MY LOVE IS TRUE (Part-9) r u all?..sorry for the late budy with my work..thats y..

Ragini comes to room..she is fine..sees three of them doing all things r shattered here and there.. Seeing all she opens her mouth’o’..
Sankar and kids r playing…
Ap comes there.. She also sees everything.. And looks at ragini who r staring them with open mouth..controls her laughs..
Ap : sanskar…rohan…Sara..
Three : turns and sees ap smilingly.. And then there eyes fell on ragini who staring them angrily..smiles at her..
Ap : k..sanskar..rohan and Sara will sleep with ur dad went out of city for some work..
Sanskar : its k..don’t need explain to me..they r ur grand children’s..
Ragini : take them..( to rohan and Sara)..don’t trouble dadi..k..
Both : nods..and goes with ap..
Ragini : cleans the room and arrange everything.. Sanskar left to freshup..
Sanskar : comes out after getting fresh up..see ragini who r angry..sitting in bed..moves towards her..y my rag is angry..hugs her side..
Ragini : stares him angrily.. And removes his hand from her..and asks. U don’t know that..???..
Sanskar : no..
Ragini : what was that before sometime.. U three r makes this room whole mess…
Sanskar : now come to know that y she is angry…so sorry..dear
Playing with childrens I didn’t sees it..
Ragini : han..u itself behaving like child..then what is the use to say this all..
Sanskar : k..bab sorry..I want repeate it..
Ragini : I don’t want ur sorry..
Sanskar : then what u want..
Ragini : I don’t want anything..
Sanskar : but I want..
Ragini : now what u want..why I’m asking u do whatever u want..
Sanskar : with naughty smile..k..u give me the permission.. I’m also want this..
Ragini : sees his naughty smile..gets I’m angry.. What he up to..
Sanskar : saw ragini lost in thoughts..takes her in his arms..moves towards bed..and make her lie on bed..(ragini in shock)..
Ragini : sanky..leave me..
Sanskar : no..we r getting less time to spend with each other.. How can leave the chance..
Ragini : ur father of two kids..don’t behave like this..
Sanskar : yes..I’m..who said that father of two kid..dont romance with wife.. Han..saying this placed his lips on her..because ragini was going to say stop her..he did it..fleeing his touch..she also melts..and both r consumed..and slept peacefully.. Have a smile on their faces..

Ragini wakes up first..and looks at sanskar who r sleeping peacefully.. Kissed his forehead.. And went freshup..sanskar also wake also comes there..sanskar went get ready for also get ready by ragini..all have their breakfast…
And sanky drops kids to school.. And left to office..
Sanskar enters his cabin..and his pa rahul but like brother for him..rahul also shares a good bond with him..
Rahul : may I come in sir..
Sanskar : nods..when enters many times told to u..don’t call me Sir.. Won’t hear it..
Rahul : smiles..but u r here my I have to call u by this only..
Sanskar : ur boss call me by my name..its an order..
Rahul : but..
Sanskar : no if and but..say it..
Rahul : k..sanskar now happy..
Sanskar : very happy..
Rahul : no one beat u from talk..
Sanskar : member r there..but not now..says smilingly.. Then gets sad…thinking something..
Rahul : sees it..what happen sanskar..and who is that one..
Sanskar : comes to his sense.. I’ll tell it later..first u tell u came here..
Rahul : important project is coming..we need to get that..
Sanskar : k..u ready for it..and han when..
Rahul : I think after 2 weeks..
Sanskar : k..rahul left..( but he don’t know what is going to happen in his life)..
After finishing the meeting..swara comes to her cabin tiredly.. Sat in couch..arjun and rv comes to her cabin to ask about meeting…
Arjun : shona..
Swara : turns her head towards them..smiles..
Rv : come..sat beside her..she places her head on his shoulder..and closed her eyes..he caressed her hair..
Arjun : I’m also ur brother..did u do like this with me..fake angrily..
Rv /swara : smiles hearing him..
Rv : u forget everything.. When we spend our childhood days..
Arjun : I’m small then how can I know..
Rv : k..leave it..
Swara : sweetu tell me na..what u does for childhood..
Arjun : why..Noway…
Swara : then I wanna hear it..surely..sweetu..calls lovingly.. No one can’t deny it..especially rv..she is the first priority..
Rv : k..then listen..
Arjun : k..I’m also wanna join this..
Rv : nods..smilingly.. Thinking about the best moments..

Flash back
He was 2 years old..and me 5..adharsh bhai was elder for us..because he is 10..we both r pempared by bhai..he loves us lot..same we also loves him lot..when ever bhai goes tuition and other classes.. i still remrmber one day Arjun used to cry..and demand bhai..then I reached to him..and make him calm..I start to tell story.. Then he stops crying..and comes placed his head on my lap..and sleeps hearing story..then it continued daily..after joining school he does it..but when he turns 7 he stopped dad and bhai r proud of us..we shared good bond…bhai also joined us when he come home..
Flash back ends..
Rv : then only I get out it..but when u came it started again..and mom dad and bhai..loves u more than us..tears r comes out from his eyes.. Not only him..even arjun and swara also cries..hugs him tightly.. Rv also hugs them back..
That time they hears a knock.. Sound…all composed.. Themselves..
Swara : come in…
Ishani : swara one new project is going to lunch..its really important.. I think.. U see it..then talk about it..smiles..
Swara : nods..arjun can u see that..
Arjun : why not..shona..I’ll..rv phone rings..
Rv : attends it..k..ill come..
Swara : what happen bhai..
Rv : signs..wo I have go for business trip princess..
Swajuni: what?…
Rv : I know..
Swara : interrupts..what u know.. U came here few days back..then u r saying that u want ur not going..angrily..
Rv : princess..its important..
Ishani : swara leave him..u know him na..he can’t deny to u..plz..
Arjun : han shona..
Rv : princess..
Swara : k..but one condition..
Rv : offo..what?..??
Swara : when ur leaving..???
Rv : day after morning.. Y??
Swara : so listen.. U r going to get engaged by tomorrow evening..
Three : what???..shockingly..

Precap : prologue

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