Love or Trust (kaanchi or sanveer ) Episode 1

Hey my lovely readers nd sisos I’m back with a ff. Some of u were telling me to start a ff nd I said if any idea comes in my mind I will surely start a ff. So I’m here with my first ff. Hope u all will support me through this journey. Now not wasting any more time let me tell u about the plot.
I’m very much upset with the going track in the show so this is my own analysis of sdch.
Pls do ignore grammatical nd typing mistakes.
Silent readers pls do support nd give ur feedbacks.


Now at present it’s shown that veer is trying his best to win saanchi’s trust back nd according to the spoiler he will propose saanchi.
Let’s start

Saanchi nd veer r in ot . As saanchi was leaving she sees veer burning his hand . She turns back nd rushes to him.

S – veer what type of drama is this. You think I will melt, then no u r wrong Mr. Veer Malhotra. First of all u didn’t gave me any chance to explain , then whatever came in ur mind u just spoke without thinking once. I forgave u everytime but this time u questioned my character which I can’t tolerate.
(She said while putting oinment on his hand and left )
NowVeer was alone .
V – I know saanchi I have done a blunder but my love is true for u . Nd soon everything will be fine between us.

Scene shifts to kabir’s home.
Kabir was crying recalling his moments spend with saanchi. ???
K (wiping his tears ) – enough of ur crying kabir. U have to move on. U can’t cry like this anymore. She has the right to choose.

Next day at hospital

Veer decide to propose saanchi. .nd pragya helps him.

In kabir’s cabin whole day he was thinkingabout saanchi. He wasn’t able to face her. So he decided to take leave.

Here saanchi was ignoring veer whole day . In canteen saanchi nd pragya were sitting nd console her.
P – yaar saanchi ee kaa bachpana laga rakhi ho . Uuu nalayak tumse itna pyaar krta h or tum itna bhao konchiz ka kha rhi ho.
S – nhi pragya bohot ho ho gya uska bachpana. Haan mai usse pyaar krti thi par usse pyaar kar ke mujhe sirf dukh hi mila h.

As saanchi was heading towards her patients veer pulled her and brought her in the corner.
V – pls saanchi pls forgive me. Give me only one chance I promise I won’t disappoint u. If u have ever loved me truly then pls give me one chance.
S – (after thinking ) ok only one chance .
V – ok then be ready after duty I will pick u.
S – ok
Nd she leaves from there nd veer becomes very happy.
V – bas kuch hi der ki baat h saanchi phir humare bich sab kuch thik ho jayega.

Unfortunately kabir heard their conversation nd was left dumbstruck .he stood there like a lifeless body.


Time skips to evening
Veer was waiting for saanchi.
Saanchi came wearing a orange anarkali with light makeup. Veer was mesmerised to see her.
Saanchi came and sit in his car nd they both headed towards the area where veer planned to propose her.
After reaching the place saanchi was shocked to see the decoration.

S – veer what is this.
V – saanchi I know u r angry with me nd ur anger is genuine but pls saanchi think once about me. I was blind in ur love that I couldn’t bear Dr. Kabir’s nd urs closeness. I know whatever I said I should have think before saying. But pls saanchi forgive me. I promise I will never let tears come in ur eyes again.
Nd he bend on his knees
V – I love u saanchi. ….I love u nd he took out the ring.
Saanchi was crying but now she was melted she said
S – it’s ok veer. Infact I’m sorry I was very rude to u. Infact all the mistakes was mine. Neither I would have taken Dr. Kabir’s ring nor this misunderstandings had been created. I love u too veer.

Veer made saanchi wear the ring.
Nd saanchi hugged him.
Now nobody can separate us saanchi.

Precap – saanchi agarwal came out of coma.

Guys this is my view of sdch. I hope u all will support me nd if any suggestions u would like to give then pls without hesitating do so. I’m new writer so I need to improve a lot. Ur suggestions nd comments will let me know how I’m writing nd what improvements I need to make.
Pls do leave ur comments nd I promise I won’t disappoint u. I’m fed up with this sdch. …..if sanveer was final then what was the need to show kabir felling for saanchi . I didn’t had anyproblem with sanveer till kabir didn’t fell for saanchi but what the hell is this first kabir fell for saanchi nd now he is shown heartbroken. From yesterday I stopped watching the show. Now let’s see what happens after saanchi mishra case. Pls do share ur opinion about current track of the show.
Nd yes I will try to post next one as soon as possible.
Till then bye and take care. Lots of love to all my readers nd a big hug to all.

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  1. Really feeling soooo much bad 4 kabir.. Bt,,hv a little hp 4 kanchi in sdch..

    1. Priyanshipp

      Yaa sis that’s why I started my own story of sdch. ☺☺hope everything gets fyn.

  2. Khamoshi

    Priyanshi… yaar heartbroke to hum sabka ho gaya hai.. isse to plz kanchi story hi rakhna..yaha bhi sanveer hoga to dekh nahi paungi..chalo bahot hua emotional atyachar..
    Dear it was amazing.. why i am feeling jo tumne likha hai woh pakka serial main bhi hoga….kash tum kanchi pair bhi likh deti kash sach ho jata ?? jokes apart..amazing dear

    1. Riyarocks

      I agree with u Mitu………even I felt jaise hamare Priyanshi ko aakash vaani hua tha abt the nxt episode & usne ye likha hai…..but yaar, ek request hai, mere pichle os mein mujhse jo galti se mistake hogaya tha sanveer milaap ka, wo galti tum apne ff mein mat dohrana……& haan, abt the current track, yehi hope kar sakti hoon ki kaash kabir apne poorana andaaz, as the best doc of SDCH, as the best mentor…..wo phir se aa jaye, & devdas avtaar mein toh bilkul na aaye…..just hope so……aagey wohi hoga jo CVS ke khurafaati dimaag mein aaye….ab band karti hoon apni bak bak……luv u dherrrrrrrrrr saaraaaaa………..

      1. Priyanshipp

        Hahaha I hope ab jo mere ff me ho whi sdch me bhi hoga. But let’s see what will happen in my ff. Or haan mai v bas yhi cahati thi kabir apne purane andaaz me aa jaye or whi hua kyuki use devdas ya negative nhi dekh skti. Luv u loads dear take care.

    2. Priyanshipp

      Yaa sis I know that’s why I started my own story of sdch. Let’s see dear what happens in sdch nd my ff. I hope jo mere dimaag me khicdi pak rhi h wo show me how jaye. Thank u for ur support dear. Luv u so much.

    3. Dhruti

      i also agree with mitu and prinku…………………bahot bura haal ho rakha he sab ka including me i can’t see kabir like this and aaj usne bahot achha kiya ki sanchi ne jab puch ki hum friends ho sakte he that time kabir ignore her and said that ms.fernandez calling all doc and interns in hall and went out from his cabin and then when ms.fernandez told all to pick one chit and you have to give gift that person but when kabir took chit and in chit…….the name of that person is sanchi….. kabir thought if i’m with sanchi then i give best gift to her but now kis hak se use gift doo………so he change his chit with veer and veer knows kabir did this…………….yaar bahot bura laga tab………….sorry sorry i can’t control my emotion and i wrote all this sorry sorry sorry……………ok ok i stop my bak bak and bach to priyanshi ff……… was amazing…….but please ye story kanchi ka rakhna please…………….update next one soon………….love you……………tc…….bye……………….hey i wanna tell you something that i will not able to comment after next week because of my exam are in next week sorry but i read your and other writers ff……………….

      1. Khamoshi

        Dear don’t say sorry achha hua tum ne bata diya episode ke bare main..bcoz humne dekhna bandh kar diya hai..jab sabir saath bhi hum dekhenge ab to..

      2. Priyanshipp

        It’s ok dear aacha jaanke tumlog ko mera start acha laga. Aage aage dekho hota h kya. Koi baat nhi I understand exams are exams. All the best dear. Nd don’t be upset dekhte h rs kaanchi ko ek kaise nhi krti. Afterall hum saare dukhi aatma use pareshan krkehi chodenge. Luv u loads bye Take care

  3. awesome dear but ha make kanchi samjho its a request plzz
    keep writing dear

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u dear. Ab ye to waqt hi bataega sanveer hoga ya kaanchi kyuki mera dimaag kaam krna band kr diya h .??? aage aage dekho kya krti hoon mai. Luv u loads.

  4. Amazing…… Update soon

  5. Nice episode and plz make kanchi pair

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thanks dear nd wait for next one.

  6. Sajnana900

    Yar we all r heartbroken almost kanchians had quit tgis show and we r hpy in our TU world amd kanchi family
    What amazing writers r here like u trishu dii mitu priyu dii mooni/tania ruwani rushi prachi ashu (may she would b fy9 till now….may she ll get well soon )and many more
    And bk 2 the epi that was spr dpr hit kaash reality main ye ho pata
    Khair….post nxt part asap

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u dear. M glad u liked it. ….. nd ya we r very lucky to have such Gr8 writers . Or agar mera ff real me ho jaye to kasam se keh rhi hoon zindagi bhar rs ko duaaen dungi. ???luv u so much dear. Take care

      1. Sajnana900

        Luv u 222 dear
        u 2 T.C
        byee N GD N8

  7. Riru

    Awesome dear pls post asap

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank you dear. Nd ya will try to post asap

  8. Anee

    priyanshi dear……………tum continue karo agr serial na sahi toh tumara ff padh ke apne dill ko sambhal lenge….aur yeh jo tum ne sanveer naam rakha hai…plz jaldi se kaanchi main change kar do…….tum toh jan’ti ho na hum kaanchians ko even Sanveer se problem nahi hai…..lekin kabir…nahi main usse iss condition main aur nahi padh paungi…..sorry for my bak bak…but yaarr as I kaanchian toh tum se request nahi karungi toh kiss se karungi sahi kaha na??….age tum par hai…..Luv uuuuuu SSSooooo muchhhh.Tc

    1. Priyanshipp

      Luv u too dear. Par abhi mai kuch nhi keh sakti mera khud ka dimaag ghum gya h show se. Aage aage dekho hota h kya. Kaanchi ya sanveer. Take care

  9. Awsome priyanshi, and about current track of sdch i just hate it… itni kosish karne k baad bhi maine aaj show ki ek jalak le hi li.. Nd luckily jab kabir ka scene aaya tha aaj really kabir k liye meri respect aur badh gayi kaise usne chit veer k sath badal di.. Awww so sweet hope kabir aise hi khud ko handle kare nd jaise usne aaj sanchi ko ignore kiya maja aa gaya agar cvs walon ko kanchi ko unite nahi karna to m nahi chahti ki usse negative kare per usse aise hi ignore kare usse durr rahe sayad tab humein hamara purana kabir dekhne ko mile… Okay enough of my bak bak… Post nxt asap.. Nd jaisa mitu nd prinku ne kahan tumne jo bhavishyavaani ki aisa hi show me ho jaye to issi baat pe kanchi ko pair up kar dena kya pata sach ho jaye..haha… Lovvv u dherr nxt asap bye.. Tc

    1. Priyanshipp

      Yaa dear maine v show kal hi se quit kr diya tha. Aaj dekha or kabir ke liye respect bohot badh gyi . Bas yhi dar tha ki wo negative na ho jaye. To is baat ke liye acha laga. Wait for next one dear.luv u loads.

  10. I am a kanchi fan……I am also disappointed with recent track ……. please yaar make it kanchi fs

    1. Priyanshipp

      I’m also disappointed with the recent track. .wait for next one dear.

  11. Really vry desolating part …

    1. Priyanshipp

      keep supporting dear.

  12. Amazing start lil sis….plzz continue this & about current track of SDCH….I feel shoot three times to CVS for this….leave them….Do update soon & lots of love to u….Take care my sis ?

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thnku sis I also feel the same that’s why I started my own story. I will update soon. Nd lots of love to u dear take care.

  13. Hey I am sanveer fan. I loved your concept about this ff. I don’t watch sdch that much but I like sanveer. Please if don’t mind please let it be sanveer. I love them alot. I hope you didn’t mind it.

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thank u dear. M glad u liked it. Nd in coming episodes only i will reveal who’s the pair. Wait for it. Take care nd keep supporting.

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