Love or Trust (kaanchi or sanveer ) Episode 4

Hello my dear frnds and sisos. Thank u all my sisters for supporting me. Silent readers pls do give comments. And if no comments then atleast u can press ? or ?. And if u don’t like then pls do give suggestions. What improvements I should do.
Let’s quickly jump to the story.

Pls do ignore grammatical nd typing mistakes.

Recap – veer proposes saanchi. Kabir goes to jaipur. Saanchi’s truth revealed. Savitri’s memory lost. Gyatri and vaidehi changes the CD of proofs with CD of filmi songs. Veer insults saanchi. Saanchi and jaya gets arrested.

At police station
Jaya and saanchi r in lock up.

J – everything is finished saanchi. Everything. …… Mere is aag ke badle ne tumhari zindagi bhi tabah kar di.

S – No maa this is not ur fault. Papa ko insaaf dilana sirf aapka nhi mera bhi junoon h . We won’t give up. .hum Dr. Malhotra ko saza dilwa kar rhenge.
I know veer is angry with me rightnow but I know he will listen me and help us in our mission. Pragya nd will console veer nd he will surely help us. He will again…….

J (interrupting ) – no saanchi u will not ask any help from veer. If he truly loved u then he would have trusted u ….. but what he did he didn’t listened to u ….. he kept on insulting u. Always remember one thing saanchi ” trust is the base of every relationship “. Without trust no relation exist long. ( kaash ye baat jaya ne saanchi ko show me sikhai hoti. ….koi baat nhi par maine bolwa diya. …thik kiya na maine ?? )

S (wiping her tears ) – yes ma u r right. I will move on. Nd one day will come when he will regret for his decision. We will expose Malhotra at any cost.

J – but saanchi. ….where’s that cd bcoz I myself checked before taking it. There is something which we can’t see.

S – but what we can do here.

Just then saanchi’s grandmother comes crying. (Grandmother – g)
G – what happened jaya. U went there to expose Malhotra nd instead u both got arrested.
Jaya tells her the whole story.

G (to inspector ) – pls sir leave them. They are innocent. They haven’t done anything.
After so much of request inspector agreed to leave them in return he asked 10 lakh ruppees for each.

G – now what I will do I have only 5 lakhs. …from where I will bring another 15.
( note – when jaya sold her belonging she got 15 lakh. 10 lakh was given to komal and remaining was with them.)

At evening dadi came with 10 lakh ruppees. Inspector saab aap ye 10 lakh rupey le lijiye. Ab mai bhudi kaha se laungi itne paise.

Inspector – 10 layi h na to ek ko le ja. Baaki ke 10 layegi to dusri ko bhi chod dunga.

J – maaji u take saanchi out of here.
S – no maa I won’t leave u here. U go I will stay here I know if u will say alright then u will surely get me out of here.

Finally after a long jaya agreed

In night saanchi slept after a long time as there were many mosquitoes.

Next day saanchi was presented in court. After seeing all the proofs the court punished saanchi for 2 months jail and after that when she comes out of jail she won’t be able to treat patients for two months.
That means her licence is cancelled for 4 months.
Saanchi woke up with a jerk.
S – oh god what kind of dream was that.?


Next day kabir returned to SDCH and was shocked to listen about saanchi’s truth.
As riya added more salt and spices in that.
He couldn’t believe that saanchi was the one who was living here with fake identity.

At evening when he reached home he told everything to kusum. Kusum was also shocked. But she insisted kabir to meet saanchi.
So they both went to police station.

Jaya and saanchi were crying.

Inspector saw kabir and greeted him. (Inspector knew kabir bcoz he had handled many cases of sdch).

K – we want to meet saanchi.
I – wait few minutes sir. ….u can meet her in that room.

Kusum nd kabir went and sat there waiting for saanchi.

Saanchi came along with jaya bcoz jaya also came there to meet her.

When saanchi saw kusum nd kabir she couldn’t maintain the eyecontact due to guilt.
(I will use ku for kusum nd kfor kabir ).

Ku – saanchi come here and sit.

Saanchi hesitantly went and sat there.
Kusum asked if jaya was her mother.

Ku – I know saanchi. …There’s something big that’s why u hid ur identity. I know u won’t believe but I trust u beta pls tell me why u did so.

Jaya told everything to kusum nd kabir about anand. ….that how he killed Sunil then took his idea and how from last 15 years he was involved in black marketing. He knew one day my saanchi would come to this hospital for the revenge so on the admission day he cancelled her name though she was the topper. So saanchi was forced to take fake identity. she would stay in the hospital to expose Malhotra.

K – what rubbish ??? Why would anand sir do so.

Precap – saanchi comes out of jail with kabir’s help.

I know this was boring episode. I’m really sorry for this. I know i have made this ff very disgusting. … so soon I will end this. For this boring episode I’m ready for ur flying chappals ?? and tomatoes ??. I will accept it.

Now I think it is clear who is gonna being paired in this ff. Ofcorse kabir nd saanchi. Afterall I’m not only a fan. ….I’m diehard fan. So how will I not pair kabir with saanchi. I cannot separate them even in my dreams.
Last but not the least this is my 1st fan fiction so kaanchi was to be paired anyhow.

I’m extremely sorry to all sanveer fans. U were expecting sanveer but I separated them.
Shabnam, shanaya and Ishi I’m really sorry my sisos bcoz u were expecting sanveer. Shabnam I’m really very sorry dear …. u read and comment in every ff but it turns out kaanchi ff. I was very guilty that day when I read ur comment but what to do till this episode everything was planned before only. Before starting this ff I had imagined the story till here and the upcoming episode then I divided into parts.
Kaan pakad ke sorry dear. Ho sake to apni is behen (if u accept me as a sister) ko maaf the dena.
But humare bhi dard ko samjho yaar sanveer fans. Show me to hume kaanchi mile nhi h. . Ab ye TU world hi to humara sahara h. But after seeing ur support I have decided to write an article on sanveer. Soon it will be infront of u.

Now I come to my kaanchian sisters
Tumpamoni , Mitali (khamoshi ), Riya , Dhruti , swetha, amnaa, masum, sanjana, riru, anee, niyaa, anu, bhavana, niyati, shanaya , dhruvi, anonymousaa ,rajnandani, kanchi, divya, tania. Thank u all for supporting me.

My dear mitu, Riya, niyaa I will come and beat u all. ?We talk everyday na then how did u dare to think that I won’t pair kaanchi ?. Itna hi bharosa tha mujhpe … not fair yaar. Jao katti. Mai na baat karungi tumlogo se. ??

Nd NIYAA u were right dear. Show ki kami puri karne ke liye hi to ye ff start kiya h. Tere is comment padhne ke baad mai has rhi thi kyuki ye to mera preplanned story tha or tumlog ko darane ka irada tha. ??

Should I change the title or this one is ok. If u think I should change then pls do suggest some. Bcoz now it’s clear that kaanchi will be paired in this ff.
Cover picture is from khamoshi’s ig account. Edited by khamoshi and originally from aliya nazz’s ig story.

Chalo bohot ho gya mera panchaiti.
See u all in next episode.
Till then take care.
Luv u all.

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  1. Thanks a lot yaar for making kanchi’s pair………today episode is superb and fantastic yaar…… I love it so much yaar

    1. Priyanshipp

      Yeh to hona hi tha. ….. thanq yaar mujhe to laga tha aaj ke episode ke liye mujhe chappale milengi. ??take care. ….luv u so much.

  2. amazing..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear.??

  3. Riyarocks

    Priyanshi………itne aasaani se hum tere haath nehi aane waale……toh maaregi kaise…….;P(showing tongue…….haha……..)…….but yaar…..ab jaake jaan mein jaan aayi…….oye ye khote sdch waale, tere iss ff ko padhte, to kuch dimaag toh aa jaata ki story kaise likhte hain…….but koi nehi, unke paas hamari priyanshi ki tarah khidkitod dimaag thodi na hai…….bechaare………bohut taras aata hai unpar……haha……..& haan, isse end karne ke baare mein socha toh thappad padjayegi……..I want ki tu sirf kanchi pairing tak na ruke….in fact, unke bachche….unke bachon ke bachche…..unpar bhi likhe….haha………I know, tera bohut dimaag kha chooki hoon, ab bas……..luv u dherrrrrr saara…….

    1. Priyanshipp

      Pakad loongi mai. …..tu bas ye soch mujhse kaise bachegi. Behen I agree ki sdch se achi meri story h. (Koi maane ya na maane) lekin mera dimaag khidki todne layak nhi h yaar. Taras to mujhe bhi aata h unpar….Acha thik h jab tak ideas aayenge mai likhungi. …..Par unke bache ke bache ????????????????????? behna ab ye TU krna kyuki mai kaanchi pe hi likhungi par ab jab tune keh diya h to sun ye mera hukum h tu continue karegi kaanchi ke generation ko apne ff me.
      Or haan tu mera dimaag kaise khayegi. ..jab mere paas hogi tab na. …. or mujhe tere baate sunne me. ….oops padne me maza aata h….or lmbe lmbe comments diya kar. Chal bye. …luv u shona mona. …. take care. ?????

  4. Abhilasha

    O teriiiii….chak de phatte !!! Pta h kya phle mene tera nam ni delha ta aur sanveer ff smj k chod Di ti( plz anyone don’t take me wrong I do try to read all stories because I value talent more but nowadays I don’t get time to read all) then aj mene priyanshi dekha to bs …..yr ye kya kiya tune mtlb kasam se agr ye sdch me ho jaye to to mai rs ki Pooja kr lu(thoda zada ho gya) yr ye itni zada achchi behtareen story h ki….omg???????…..loved it soooo muchhh……yr tune mera dil khush kr dia!!! Love uh my Priu!!!! Keep rocking like this!!! Maze aa gye!!!

    1. Priyanshipp

      Hahahahahaha mai bhi sanveer dekh ke chod deti thi. ….but thodi der baad padh leti thi. .kyuki wo bhi mehnat se likhte h. Or haan mai bhi Rs ki pooja kar lu or to or phir hamesa uske shows dekhungi tym mila to agar final kaanchi hua to… thanq u dear. ….mujhe to dar lag rha tha ki aaj ke episode ke baad mujhe chappal milne wali h….luv u toooooo my abhi. Or tu bhi jldi aa mai tera wait kar rhi hoon. Luv u shona mona. ???take care.

  5. Kaanchi is the paor…. Loved it

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear.luv u loads.

  6. Shabnam

    I don’t have any complain your ff keep writing but for me this is last episode soorry ??

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq u dear for understanding me. I can undertake ur feelings. It’s ok if this was last episode for u. But thanq for supporting me till here. Soon I will come with a sanveer os or fs. Take care.

  7. Hey priyanshi dear it’s OK if it’s a kanchi ff
    Be it kanchi or sanveer I will read ur ff for sure
    My dear sis I really don’t have any prob with kanchi I read all kanchi ff but as a silent reader
    Episode was great post nxt part asap….

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u dear for understanding me. Nd thank u that u will continue to read my ff. If u will not give comments in next episodes then it’s ok but pls ?? just u do this. I will be happy.take care.

  8. RuCh23

    ??? finally!!! It’s kanchi!!! Though I had a guess you’d make kanchi pair because I know you are a kanchi fan. True sanveer fans wait to see a sanveer ff, but only we kanchi fans know how hard it’s to separate kanchi ???. Loved the epi dear ???

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanks dear. Nd yaa right. …it’s very hard to separate our kaanchi. Luv u loads.

  9. Shabnam

    come soon with sanveer ff I am waiting dear love you ????????

    1. Priyanshipp

      I will post soon but so sorry dear. …I may write an os or fs. ..due to tym shortage nd at the same tym i can’t handle two ffs. Due to study loads. I hope u understand. Luv u toooooo dear ????

  10. Niyaaa

    Hahaaaaaaa… kya lagta h agar tu isse sanveer ff krti to bak bak gang tujhe chod deti….. na baba na is galatfahmi me mat rehna… ?? or tu ruk hamein tang krti h hamari feeling k sath khelt…?btw Epi is totally ghartod kyunki darwaja khidki toh sabne tod diye ab socha ghar hi tudwa dun??? kamaal dhamaal bemishaal Epi… ab bhasanbaazi band krti hunbye post nxt asap… bye tc

    1. Priyanshipp

      Tujhe kya laga tha mai aise hi ise sanveer bana deti. ….. na baba na mujhe gaaliya thode sunni h or baduaaye RS ki tarah. Or ye kya tune Ghar hi todwa diya. …to ek kaam kar agli baar pura muhalla todwa dena. ??????luv u siso. Bye Take care.

  11. It’s ok sis. No need to say sorry. Even I am fine with Kanchi. Everything is accepted written by sis. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq u so much dear for understanding me. I will post soon dear. Luv u my sissy ??

      1. Love you too ??

  12. Khamoshi

    ???? haa dost..tere pe ittu sa hi bharosa tha.. nautanki..tera bharosa nahi..dekh tune sanveer le article likhne ka promise de diya naa..tera kya bharosa …tu sanveer pair kar deti to..hum risk nahi le sakhte naa ?? yaar tera ff padhke to mera din sudhar gaya.. kanchi… yaar ek to kabir itna selfless kyu hai yaar? Or sanchi selfish??? chal woh to Insta pe discuss karenge.. ff tera zabardast ..koi word hi nahi bache.. and thanks ..i am so happy that u used my editted pic in ur ff ???? tere journey ka hissa banane ke liye shukriya

    1. Priyanshipp

      Meri jaan. …ff thode likhungi itna tym thode hi h…Par yaar in 3no ne bhi support kiya h to ek os ya ts to likh hi skti hoon. I know mujhe bohot problem hogi par jab dil pe pathar rakh ke sanveer scenes dekha h galti se to os to likh hi lungi. Kyuki ye sirf imagination hoga. Chal acha h is episode ne tera din sudhar diya. …mai to daar rhi thi ki khi tumsab chappal na maro mujhe. Chal bohot ho gya mera panchaiti. …see u on insta. Luv u meri jaan???

  13. Anonymousaa

    Oye balle balle oye balle balle……finally Kaaaaaanchi pair…..
    Loved this to the core and thanx for making it a Kanchi ff(well behind the scenes agar Kanchi pair nahi hota toh “katti” kardeti baat bhi naa karti….u got saved???)
    No flying chappals but ??? for uh!!!

    1. Priyanshipp

      Yaa naach le kyuki abhi itni aasani se thode hi ek kar dungi. Thoda saanchi ko bhi tadpane de. Tab maza aayega bohot rulaya humare kabir ko. Or waise bhi ye kaanchi hoga hi tha kisi bhi haal me. Chal ab see u soon luv u ??

  14. Wndrful epsd dear.. I think u should changed the title as the pair is clear now.. Update soon..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq siso. Yes I’m looking for a better title. Luv u loads.

  15. Nyc priyu…..mko phle se hi pta tha tum kanchi ko hi lead pair bnane vaali ho kyuki u r big fan of kanchi as well as me……hurrreeee

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq u dearie or kaanchi to hona hi tha. Luv u loads sisi.

  16. Amazing episode yaar….tumne toh kamal hi kar diya….bohat aacha….and I m really very happy with Sancho’s condition because she had made suffer to kabir in serial…..mujhe toh Sab se jyada ussi pe gussa aata hai!!! But ur episode was mind blowing…. And mujhe pata tha ki tum jaroor kanchi pair banaoogi….I m really very happy with it…dil ki khwaish poori ho gai …..waiting for next part eagerly dear….love u loads…

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq so much dear. Mujhe bhi saanchi pe bohot gussa aata h . Jab dekho tab muh utha ke chali aati h kabir se help lene or phir veer ke paas wapas bhag jaati h. Samajh kya rakha h kabir ko. Anyways kaanchi to hona hi tha. I will post soon. Luv u loads ??

  17. Dhruti

    thank god you make kanchi as pair …….pata he me kitna dar gayi this k ye ff kanchi ka nahi hua toooo….
    ese zatke mat dena dubara…….and you can change title like trust:base of any relationship kind of rakh sakti he tu………..
    ff was superb priyu…………..i love it………….post soon…………….tc……………..bye……………… you sisi……….

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq u siso. Or kaanchi to hona hi tha. Afterall mera first ff h. Mujhe bada maza aa rha tha tumlog ko zhatke de kar. Anyways thanq for suggesting the title. Even i was thinking same as u. Now I will change it. Luv u toooooo siso. Take care

  18. Amazing priyanka…..story for late comments….loved it….do update soon….lots of love to u dear lil sis.

  19. I am sorry for typo mistake Priyu…..It’s sorry.

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanq dear. It’s ok no need to say sorry. Dosti me no sorry no thanku. Agli baar bola to maarungi. Or waise bhi priyu or priyanka me zyada difference thode h. Typing mistakes ho hi jaate h. In zaalim phone se. Luv u soo much my siso. Take care. ☺

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