Love is all about trust- 1

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A beautiful girl is in a big appartment at Delhi. Lying on her beautiful bed, everywhere you can see pink and white teddies. On her plain white bed sheet covered with her purple fur blanket. She has covered her face with her favorite white teddy, but you can see her hair, her hair are really long, black and straight.
She is struggling to hide her eyes from sunlight that is coming in her room due to that dumb window. She is thinking can’t any one see that I want to sleep more, please shut this window or at least spread the curtains so that no one can disturb her.
But suddenly she realised she is all alone here. She is avni, yeah avni sharma all alone in this big house.
Avni to herself: get up bhutti,( yes thats her nick name). No one is here to wake you up, neither bhabhi nor maa.
She removes her blanket.
Now you can clearly see her face and dress.
She is wearing a white t-shirt( at which there is written, kitten don’t you dare to disturb me, I am sleeping), with pink pajamas. Now lets talk about her face, her eyes are really big with black eye balls, has a small but thin nose on her face with a golden nose ring. She has chubby cheeks, with pinks lips. She is tall, but not that much.
Now she is ready to get up from her bed.
Avni: ohhh got its 6:30, I have to go for jogging.
After 15 minutes, she is ready to go to jogging in a grey and white tracksuit.

Outside her house.
A watchman salutes her.
Watchman: mam, good morning
Avni: bhaiya, lily will come so tell her to make cabbage salad for me.
Watchman: okk mam.
after covering some distance, her neighbor
Aunty: avni beta when did you came???
Avni: yesterday evening
Aunty: when is your wedding???
Avni: (gives a smile) after 20 days. And you have to come.
Aunty: we will beta. Okk bye
Avni: bye
After 45 minutes she came to her house.
Avni: lily give me a juice, I m going to take bath.
After 45 minutes she has taken a bath and wore a white , simple and printed salwar and suit.
Lily: mam your wedding planner has come.
Avni: okk make him comfortable, I am coming.
Avni: let me call Ranveer
Avni calling Ranveer( her fiance)
Receptionist: yes
Avni: may I talk to Ranveer
Receptionist: whom should I say is calling.
Avni: its avni
Receptionist: o mam wait for few secs
Receptionist to Ranveer: sir avni mam has called
Ranveer: tell her I m busy.
Receptionist to avni: mam
Avni: he is busy, I should have guessed.
now her big eyes are full with tears but still she has not anyone. She is all alone.
She is not crying because, Ranveer does not love her, or he does not give her time. She is crying because she is worried about her future that this is the condition before marriage what will happen after it. But still she has no one to share. She is all alone

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  1. Seriously agar pyaar aur trust nahi tho kaise chalega zindagi

  2. Very nice episode, it’s really very depressing that she has no one to share her pain n happiness…I hope in future she get all the love n attention which she needs. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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