Hi..guys..I’m back with next part..thanks for u comments..and reading my ff guys…some of u asking about swasan scene.. U have to wait guys little bit..and about pairs..swasan ragsan ishveer and arjun and Priya…

Arjun : enters swaras cabin..sees her smilingly… What happened u r this much happy…
Swara : ya..I’m really happy..wait a second.. Do u forget that sweetu going to propose ishani today..I’m all excited..
Arjun : han..I’m totally forgot it..about that…is ishani..went there..r she is still here..
Swara : s she went..after some struggles..

Arjun : what do u mean..???..
Swara : I’m asked her to go there..she asked me there any important work..I said s..then u know about her..and I’m start to acting like I have headache.. Seeing me..ishani said we will go there after sometime..and I told u go..and i take care of myself..its really important..then only she went..
Arjun : smiles hearing it..she leaved u easily..
Swara : no..she asked me to take tablets..and do rest..offfooo…i wanna see that how sweetu proposing her… Poutingly…
Arjun: is that ur wish..then come..I have a plan..
Swara : like a kid..jumps on him..u know what ur the best bro and friend…u both always make me tell me what a plan..
Arjun : tells her something..its mute..
Swara : hearing it..smiles widely.. I don’t think u will think likt this..
Arjun : u did not know my this side..
Swara : ya..k let’s go..otherwise we will miss something..
Arjun : k..come..both left where rv makes arrangements..
Both reached shortcut..

Ishani also comes there…
Ishani : y swara asked me go here..looks like no one was there..then what work she has here..let me call her..and ask..saying this she dialed swaras no…
Arjun : shona..put ur mobile in silent..(they r some distance from her..that’s y they r heated..what ishani speaks)..
Swara : k..she puts her Mobile in silent…what sweetu is doing..where is he..???..
Arjun : don’t know..but I know him..he will do make her happy..
Swara : s..OK..focus it..

Arjun : nods..both see the direction…where ishani standing..
One man : comes near ishani..hello mam..r u miss ishani..
Ishani : hello..han..its me..( in mind..i think swara tells them about me..)..
Man : take it..he gives that one paper to her..and leaves..
Ishani : take it..excuse me..wait..but he left..she open it..

In paper..
Hi ishani..,( ishani gets surprised)
I know u will be surprise.. Whose it..and what is happening.. If u want to know come to the pool side..I’ll there..waiting for u..don’t think much..come soon..dear…
Ishani : who is it..??..let’s see who was that..she head towards there..swajun also goes by hidingly..
Ishani reach pool side..and seeing the site..she forget everything… Just keep staring it..then come to her sense. And looks around..the arrangements.. Pool side have a so many lights.. And dinner middle lots of roses..she moves towards them..but stopped hearing a voice..turns and get shocked seeing a person…
Man : standing at some feet’s before her..looking at her smilingly..( i think u all guessed him..?
Ishani : rv….

Rv : steps towards her..and sits in his knees says ishani..we know and love each other long 4 years..u r the only girlfriend in my life (ishani smiles)..and become a life like my shona..before u she was the one who take care of me and arjun..she is the only one for us in this world..and u came…before me she came to know that I have feeling for u…she makes me realized that..and ur presence make feel happy..and good..u understand me..even in my silence..and my family..u also like them the way I like them..I love u..will u marry me???..forwards his hand to her..
Ishani : have tears..can’t speak anything..bids yes..holds his hand..and make him stand hugs him tightly… They hears a crack sound.. She slooks at the direction.. Sees “”I LOVE U””..and sees towards rv..who looking at her…without thinking anything..placed her lips on him..rv first shocked by her sudden act..later reciprocate it..
Swara and arjun closed their eyes and turns other side..both r looks at each other..smiles…and went from there..swara is so much happy…both sat in car..
Swara : I don’t think..sweetu talkthis much..
Arjun : I’m also thinking that..I had a girlfriends in school and clg also..but he never had..I quite surprise.. Seeing his arrangement and talks..
Swara : shockingly.. U had many girlfriends…
Arjun :…not that type of girlfriends.. They r just friends only..k..don’t think much..
Swara : did any one proposed u..

Arjun : what u think???..
Swara : I think s..because ur looking good and handsome..arjun nods..did u accept it..
Arjun : no..
Swara : y..
Arjun : because I saw my friends suffering.. That’s y..
Swara : so u r afraid of girls..
Arjun : no its not mean that..I did not see my girl.. That’s it..
Swara : then I’ll wait for it…
Arjun : mm..let’s see..both left to home..happily..
Ishveer side…
Both broke the kiss..rv smiles..ishani blushed hugs him..
Rv breaks hug..and leads her to dinner.. Make her sit..and he himself sat beside her..all dishes r ishanis favourite… Rv feeds her..then ishani feeds him..after that both danced.. And spend sometime with each other..
Ishani : today I’m happy..thank u so much..for this..
Rv : I’m also happy.. Its all happened because of shona..
Ishani : say it clearly.. Confusingly..
Rv : shona tells me to propose u..because its high time..she don’t want anyone taunt about us …
Ishani : smiles..I’m blessed to have a friend like her and family like u all…
Rv : k..its late come let’s GI…shona might be worried for us..
Ishani :han..chalo..

Both r left to mansion..
Both reached there..its already all slept..then rv and ishani also goes their respective room..and falls a sleep thinking about today incidents…
Swara’s room
Swara sleeping in bed..with files r spread on bed…suddenly swara sweating bady…her eyes r rolling round and round…tears r coming out from her eyes…ma…papa…shouts and wake ups…
Hearing her sound rv and arjun comes to her room..because they both r beside her room..
Swara crying continuously…both comes there same time..
Rv /arjun: arjun u..bhai u..
Rv : ya..I heared shonas shouts..that’s y..and u..
Arjun : same bhai..I think she again…
Rv : her state will be not good..she need us..said worriedly…
Arjun : nods..worryingly..
Both enters her room..sees her crying bady..and shivering… Both runs to her hugs her tightly.. Pats her make her normal..
Rv : shona..plz stop crying..
Arjun : shona..stop crying..we can’t see u like this..its been long still ur not able to forget that…says cryingly…
Rv : sees towards arjun..he also have tears on his eyes..seeing them both who r worlds to him..but he composed him self because he is elder to them..shona..relax..arjun control urself..
After sometime swara stops crying and looks at rv and arjun.. Swollen eyes..
Rv /arjun : u again remembers that..
Swara : nods her head…

Rv : shona..tries to forget that..
Swara : I’m also trying my best forget everything whatever happened to my life..but can’t bhai..
Arjun : we r also here to support u..
Swara : cause of u both only I’m live…otherwise I had to died that moment..rv and arjun place their hands on her mouth..
Rv : don’t dare…
Arjun : k..its already late..u sleep..
Swara : cutely.. I wanna sleep with u both..don’t leave me alone..hugs rv tightly.. Arjun caresses her hair..

Rv : ur wish princess..
Swara : I want to eat chocolate..
Arjun : seriously shona…in disbelieve..

Swara : nods in s..vigorously..
Rv : u sleep tomorrow I’ll give u lots of chocolate..
Swara : k..shows a tongue to arjun..
Arjun : makes brother..and sister..
Rv /swara : don’t be jealous..
Arjun : shook his head..
They talks silly.. Swara sleeps in rv embrace only..both made her lay down on bed..about to go..but stopped.. Grip of their hands.. Turns..sees swara holding their hands tightly.. Like don’t want leave them..both smiles..and sleeps beside her.. Caressing her hair..

Sorry guys I’m stopping it here..I’ll post next part soon…plz forgive me…

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