My Love Turned Out To Be My Santa. .KKB..OS


Hiii guys. …Maahi again hope all of u r dng well .Firstly thnx a lott fr every one who supported me in my previous 3 updates nd if there r any silent readers who spent their time on my silly thoughts thnx a lot fr them too humbled at all ur love so here I am again with one of my silly thoughts. …..

Lets get into the love…..
I wonder how myself managed to spend dizz 23 years alone….alone haa wat I said?? No I am nt alone there Is always smthng which stood with me throughout diz 23 years journey nd it is none other than my LONELINESS ya it had been with me in evry sorrow evry happiness evry joy nd even today also its been with me .Today the weather here is soo colourful with lot of cheers of Merry Christmas .Every family is enjoying with their loved ones every child is being gifted by Santa nd I wish some Santa really comes in my life too who vil get all the happiness fr me as I am tired of being alone in diz vast world with lack of love fr me.I really want smeone to comfort me with their hug ven I am sad I want smeone to cheer me up when I shed out my tears nd mostly I want smeone fr whom I can shed out my tears which I didnt did till now fr anyone nd I want smeone fr me to whom I could kiss expressing my pleasure nd I want smeone to shower their love on me.I nly remember one person in my life that is sister of diz church (some xyz) nd she nly brought me up nd though she showered all her love to me I sometimes still feel incomplete I really wanted smeone to cmplt me as I feel lonely in diz entire world nd my hard times r covered up with my music .Ya being a violinist I use to cover up the silence around me with my music nd today I dont know yyy I feel vry restless as I am nt able to tune up the music.I always play it fr my peace nd pleasure but today I don’t know y I strangely feel tht smeone else would bring peace in my life.But still I am in peace now bcoz just now I attended his concert. It was rocking as usual but I wonder how I alone was able to keep up when everyone over there cheer up him with his name .I lonely njoy his music closing my eyes nd I nvr hear anything rather than his music once it starts playing.It’s been 5 months he came here fr Kashmir to entertain ppl over here nd frm the day one I nvr missed single concert of his bcoz I find eternal peace in his music.Today also I attended his concert he sung sme mashup type (aashiqui 2 mashup) but me as usual was njoying tht mashup too with peace ven ppl around me r gng crazy at it.His music nt music actually his lyrics always hv deep flngs in it which I always sensed it.I know the reason behind dizz bcoz I am in love with his lyrics nd music r maybe with himself I myself is confused abt diz bcoz I hardly found him smiling at me ven signing I think he considered me as insane keeping quiet in his rocking show.
*She tried to play the violin but it is nt tuning up properly*
I came to know tht he is leaving by tomorrow to his city I think Mumbai. But I dont want him to go away frm my eyes as I adore him secretly bcoz I am in love with his smile at me.But he may also hv his family so I nvr wanted him to know abt my love fr him. (Tears rolling down).Suddenly ven I am trying hard to cover up his thoughts with my loneliness one small kid came to me nd gv me a balloon nd went smiling its written on it tht

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