My Love Turned Out To Be My Santa. ..KKB..OS (the second part)


Hi guys! Maya here I am uploading on behalf of Maahi! This is the second part of OS that she had posted previously two times with the first part…..

I was shocked to c tht nd I was askd by the small kid to move forward which I did nd after sme distance one other kid came to me with another balloon in her hand nd gv tht to me nd its written on it tht

Nd I was surprised ragain nd moved frwrd as I was askd nd again one small kid came with other balloon in which it is written as

Now dizz time I was literally shocked as these r the same thoughts which always surrounded me thn how could tht person knew it??? So by thn nw I moved further though I was not askd any further bcoz I wanted to knw tht person so moved frwrd…….nd then I heard some familiar voice singing…….nd I followed tht music …..

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…
jaise khilata gulaab
like a blooming rose;
jaise shaayar ka khvaab
like a poet’s dream;
jaise ujali kiran
like a glowing ray of light;
jaise ban mein hiran
like a deer in the forest;
jaise chaandani raat
like a moonlit night;
jaise narami baat
like a soft word;
jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya
like a candle burning in the temple.
ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa lagaa…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…
jaise subah kaa ruup
like the beauty of the morning;
jaise saradi ki dhuup
like winter sunshine;
jaise vinaa ki taan
like a note from the lute;
jaise rangon ki jaan
like the essence of all color;
jaise balakhaayein bel
like a twisting vine;
jaise laharon ka khel
like the play of waves;
jaise khushbuu liye aaye thandi havaa
like a cool scented wind.
ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…
jaise naachataa mor
like a dancing feather;
jaise resham ki dor
like a silken thread;
jaise pariyon ka raag
like a fairy melody;
jaise sandal ki aag
like the fire of sandalwood;
jaise solah singaar
like the sixteen (traditional) ornaments of beauty;
jaise ras ki phuhaar
like a refreshing mist;
jaise aahistaa aahistaa badhta nasha
like a slowly growing feeling of intoxication.
ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga…
when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like…

Nd suddenly the voice stopped I wondered who is tht guy describing his love in such a way nd as soon as I came back to reality I myself found smewhere far frm the church it was a lonely place fully with Autumn weather leaves dropping down nd balloons flying in air nd wat shocked me tht most was a huge mirror infront of me hvng my image in it.For abt a second I was lost in many thoughts but came to senses when one hand took my hand nd holded it by kneeling down with cute puppy eyes asking me …no no proposing me..

nd the scenario there was unbelievable to me bcoz he is the one , the same rockstar whom I adored most whom I love secretly whom I find life in his music ….he askd me suddenly tht he wanted to be the santa of my life so tears was rolling down frm my eyes bcoz till thn no one askd me anything frm me nor no one gv me anything such as love till now so I was in shock nd he stood up nd cupped my face nd said to me tht JUST GIVE ME ONE CHANCE I WOULD DFNTLY TRY TO FULFILL UR LIFE WITH ALL HAPPINESS I COULD GV IT FR UU

so I just hugged me tight nd said tht Y Abhishek y u do u love me as u dont know nthng abt me nd u dont even know who I am or frm where I am .I dont hv anyone related to me in diz world I am all alone in diz vast nd sometimes scary world nd thn he replied to me tht …I DONT KNOW HOW WORLD REFERS UU BUT TO ME UR REFERENCE IS UR INNOCENCE UR PURE SMILE UR KIND HEART UR LOVELY EYES ND UR TRUE LOVE WHICH IS FR ME…nd I was shocked ven he said tht I hv true love fr him so I just broke the hug slowly nd look at him in confusion thn he answered me….Dont b confused my love I know u love me truly u adore me secretly nd hv been adoring me with ur peace in my rock concerts in which I nvr found anyone like uu njoying my lyrics than my music nd I want to gv u my name as ur identity bcoz my love fr uu is nt true as urs fr me but I assure its pretty close to urs so WILL U BE THE MUSIC OF MY HEART WILL U BE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!

Nd I just nodded my head in yes bcoz I trusted him dont know its just tht I trusted him purely though v nvr met each other before nor know each other I still had faith in him afterall UNEXPECTED PROPOSALS ND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE R ALWAYS SO SWEET THT V CANNOT AVOID THEM RIGHT so frm then he had became the Santa of my life .He brought evry possible happiness into my life he gv me a caring dadi a lovely sister (sister in law -aliya) nd he himself became smetimes crazy lover fr me smetimes naughty kid nd he had always been a lovely husband of mine he always named me with different names ven he used to mock at me he called me as Chashmish nd ven I used to yell at him fr his silly antics he called me Mogambo nd all the rest time he used to call me fuggi nd the reason he gv fr tht Is he found me looking lyk balloon Itseems nd he also said tht he proposed me with balloons fr tht reason nly Itseems.His evry music after his proposal was a way much divine fr me as he always composed it fr me wat else I want he dedicated his passion fr me nd tht means evrything to me nd today being our love anniversary I am gng to gift him the symbol of our love. …

Abhi:fuggi fuggi ………
Pragya:oh nooo if he found me with my dairy again he would become sad as he always hv the complaint tht I vil spend most of the time with my dairy.

Abhi:heyyy fuggi r u there?? where is my musical notes dr??
Pragya:uffo c its in the cupboard nly
Abhi:no its nt here!!
Pragya:wait I vil help uu its been 1 year since v married but still u want me to find ur things!!

Pragya:abhishek (tears rolling down frm her eyes) by cing the gift which she unwrapped in tht cupboard
Abhi:so how was my gift? ?

Pragya:how did u found it .I thought I lost it on tht day ven I was running behind ur voice it fell down in tht pond naa nd how u came to know it???It was the nly locket i hv frm my childhood bcoz tht sister told me tht i was found with diz locket which my mom gifted me before her death itseems???

Abhi: Heyy fuggi I thought to surprise uu as I heard one day u saying it alooo (aliya) so I just vent to Kashmir again to the same place nd somehow I managed to get dizz but I never knew tht it would make u cry !!!I am srry fuggi
Pragya: IDIOT y r u saying srry it is the best gift I ever had thnqq uuuu so much abhishek I LOVE UUUU IDIOT Ur the best SANTA!!!HAPPY LOVE ANNIVERSARY! !
Abhi:Happy Love Anniversary My Love
Pragya:I too have a gift fr uuu!!!
Pragya:ya U Idiot ur love increased India’s population by one !!!!
Abhi:wat??? r u insane how did I do tht ???ur really ma…………d heyyyyy u mean me pappa nd u mumma(he twirled her around happily)
Pragya:abhishek thnx fr being my love cum santa of my life.
Abhi:24×7 at ur service my love

hope u guys liked it…..just wanna share onething with all of uuu tht be thankful to evry santa of ur life it may b ur lovely mom whom always bought uu evrything which u wanted nt needed , it may b ur sweet dad who always held u frm falling nd always saved u frm ur mom scoldings it may b ur crazy bro who always taunts uu but stood beside uu ven all r opposite to uu nd it may b ur silly sis who nvr left any chance of pulling ur legs but ven she see tears in ur eyes her eyes get moist it may b ur aunt with whom u always shared the lie tht u said to ur mom nd laugh insanely by praising her food nd it may b ur uncle who always gv u extra pocket money without dad’s knowledge nd always njoy with u after his work nd it may b ur grandparents with whom u hv always been silly nd mostly ur idiotic frnd who nvr failed to make u smile ven ur crying nd u nvr regret to b stupid with them….so be thankful to evry santa of ur life who always brought smile on ur face ….so I am thankful to evry one of uu who brought a wide smile on my face with ur sweet support Thnxx a lotttt guys fr making me smile!!!

nd guys srry if anyone felt the song boring bcoz tht was my fav song so I thought to use it as it describes his LOVE through which he c her soo guys always try to describe ur loved ones.we always say tht ur indefinable ani but just try to define them with sme means nd trust me it would mean a lottttt to them !!!! srry again if I bored with my silly thoughts just thought to share with all my frnds !!!Hope u all vil lyk diz OS If u all feel it worth cmmntng plzz do comment on it guys .Keep smiling keep caring keep loving nd asusually keep ROCKING guys loads of love stay blessed …let me know tht u ppl r flng bored with this type of stories? ?? bcoz I myself find it silly by cooking up such stories smetimes I am confused whether such love stories exist r not bcoz I dont want all of u spend ur valuable time on silly things yaar but I myself think tht in evry Era there vil b a Shahjahan nd Mumtajh with pure nd true love so I just wrote it yaar srry again if anyone uu flt bored but if any of u feel tht such stories really exist plzz share tht with me…Byeee guys loads of love stay blessed….

guys really srry if TU again nt supports in replying to u all…

Credit to: Maahi

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  1. Angita

    Loved it sorry for not commenting

    1. Maahi

      dr no srry pls thnxx alott fr lovely cmmnt dr

  2. superbb yarr………………..i loved it

    1. Maahi

      heyyy nannu thnxx a lottt yaar humbled nd srry I hurted uu naa 10000 times srry yaar

  3. Wowwwwwww………!!!!!! Pakka…!! story yr.u always rock with ur valuable n lovable thoughts but end it up by saying that it was all silly thoughts.OMG when ur silly thoughts(according to u but not to me ok?) itself driving me sooooo crazy then just imagine if u seriously think n give us any stories then how will it be????? Omg I’ll get heart attack due to over excitement by reading ur stories.loved the story to the core.I don’t know whether such love stories exists or not but if its there then it is like wowwwwww…..!!!!!.keep writing like this make us happy.

    1. Maahi

      omg heart attack haaa no dr ur my sweet frnd naa how could I do tht kkk I shall nvr say tht again but darlu thnxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr ur sweeeeet cmmnt dr loads of love

  4. Maahi

    yaar IB if at all ur nt there then all these is nvr possible dr thnxxxxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt dr it means a lotttttttttttttttttt fr me ur my sweetheart I lv uuuu girl fr supporting me loads of love

  5. Omg It was awesome I loved it to the core

    1. Maahi

      omg monu dr u cmntd in both haa ur such a sweetheart darling lv uu

      1. Not more sweeter than you love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤❤❤❤ really you are having magic in your hand don’t say the secret to anyone

    2. Maahi

      heyyyy monu darlu magic haa no dr actually u hv the magic of sweetness lv uuuuuuu tooooooooo dr

  6. Lovely darlu one of my favs is tis oly nw loved it to the core????

    1. Maahi

      heyyy saruuu dr it means a lotttttttttttttttttt fr me yaar but u just rock yaar with ur cute writings lv uuu

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    I am Really Thankful to you tooo……Bcoz, you are also a SANTA in my life……..Always make me Smile widely by your thoughts……….Its such a lovely story……..& That song…….Thats just Awesomeeeee!!!!! Its one of my favourite Songggggg………The lyrics just kills me………& one more thing, Dont think that your thoughts are silly ever……. Bcoz your thoughts are making me crazyyyyyy………..& Trust me, Your writings are giving me such a huge PLEASURE………& about PURE & TRUE LOVE……Actually I also believe in such stories……..Something Really Different from others & Something DIVINE !!!! I Love this type of stories……….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Maahi

      reshu dr awwwww thts soooo sweeet of uuu yaar nd u too the Santa of my life bcoz always ur support got smile in my face I am soo glad tht uu too love tht song yaar nd aiiiiyyyy u too blv in such stories haaa thts sooo pure of uuu yaar thnxxx a lotttttttttttttttttt fr beautiful cmmnt frm a beautiful girl love uuuu kkk I nvr think tht silly again prmse

  8. Superb episode and amazing words… U r also a stanta in my life… Even through sadness u made me smile… Really thanks yaar… I loved the song… The lyrics are just awesome…

    1. Maahi

      awww nirmal I am soooo happy tht I made uuu smile haa yipeee thnxx dr it means a lottttt nd dont be sad fr anything yaar thnqqq uuu again fr ur sweet cmmnt loads of love dr

  9. Awesome episode really it’s superb nt @ all a Boring one…

  10. Maahi

    durga dr u cmntd in both haa thts sooo sweeeeeeet of uu dr thnqq uuu yaar

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