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Shot 2
Amritsar airport
Kunj along with Maya ND sana reached Amritsar … Kunj felt very happy after all he came to his mother land after soo many days … He came out to see ushar already waiting for them … Kunj goes to them takes their blessing ND Maya too … Usha takes sana from Maya …Usha was having tears of happiness in her eyes …..
K: ma kya hua ap to kyu rahe ho .. plzzz ma I can’t see ur tears saying this he wipes tears
U: nai putta these are happy tears IAM SOOO happy to see u all again after long time saying this she side hugs him
M: OK beta come let’s go
All went towards car ND drove off … Soon they reach sana mansion…All get down ND kunj ND Maya were shocked to see the decorations made to mansion.
K: papa wats all this …
M: beta we arranged a small party to welcome u …
K: papa ye sab karne ki kya jaroorat thi …
U: beta jaroorat thi … Kyuki u came here after long 4 years
K: but ma interrupted by Maya
M: kunj it’s OK ma aur papa is very happy with this so don’t deny their wish
K: OK ma saying this all went inside the mansion ….
Ushar: OK beta we r going outside to invite guests to evening’s party u trio go ND rest for sometime ….
K: OK ma

Luthra mansion
Twinkle was working in kitchen .. just den she heard a ring of door bell ND she went to see who it is …. She gets a shock to see ushar in the door steps… Tears are rolling down her cheeks …… She was standing der like a statue lost her senses she came to reality due to Anita’s voice
A: who is that twinkle (shouting )
T: mummy ji usha aunty ND manohar uncle are here … Uncle ,aunty get inside.. says twinkle .. as soon as they enters she took their blessing
Ushar: jiti rahe beta …
U: cupping her face … How r u beta .
T: ji aunty IAM fine ND aap
U: IAM gud beta ..
T: uncle how r u
M: IAM fine beta
T: ji uncle come take ur seats I will get u something to eat
Ushar: no no beta iski jaroorat nai hai we came to invite u for small welcome party of my son kunj …
T: kunj…With tears
Ushar: ha beta he came to India today itself ND he is going to be here permanently …. Anita ji plzzz do attend this party along with ur family ..
A: ji zaroor we will come
Ushar : OK ji we will leave now saying this they left saying twinkle to come
A: wat r u looking for go ND get ready ND inform uv to come home fast (rudely)
Twinkle nodes her head ND goes to her room ND bangs the door
Twinkle sits on the floor leaning to door ND starts to cry .. “y he came back again.. I can’t see him with another girl ….. I loved him SOOO much but he didn’t .. even he didn’t know abt my feelings…babaji y u brought kunj again in my life .. I was forgetting him but again u made him to come in front of me .” Saying this she starts crying again … After sometime she goes to wardrobe ND takes a photo in which kunj is teasing twinkle .. who is with puppy face ND kunj is laughing … IAM missing those days spent with u kunj ..” I love u soooooo much ” saying this she starts to cry hugging that photo …
At evening
Sarna mansion was filled with guests… Ushar wer inviting the guests just den kunj along with Maya comes downstairs…. Kunj goes to his frnds ND Maya to her frnds all wer enjoying the party … Just den twiraj comes to party along with Anita ..
Twinkle was wearing red netted saree with matching accessories looking damm cute ???? … Kunj gaze falls on twinkle who just entered ND a smile appears on his lips he excuses himself ND goes to twinkle … Twinkle saw kunj ND by looking at her lovr her heart got slipped … Tears were rolling in her eyes but she controlled her tears
K: wow twinkle wat a pleasant surprise saying this he hugs her … Twinkle felt his touch ND she too reciprocates …
T: hi kunj …. How r u

K: IAM fine … BTW twinkle r u married … But u didn’t invited me for ur marriage this is not fair Twinkle makes a fake anger
T: this sadu didn’t changed yet murmurs… Kunj it’s not like that …. U were busy in ur business so I didn’t invite u … IAM sry now plzzz leave this anger Na saying this she turns his face
K: OK but wer is ur husband ..
T: she was abt to call uv just den Maya along with sana comes to twinj
M: hi twinkle how r u saying this she hugs her … IAM SOOO happy to see u
T: me too Maya ….
M: den wats up ..How is ur married life ..
T:yeah it’s going gud ( with a fake smile ).. btw is this ur daughter
M:yeah my daughter sana
T: wow sana she so cute… Saying this she takes sana from Maya ND started playing with her
Kunj was admiring twinkle .. just den he observes wound on her hand ..ND gets scared
K: twinkle wat is this … How u got hurt… Asks with concern ND Maya too looks at her
T: it’s nothing kunj I got hurt wen I was cooking says with tears (guys uv bet twinkle for not giving his coffee on time with a belt …. )
K: Twinkle can’t u do ur work properly ND carefully ha idiot
M: kunj apply some ointment to her I will go to the guests
K: OK Maya I will … U give sana to Maya
T: no kunj it is not needed now IAM fine.
K: no twinkle IAM not gonna listen u anymore u come along with me … Saying this he takes her from der to his room
This all was witnessed by uv ( yes guys he was watching them from the beginning with blood shot eyes ) he follows twinj …ND stands outside the room
Kunj room
Kunj was applying ointment to twinkle ND he was scolding her for not taking care of her … Twinkle was wincing in pain ND looking at him lovingly with tears …
T: ahhhhh kunj … Slowly
K: it’s OK twinkle it would be paining but u will get relief after sometime

K: sry sry I will do slowly …
Uv was standing der with blood shot eyes he tightens his fist … By listening to wincing sound of twinkle … He misunderstood that twinkle is having s*x with kunj by listening sounds ( idiot uv ??????? …. I wanna kill this uv… But I can’t because he is important in my fs Na so ????)
Uv goes from der with anger ….
Kunj had completed his first aid …. Soon party gets over ND twinkle bid bye to kunj ND his family …
K: OK twinkle come again … We will meet soon saying this he hugs her … Anita looks this ND fumes in anger …Btw u didn’t introduce me to ur husband who is he
Uv: IAM her husband comes uv in front of kunj
K: uv ….. Looks at him with a shock ND he looks at twinkle who is bowing her head
Screen freezes
Hope I reached ur expectations ..
Y kunj was shocked to see uv ?????
Wat uv will do with twinkle ?????
Wats there in between twinj ND uv ????
To know stay tuned
Plzzz ignore grammatical errors ND typing error no proof reading
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U comment genuinely.. if u ppl don’t like my ff u just tell me …
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