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Shot 1:
A big mansion is shown and outside that mansion there is name plate showing sarna mansion ……..Inside that mansion a man in mid 50’s is sitting in the hall reading news paper and he is revealed to be manohar sarna… And a women in mid 40’s come to him holding a cup in her hands and she is revealed to be usha sarna… Usha comes to manohar and gives him coffee
U: ji lijiye…
M: tq usha ji…He starts to sip his coffee..Just den he gets a call …. After listening to that he got a bright smile on his face …
U: kya hua ji itna Kush kyu ho ap..
M: usha kunj aur Maya kal idar aa rahe hai hamare pas hamesha hamesha keliye. And kunj is going to shift his office here ..
Listening to that usha felt very happy and hugs manohar in that happiness making him shock (????? )
M: usha ji kya kar rahi ho ap.. smabhal apni apko .. dek mei janti Hun ap bahut Kush ho .. but now if u do like this it’s well and gud muje koi problem nai hai (winking at her)but bacche ke samne aisa mat karna.. if u want to hug me u just control urself and u can give ter Sara hugs in our room (smiling at her)after listening this usha made a o face ???? ..
U: ji ap bi na … Saying this she runs from der leaving laughing manohar behind (guys I tried to write this I know it was not gud … Don’t bash me after reading ushar conversation … I just tried to show that they r lovely couple nd they love each other nd there is still childish behavior in them..… nd my opinion is that the love doesn’t have any age limit …)

Luthra mansion
A girl is shown working in the kitchen her red , swollen eyes are shown ..Den her wounded lips are shown … Den camera zoomed to her nd she is revealed to be our twinkle … She doesn’t have that glow in her face .. der is no happiness her face was pale she is doing work but she is just standing like a lifeless body body present mind absent .. just den she heard a voice
V: twinkle wer is my coffee (shouts)
T: ji mummy ji I am getting saying this she takes the hot hot coffee nd pours that in mug but she puts hot coffee on her hand while pouring because of her shivering hands …But it is not affected to her she is just concentrating on her work.. she left kitchen after taking cup nd goes to a room wer a women of mid 40’s is sitting … She is revealed to be Anita
T: mummy ji apki coffee
A(with anger ): how many times shud I ask u to bring coffee takes the cup while taking the cup she touches twinkles hand wer coffee was spilled one min before twinkle winces in pain …
T: ouchhh
A: wat happened (rudely )
T: kuch nai mummy ji coffee spilled on my hand shows her hand to Anita
A: omg Twinkle can’t u do one work properly takes her hand … Twinkle was looking at her with a smile but her smile didn’t remained for more .. by saying this Anita holds her hand tightly make her to wince in pain ….. U had waste coffee nd who will give that money …. This is my son’s money nd uska mehenat ka paise hai …. Saying this she tightens the grip..
T: mummy ji plzzzzz leave me muje dard ho rahi hai …. I will ask my father nd I will return u the money …..
A : thik hai ab jao … Pushes her
Twinkle goes to kitchen nd starts crying on her fate ……. But she heard another voice asking her to come … She goes from there running nd entered a room wer a guy is shown who is standing near wardrobe with a towel wrapping on his waist….. Nd searching for smtng
T: wat u want UV …… Yes he is revealed to be UV …
U: wer r my clothes …(shouting)
Twinkle goes to wardrobe nd takes his clothes nd gives to him …. UV takes that nd twinkle goes downstairs while going UV says get my bf ready nd I don’t want to be late for office like yesterday got it ( with anger)… Twinkle with fear o..k
After 10 mins UV nd Anita come to have bf … Twinkle gets bf nd serves them .. while eating Anita chokes nd starts to cough … UV takes the glass of water nd made her to drink …
A: wat u have done twinkle … Can anyone put this much of mirchi in food huh ….
UV tastes the food nd he to starts coughing nd he drinks the water nd looks at twinkle angrily … Here twinkle was scared with uv’s reaction nd he moves backward while UV holds her wrist nd stops her nd slaps her making her lips to bleed
U: are u trying to kill my mom … Don’t u know how to cook … Be careful from next time or else u know wat I can do saying this UV leaves taking Anita with him …. Leaving crying twinkle behind … Twinkle takes a byte of food but she finds it was perfect den she come to know that they did it intentionally ..
This is a daily routine for twinkle from the day of their marriage UV finds one or the other reason to blame , beat twinkle so that she get hurts nd cry ……

New York
A big lavish banglow is shown nd it had a big lawn around the house nd a swimming pool at the backside of the banglow …. A room is shown wer a guy is sleeping showing is back to the ceiling.. his sleeping eyes are shown den his lips nd at last his face is shown who is revealed to be our hotty kunj (?????)
Just den a girl comes carrying a cute baby nd she is revealed to be Maya nd she carrying her daughter sana
M: baby go nd wake ur papa or else we will get late to reach airport ab tum Dada , dadi ko dekni hai Na tho jao utao apni papa ko saying this she left her on bed …
Sana slowly walks to kunj with her tiny tiny legs nd sits on kunj .. nd start to tap him by her choti choti hands ..
S: papa plshhh wake up …Saying this she to sleeps on him nd holds him tightly with her tiny hands , looks at Maya and shows her tounge to Maya making Maya shock (?????)
M:wat is this baby I told u to wake ur papa not to sleep along with him … Saying this she goes to them nd tries to take sana but sana holds kunj tightly
S: mumma plshhh I too want to shleep with papa
M: I can’t handle this two ppl jaise baap vaise hi beti … Kunj plzzzzz wake up we r getting late to go to airport …
K: plzzzzz Maya let me sleep for another 5 mins saying this he takes sana who is sleeping on him nd makes her to sleep beside him nd cuddles her …. Maya was admiring their bond nd says OK u both father nd daughter sleep here only I will go nd cancel our tickets … After that u can sleep for whole day I won’t disturb u guys … By listening this both kuna (kunj nd sana ) wakes up with a jerk
K :no no we will get ready in 10 mins saying this he takes sana along with him to wash room he made her bath nd sends her outside …nd closes the door
Here Maya made her ready in a pink frock .. kunj comes after 10 mins nd gets ready … all went downstairs with all their luggage nd comes to car …. They drove off the cars to airport nd in no time they reach airport nd boards the flight …..
Screen freezes

I wind up shot 1 here …
Hope I reached ur expectations …
Did arrival of kunj brings a change in twinkles life????
How twinkle meets kunj????
To know this u stay tuned …
If u ppl don’t like this do tell me I will stop this fs
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  1. SidMin23

    Interesting and hope soon twinj meet each other can’t see them with different partner.

  2. interesting post !amazing
    keep writing
    post next soon

  3. Roshini125

    Good start…waiting fr next…
    But is it twinj or Twiraj? ?

    1. Nishuu

      Twinjs dear

  4. Awesome epi Nisha
    Continue ?

  5. Amazing start dear
    Interesting plot
    plzzz post soon dear
    luv u

  6. Baby

    nishu di ♥
    aap kaisee baatin kar rhe ho like nahi krti mein aapko pata hai na i love it ♥
    bas twinkle ke liye sad hun dat uv but i know aaap jaldi sab kuch perfect kardo ge ek dum ♥
    loved it alottt sana was super cute ♥
    n ushar ka romance toh ufff plsss vaisee scenes zarur add krte rehna dii ♥ dat was osm ♥
    loved it overall alotttt ♥
    love u soooooooooooooooooo mch dida ♥
    see u soon ♥
    tata ♥ smile plsshhhhh 🙂 hmmm now my dida is looking ek dum 😉 jhakaas my super model love u ♥

  7. Superb episode dear….
    Loved it vry vry vry much??
    Twinkle condition was so much worst.I too got a tears on my eyes after reading that???That yuvi and anita..I will kill them???
    And yaa I am 100% sure that after arrival of kunj in twinkle’s life…her life will be changed completely..
    And loved kunj and sana’s bonding..
    Plzzz post next part soon…
    I can’t wait to read it..
    Waiting for twinj’s first meeting..
    Post soon
    Love u loads

  8. It was amazing… Loved it… Plz post soon… Can’t wait to read more also plzzzz cont?

  9. Yashasvi

    That was amazing yrrrr♥
    But feeling very bad for twinkle…???
    This Anita and yuvi na ..????
    And ushar romance was Soo cute…???
    Awww lill baby Sana….??????
    Feeling bad for Maya also… Having cancer na ?? ??????
    Hope twinj meet soon , so dat twinkle can get happiness ♥♥♥♥♥?????????
    loved it very much,♥♥♥
    Post soon ??????

    Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥?♥?♥?♥♥
    Love you ♥♥♥?????
    Yashu!!!! ?♥♥♥♥???♥

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    Superb episode di and thanks for posting ??????sorry for late commenting post soon

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    Loved it…
    Too good..
    Love u…
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    Nishu akka…. That was a total dhamaka!
    Amazing…. Such an awesome start….
    Kunj and his lovely daughter… Awwwwww
    Usha and Manohar part was adorable too
    This is so nice….. Loved it!

  13. Rochika

    Omggg yrr it wasssss just awesomee..?????????????
    Feeling vvvv bad for twinkle…????
    This anita and yuvi..????
    Hope twinj meet soooon…??????
    U nailed it yrrr…
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    Love u!!!!??????

  14. Fenil

    Interesting plot.
    Superb start Nishu.

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    Superb episode nishu post soon

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    OMG Akka
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    It’s just amazing
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    I can’t wait to know further
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    Stupid me to this late
    Love you keep smiling

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