“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 11)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 11

Yuhi’s room
Mahi came out after freshening up. She went to Yuvraj and said, “Wake up. Bebe has called us to the hall, she needs to tell us something .” Yuvraj put his hands around her waist and said, “It’s okay. We’ll go later. Anyways, she’ll be telling something about packing and all. Let me sleep now and, you also come and sleep.” Mahi started caressing his face and said, “Okay listen. If you agree to wake up and quickly freshen up and come then you’ll get a kiss.” Yuvraj quickly opened his eyes and said, “Where’s the towel? Take out my clothes.” He loosened his grip and Mahi got up. She went to the suitcase and arranged everything for Yuvraj. He quickly went to bathroom. Mahi smiled and went to dress up.
After about 20 minutes, Yuvraj came and stood behind Mahi. “Mahi, my..”, Yuvraj was about to say when Mahi kissed him on his lips. Yuvraj reciprocated after sometime. They pulled back about 7-8 minutes later. Yuvraj said, “Today there was something different in the kiss.” Mahi stood there in confusion and asked, “What do you mean?” “I mean it was different. Today for the first time you kissed me”, replied Yuvraj. Mahi started blushing and said, “Fine, now come. We’ll go and see what Bebe wants to tell.” “Okay sure”, replied Yuvraj smilingly and they both went down together.

Twinj room
Kunj came to the room after freshening up and saw Twinkle getting ready. He went to her and pulled the dori (the string of salwaar suits)of her salwaar with his finger. “Kunj, what are you doing? I’m already late. You’re increasing my work”, said an irritated Twinkle. “Fine, let me only lessen the work then”, saying this he tied the dori and moved his finger on her bare back letting shivers down Twinkle’s body. She quickly turned around and said, “It’s done Kunj. You go to the hall.” “My morning kiss?”, asked Kunj. “What morning kiss! Nothing like that is going to happen”, replied Twinkle. Kunj frowned and said, “Please?” Twinkle smiled at his childishness and kissed him lightly on his lips. Kunj kissed her cheeks and said, “That’s like my Twinkle. Okay, now let’s go. Everyone must be waiting.” Twinkle nodded her head and both of them went to the hall.

Twinkle and Kunj came down together and saw carpet spread over the entire floor and people sitting down. They looked at each other and together said, “What’s going on? Bebe, why did you call us?” “Kritika wants to play some game and everyone has to participate in it”, replied Usha. Twinkle was about to speak when Kritika dragged both of them and made them sit down. “So, we’re playing a game. All the couples should participate. So, basically me and Bebe are excluded and we are going to be the judges. All of you have to sing a song for your life partner”, said Kritika. “I’m not participating in it. All of you play”, said Usha and stood up. “Everyone has to play. We’re not listening to anyone”, said Bebe. Usha unwillingly sat down.
The game started with Yuvraj. He sung “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka” (From Hate Story 3). Mahi started blushing and looked down. Next, it was Mahi’s turn. She sang “Adha Ishq” (From Band Baja Baraat). Yuvraj smiled at her. The game went on and everyone sang for each other. Now, it was Kunj’s turn. He sang “Itni Si Baat Hai” (From Azahar) looking into Twinkle’s eyes. They had a deep eye lock. Kritika said, “Jiju and Di, if you’re done staring at each other shall we proceed?” They broke the eye contact and quickly replied, “Sorry. Let’s continue.” Everyone smiled. Bebe said, “Twinkle, now your turn.” Twinkle winked at Bebe and said, “Bebe, Kunj ke liye kya gaungi! Main aap ke liye hi gaa deti hoon.” (What will I sing for Kunj! I’ll sing for you.) “Ye toh hai. (That’s correct) You sing for me only”, said Bebe. She was about to start when Kunj said, “This is against the rules.” “Chal na. (Come on) It’s okay. Maximum what will happen Twinkle will lose na. It’s okay, right Twinkle?”, replied Bebe. Twinkle nodded her head in a yes. Kunj stood up frustrated and was about to go when he heard someone singing “Bas itni si tamanna hai tere rang mein hi rang jaoon.”
He quickly turned around to look who was singing. But, he found no one and saw everyone smiling. Bebe signalled him to turn around again. He turned and saw Twinkle singing for him and smiling. Twinkle continued singing. As the song came to an end, Kunj tightly hugged Twinkle. Yuvraj, Mahi and Kritika started coughing and Yuvraj said, “Bhai, thoda pyaar hamare liye bhi bacha ke rakh.” (Bhai, keep some love for us also.) Twinkle and Kunj quickly separated themselves and looked down. “It’s alright. It happens”, said Bebe. She added, “Now, that the game is over we’ll leave. It’s already 1. It’ll take some time to reach home also.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and left.

Twinj car
The song “Tum hi ho” was playing on the radio. Twinkle was singing softly along with it when Kunj said, “Haan janta hoon sirf main hi hoon. Itni baar yaad dilake hak mat jata. But, actually jata sakti hai I don’t mind. Acha lagta hai tu jab hak jatati hai.” (Yes, I know only I’m there in your life. Don’t say it so many times and remind me of your rights. But, actually you can do it I don’t mind. It feels good when you do so.) Twinkle started blushing listening to this and said, “Concentrate on your driving.” Kunj smiled and drove faster.

Sarna Mansion
They reached home at around 9. Everyone came and sat in the hall. They talked for sometime about the outing and after about 2 hours everyone went to their rooms.

Twinj room
Twinkle and Kunj entered the room and were shocked to see the room. The room was totally messed up. They looked at each other and said, “No!” Twinkle said, “This is all because of you. Can’t you put your things back in the cupboard after you’re done.” “Shut up Twinkle. You’re also no less. Anyways, we shouldn’t fight. Let’s quickly clean the room and sleep”, said Kunj. “Now? At 11 you want me to work instead of sleeping?”, asked Twinkle. “Do you think we have any other option?”, replied Kunj. They started cleaning the room. After about 15 minutes Kunj stood at a place and said, “Twinkle, we’ll do it later. Let’s sleep now.” “Do you think there’s any place to sleep in the room?”, asked Twinkle. “True. Actually there’s one way”, said Kunj. Twinkle stood up straight and asked, “What way?” “See, there’s some space here. I’ll lay down and then you can sleep on me”, said Kunj smilingly. “No, we aren’t sleeping that way. Shut up and work”, said Twinkle. Kunj walked towards her and picked her up in his arms. “Kunj, leave me. I’m telling you we aren’t sleeping that way”, said Twinkle. “Twinkle, if I leave you, you’ll fall down and then you might have a back sprain. So, better is agree with me and sleep on me”, said Kunj. “That would be better than sleeping on you”, replied Twinkle. Kunj came next to the bed and made her stand. He said, “Really?” Twinkle rolled her eyes. Kunj sat down on the bed and as Twinkle was about to go he held her hand and pulled her making her sit on his lap. “What are you doing? Let me clean this mess”, said Twinkle. Kunj put his finger on her lips and said, “Keep quiet. It’s already 11:30 we should sleep that way and anyways, you’re sleeping with your husband not some stranger.” Twinkle gave a ‘what the hell’ look while Kunj laid down. He pulled Twinkle over himself. Due to the sudden jerk Twinkle’s hair came all over her face. Kunj slowly removed her hair and kissed her forehead. Twinkle started blushing and rested her head on Kunj’s chest. “I love you”, said Kunj. “I love you too”, replied Twinkle. She added, “Okay, let’s sleep. I feel too sleepy.” “But, wasn’t someone just telling that she doesn’t want to sleep this way!”, said Kunj. “Fine. I’m getting up then”, replied Twinkle. Twinkle tried getting up but, Kunj put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards himself and said, “Good night!” Twinkle smiled and said, “Good night!” She rested her head on Kunj’s chest and fell asleep.

Twinj room
Kunj woke up and saw Twinkle sleeping on him. He smiled. He started caressing her hair and kissed her head. Twinkle woke up by the gentle touch and was about to shout when Kunj put his hand on her mouth. “What happened? Why are you so scared?”, asked Kunj. “What happened? Tell me”, added Kunj. Twinkle with her eyes signalled him to remove his hand. He removed his hand and said, “Sorry. Now tell.” “You were so close to me, I got scared. Now, leave me. I need to clear the room”, said Twinkle. “My closeness makes you feel nervous Twinkle?”, asked Kunj. “Yes, I mean no. No, why will I be nervous?”, replied Twinkle. “Really! It doesn’t make you nervous. Okay then”, saying this Kunj came closer to her. “It doesn’t make a difference?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head in a no. He came closer and again asked, “It doesn’t?” “No, now leave me. I need to clear the room”, saying this she quickly got up and started picking up the things.

Kunj (POV)
Twinkle, how much will you lie? Lies and lies. My closeness doesn’t make a difference it seems. Okay, we’ll check it out. Don’t worry.

Everyone settled down for breakfast. Kritika said, “I need to go to the market today. Anyone coming?” Twinkle said, “I don’t need anything. Mahi di, you’re going?” “Yes, I need a few things. I’ll come with you Kritika”, replied Mahi. Everyone finished their breakfast and Mahi and Kritika left for the market.

Mahi and Kritika were buying stuff when Mahi said, “Listen Kriti, I need to go to that shop. Stay in this lane only. Don’t move out of here. I’ll come back soon.” “Okay di, I’m not a kid. I’m on the verge of finishing my college and you’re telling as if I’m a first grade student. Anyways, you go and come quickly. I’ll be roaming around here only”, replied Kritika. Mahi smiled and went.
Kritika was roaming around when she bumped into a person and was about to fall when the person held her by her waist. Kritika had closed her eyes in fear. The person started staring at her. She opened her eyes slightly to check what happened and saw the man staring at her. She quickly stood up and said, “Can’t you see and walk? What’s your problem? And, more importantly stop staring at me. Don’t you have any manners?” The man was about to reply when Mahi called Kritika and she went. “What the hell! First of all she didn’t pay attention and she shouted at me. Sach mein bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha (The truth is you shouldn’t do good for anybody)”, said the person. He added, “Anyways, I must reach home quickly. Kunj and Yuvraj bhai must be waiting. Actually, everyone would be waiting.”
New supporting character
Rahul Singh (Cherry of TEI) : He is a happy, go lucky guy. He lost his parents at a very early age and was brought up by his maternal aunt and uncle, Usha and Manohar Sarna. He loves them like his own parents and considers Sarna Family to be his own family.
Hello all! Fist of all thank you so much for all your lovely comments and so much love. Also, thanx to all the silent readers.

Keerthana, your comment was so nice. I read it so many times. Thank you for such a big compliment. I’m really glad that you’re liking the ff.

Sayeeda, I don’t have anything new to say. You always make me feel special. Your comments are always so sweet and heart touching.

RiaA, I’m glad you’re liking the ff and able to imagine it. Thanx a lot for all your compliments.

Okay, now this new character is to add some more fun to the story along with Kritika. They both are going to be kind of similar but, I don’t know whether destiny will make them meet. By the way, did you all like the bit of romance?

In case if someone missed the previous chapter, here is the link below:

Chapter 10

I’ll be uploading the next chapter tomorrow so, please stay tuned.

Lastly, please don’t forget to throw your comments below whether it’s positive or negative.

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