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How r u all …. Hope all are doing gud

I know that u ppl are angry with me but wat to do guys I was busy with my exams …. Iam so sry for disappearing all of sudden …. Nd huh from now I will be posting my stories daily if I get time …

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Today is my cutie sister my bujji’s birthday so IAM dedicting this to her



Ok guys let’s start with the episode


Maya is sleeping on kunj’s lap actually maya is dead … Kunj slwoly open his eyes nd looks at her nd a small curve occur on his lips he slowly try to wake her up but got scared because she was not responding nd starts to shout her name while tapping her cheeks .. listening to kunj’s voice both ushar runs upstairs nd shocked to see Maya on the floor kunj sitting in front of her crying … They went near kunj

M: beta Kya hua chilla Kyu raha ho tum

K: papa vo vo ma..ya (stamering ) nd starts to cry hugging manohar …

Usha goes to Maya nd taps her cheeks to wake her up but  got shocked to see her that her heart beat was stopped …she got teary eyed to know her daughter died …. Nd she to start shouting her name (Maya’s) ….

M: Usha ji Kya hua …

U: vo vo hamari beti ab hamare bech me nai reh sakti … Aur ham sab ko chodke chali gayi Hai saying this she broke down making manohar shock

M: e aap Kya bol rahe Hai ushaji still in shock

By now kunj is sitting like a lifeless body without any movement …..

Scene shifts to lutra mansion

Twinkle is sitting on the bed thinking something just then Anita came to her nd gives her juice

A: twinkle beta take this juice

T: mummyji wat was the need for this

A: no beta u r pregnant so u shud drink juice nd shud eat healthy food .now u have it nd take some rest …. Uv will come nd take u to sonography ok

After hearing this twinkle’s smile fades away.. her eyes got wet …

A: wat happend?????

T: ntng mummyji

A: ok u drink this one

Twinkle finishes her juice nd lay down on the bed ..thinking abt her child … Baby u don’t wry tuje kuch nai hone dungi is bar .. says twinkle keeping her hand on her tummy …

Sarna mansion

Mansion was silent Maya’s body was kept at the centre of the all ND kunj was sitting in front of her like lifeless body without uttering a word… Ushar was sitting beside him ….

Just due to some they both went inside … Just den sana came der rubbing eyes nd calling for Maya

S: ma ma … Wel Al u ( wer r u ) nd she saw Maya nd goes to her .. ma y Al u sleeping hele come nd sleep in loom … Nd start to tap her cheeks to wake her up … As she didn’t get any response start to cry …. Usha comes der nd saw sana crying … She goes near sana ND takes her in her arms

S: dadi y mumma is sleeping hele nd y she is not talking to me …

U: beta ma will talk to u nd now u go to ur room I will give u milk

S: no dadi mamma shud give me milk den only I will drink

U: no beta mummy will not come she went near god na ….

S: dadi y she went near god leaving me ND papa … If she go like that who will feed me , who will take care of me ND papa …. Dadi I too will go along with ma leave me dadi saying this she comes out of her arms nd goes near Maya sleeps beside her hugging her tightly saying ma I too will come along with u

All were crying very badly looking at lil soul nd all the while kunj was not even paid any heed to all this he was just sitting numb … Usha goes to sana ND takes her to the room crying nd closes the door ..she made her to sleep nd after sometime she drifts to sleep nd Usha goes outside …..

Lutra mansion

Twinkle was getting ready ( guys twinkle doesn’t know abt Maya’s death yet) just den uv came der nd ask her to come ….

In no time both reached to hospital … Both were with doc just den uv gets a call nd he excuses himself

T: doc plzzz if my baby is a girl den tell him it is a boy … I had lost my 2 babies already because of him … Now I can’t loose this baby too plzzz doc saying this she kneels down near her leg nd pleads her

D: ok I can understand u don’t need to do this IAM also a women nd I know wat u r going through ….. Just den uv came der nd left them to sonography…( Guys uv’s frnd who is a doc was not der so they came to another doc )

After check up both twiraj comes out nd sits der waiting for reports ……doc calls them inside

U: doc is it a boy ???

D: yeah Mr .lutra it is a boy ….

Listening to this uv’s happiness knows no boundry he thanked doc nd left from der …. Nd reaches home ND tells this gud news to Anita nd raima … All were happy to hear this.. Anita comes to twinkle nd hugs her …. Twinkle from now u r my princess nd don’t u dare to step out of ur bed … U just order me wat u want I will get u says Anita …ok now u go nd take rest u must be tired ….uv beta take her to room nd also u both shift to my room she shud not climb steps …. Uv takes her to Anita room ….

Twiraj enters room nd uv make her to lay down on bed ..

Twinkle u take rest I will be back ok …. Twinkle shakes her head in agreement …

Sarna mansion

All came back home after crimation nd kunj goes to his room without uttering a word .. Usha goes to sana ND wake her up nd make her bath….

S: dadi wen mamma will come .asks while getting ready

U: wen god gives her permission to go na den she will come

S: wen god will give permission

U:he will give wen u become gud girl

S: gud girl means keeps her hand on chin ND acts like she is thinking

U: means u shud not cry , nd u shud eat food ND all shud say that u r a gd girl den god will feel happy nd sends mamma

S: ok dadi I will prove that iam a gud girl

U : ok now come saying Usha gets her out nd start to feed her …. But sana didn’t have nd start to cry asking for Maya ….

U: beta wat I told

S: no dadi I want mamma right now saying she starts to cry even more

Usha too starts to cry seeing sana …..

Like this 1 week passed away ….. Kunj was still crying remembering Maya nd ushar nd sana too ……

Twinkle was drinking her juice just den she gets a call nd after listening to other person she lefts the glass in shock nd run outside the lutra mansion (that call was from her oldest frnd nd she said abt Maya’s death ) nd in no time she reaches sarna mansion … Nd directly ran to kunj’s room nd opens the she was shocked to see scenario …. Kunj was sitting on the floor nd wine bottle in front of him he is continuously taking sip by sip without gap nd he breaks the glass in his hand making hand to bleed ….

Twinkle runs to him ND takes his hand …. Wat is this kunj r u gone mad saying she tears her dupata nd ties that to his wound …

K: ha IAM mad … Maya left me alone saying he hugs her tightly

Twinkle rubs his back to make him calm  kunj u can’t break down like this u shud be strong for sana ND for Uncle ND aunty …. Now sana is ur responsibility… if u r like this den who will take care of sana …. Plzzz kunj u shud come out of this all

K: no twinkle I can’t live without her … Saying he again starts to cry …

Twinkle cups his face …no kunj u shud live for sana saying she wipes his tears ND make him to stand now u go nd frshen up nd come …… After sometime kunj comes outside nd both twinj went down …. Ushar felt very happy to see kunj after 1 week.. ( guys after 1 week kunj came outside his room he didn’t even had his food he was just drinking wine )

U: beta IAM so happy to see u again … Saying hugs him

T: aunty plzz arrange lunch

U : huh beta saying she goes to kitchen … Just den manohar brings sana who is crying asking for Maya …. Twinkle goes to him ND takes sana from him ND says uncle I will handle her u don’t wry ….

M: tq beta

T : sana u shud not cry  like this baby … If u cry den ur mamma will also cry seeing u ..

S: no she will not cry aunty she don’t  love me .

T: sana y u r talking like that nd who said that mamma don’t love u huh

S: no one den y mamma left me alone went near god nd she didn’t even came once says crying

T: no baby she loves u Soo much u know yesterday she came to me said that my baby is crying so much remembering me I am not able to look her like that so plzzz go nd tell her to not to cry ….

S: really aunty ok I will not cry now saying she wipes her tears

T: gud girl come let’s go saying she takes her to room nd made her ready … Now come let’s have food

S: no I don’t want I want mamma to feed me

T : oh u know ur mamma sent me here to feed u

S: y she sent u … She can come na

T: no now she is busy nd she said that she will not come untill u r happy

S: ok aunty I will be  happy …..if IAM happy den mamma will come na

T: huh baby she will come saying she takes her to dining table nd made her to sit on table

All were sitting for lunch but kunj was not eating he is just sitting numb engrossing in thoughts … Twinkle goes to him

T: plzzzz kunj have this

K: no twinkle IAM not feeling like to have

T: plzzz kunj for sana ok I will feed u both saying she takes the plate nd starts feeding Kuna ( kunj nd sana ) both without uttering a word starts to eat ….

Ushar were very happy looking at that scenario … After their lunch twinkle takes Kuna to room …  Kunj goes to couch nd sits der … Nd twinkle nd sana starts to play ……. After sometime being tired sana drifts to sleep … Twinkle goes to kunj nd sits beside him

T: kunj plzzz u don’t be like this u shud get out of this nd lead a life happily

K: no twinkle I can’t ….u know na how much I love her how can she go away from me …

T :kunj it’s a life …. We shud face everything…sometimes we may have happy situations nd sometimes sad ….. If we r ready to accept happiness den we shud be ready to accept sorrows … Nd think if u r like this will Maya be happy .?????

After hearing this he remembers Maya’s words …. Yes twinkle u r right … I shud not be like this I shud fulfill my Maya’s last wish… From tomorrow u will see old kunj back saying hugs twinkle … Tq twinkle says kunj

T: it’s ok kunj IAM ur frnd it’s my responsibility to be with u in ur sorrow time ok I will leave now ….

K: twinkle plzzz don’t go be with me

T: I can’t kunj I shud go says twinkle with tears

K: y twinkle u r not happy with uv nd y the hell u r tolerating his tortures ????

T: I can’t tell u kunj …. It’s my fate that’s it … Ok I shud leave now saying she stands up she was abt to go but stops wen kunj holds her wrist … Plzzz twinkle don’t go …says kunj

I will come tomorrow kunj plzzz leave me saying she takes out her hands from his grip ND goes out

She comes downstairs to see ushar standing with a big smile …. She goes them .. Usha comes to her nd hugs her tightly … Tq sooo much beta IAM very happy to see my kunj like that …. It’s all because of u tq tq Soo much beta …. IAM always thankful to u for this says usha

T : aunty plzzz don’t thank me it’s my responsibility nd IAM ur daughter right … Den will anyone thank their daughter ???

U: huh u r right … Saying she kissed her cheeks

T: ok aunty I leave now … Nd I will be here at the same time … Saying she left sarna mansion ….

Lutra mansion

Uv was searching for twinkle every where in the home but he didn’t find any clue abt her… He is in angry mode throwing all the things nd shouting twinkles name … Just den twinkle enters home ND got scared to see angry uv …. Nd uv saw her with angry face nd start moving towards her nd twinkle moves backward with fear …

Screen freezes on uv’s angry face nd twinkles fearful face


Ok guys I will wind up with this shot now

Sry for this bakwas shot … Wat to do I didn’t get any ideas ….

I know it was boring

Nd once again sry for being late …

Ignore errors if any


Take care

Keep smiling

Loads of love ???

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  1. Himanigaur

    Heyy it wasn’t bakwas.. it was so awesome and emotional.. pls post soon waiting for the next shot.. love

  2. You know nishuu I missec ur ff soo much I was very angry as i used to check every day if had posted or not today I am really happy now plss post the next soon or u can wen u will post see u soon

  3. Fenil


  4. Anusha

    Emotional episode ???
    Feeling sad for kunj and sana
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    Hate dis UV??
    Post soonsoon
    Love u?

  5. Nice epi

    Post sooooooon don’t take this much of time ?????????????????????????????????

  6. Hkaur

    Mind blowing episode and emotional too. Feeling very sad for kunj and sana. Hope so uv don’t do anything with twinkle. Post asap

  7. thanku so for posting this ff i was missing it so much dii
    episode was really awesome and emotional too felt very sad for sana and twinj hope every thing get fine soon
    postthe next episode soon cant wait plz post soon

  8. Cheena2001Cp

    Nishuuuuu di!!!! Missed you here! ???
    Amazing episode but emotional!

  9. Baby

    nishu diii commenting like after soo long n seeing u after soo long ??
    i missed u n dis ff just didn’t want to ask u for it ?
    srsly emotional heart touching episode but i can’t wait for twinj to be together n kunj to save his twinki from dis devil ?
    god osm episode dii loved it ?
    can’t wait dida post ASAP ?
    loved it ?
    i pity kunj n poor sana what was her mistake loved it ?
    love u dii post soon ?

  10. SSK

    Wow u r back, happy to c u back ???… Was sooo much missing u.
    Now the episode… Plz dnt call it bakwas… Really loved it, it was soo emotional… Felt bad fr kunj n Sana… Hopefully twinj r together soon… Plzzzz post soon???

  11. nishu it was not at all boring ok so stop thinking like that !it was so emotional & awesome !
    luv the way twinkle handle all the situations like she saved her child by convincing doc & also she handles kunj &sana very well !
    luved it so much
    I was hell missing ur stories
    ab mt gayab hona
    luv u sweetu

  12. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    Loved it…
    Love u…
    Bday mst ho gaya yeh read krne ko mila..
    Love u
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  13. Emotional
    Eager to read next

  14. Awesome episode…
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  15. Superb episode chiki diii amazing soo emotional ???
    all scene awesome
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  16. Twinj2000

    Nishu akka finally u posted ???
    Ivattu nanna ella fav ffs r posted …happy day ??
    Episode was too good ??n bahal emotional ittu ??
    Felt bad for that innocent soul Sana
    N Kunj ?
    Twinkle made everything so fine
    Hate this uv so much ?
    Let’s see what will happen next
    Bega bega post madi
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  17. Ramya

    Akka. Welcome back after long time.
    It’s completely emotional.
    Superbly written
    Hope god will give some brain to this Uv.
    Idiot kahi ka.
    Kunj, how sad he is?
    Hope everything becomes good.
    Love you

  18. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu akka!!! I missed you so much, and you already know that… So I won’t irritate you much with those talks… This episode was really beautifully written Akka… So don’t you dare call it boring!! I had never thought the death of a side character could be described in such a way that it could seem so painful, that too within a few episodes of the story… But you made it possible!! Twinkle handling the poor soul Sana was really touching… Amazing!! This Yuvi! Looks like he’s up to no good at all… Post real soon Akka… Love you loads ????

    1. Ananya_DSK

      And Kunj…. Looks like he’ll need a lot of time to cope up with his love’s loss…

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