but, Kunj paid no attention. Kunj came under the shower and turned on the tap. He pulled Twinkle under the shower and kissed her cheeks. He moved closer to her and kissed her lips. After sometime they pulled back and Twinkle tried to walk away but, Kunj held her hand and pulled her back. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her neck. He sensually moved his hands on Twinkle’s hands. He made her turn around and picked her up in his arms. He placed her on the couch and was about to kiss her lips when Twinkle pushed him and said,

“Go, change. You’ll catch a cold.” “I won’t. Don’t worry”, replied Kunj. She pushed him and stood up. “Okay fine. But, I will.” “Okay, come I’ll make you change”, said Kunj naughtily. Twinkle widened her eyes and said, “No thanks. I can manage it myself.” She took her clothes and quickly went to the bathroom. Kunj stood there smiling and reminiscing the moment. Twinkle came after changing and Kunj went to change. Kunj came out and found Twinkle cleaning the room. He helped her and they quickly cleaned the room. They were about to sit down when the door bell rang. “They came so early?”, said Twinkle. “It’s 8 already! What do you mean early?”, replied Kunj. They went down to the hall.

They came down and Kunj went to open the door. Kunj opened the door and he was surprised to see the person at the doorstep. He quickly hugged the person and brought him inside. “Rahul, why did you make it so late? You told you’ll come early”, said Kunj. “Actually bhai, I had lunch in a friend’s house so, that’s why”, replied Rahul. “Oh it’s okay”, replied Kunj smilingly. Rahul went to Twinkle and touched her foot. Twinkle placed her hand on his head and in a funny manner said, “Sada khush raho.” They all laughed. The door bell rang again. Rahul said, “I’ll go open it. Everyone will be happy to see me.” He ran and opened the door. He was shocked and loudly said, “YOU?”
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I hope you all liked the romance in this chapter. Was the chapter a bit short? Anyways, are you people able to guess who’s at Sarna Mansion’s doorstep? If you aren’t able to, don’t put too much stress, I’ll let you know soon.

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