MY LOVE IS TRUE (Part-2) is next part..

Arjun : k… take it the details..he gives the one copy of the project details..and says next meeting Will be after three days..
All left..its lunch time..swara and arjun having the lunch..
Arjun : shona..ur presentation is good..
Swara : thank u..
Arjun : from where u learned it..
Swara : from my dad..a lonely tear skips from her eyes..
Arjun : noticed it..sorry shona..feels bad..
Swara : smiles..its k..arjun..
Arjun : to divert the today I’m plan to go out..what say..
Swara : like a kid..woww..where..r u taking us…
Arjun : smiles seeing her..teasingly.. Not u..only me arav and suhani..not u aunty..
Swara : u r to bad..wait..what u
Arjun : stands up..see I didn’t mention u..u ur self accepted it..ur aunty..start to runs..
Swara : u..u wait I will show u who I’m..u idiot.. Stop..right there..she to chase him
They both r runningly comes out of room..staffs smiling seeing them..( swara used to friendly with staffs..all r likes her..)

Swara : u stupid..donkey.. Stop..otherwise it won’t good for u..dashed to someone..about to fall..
Person : holds her..slowly shona..
Swara : sees the person..and hugs him..sweetu..
Person : what happen..y r u chasing this..hugs her back..and cares her hair to make her calm down..
Swara : release the hug..poutingly.. He said me aunty..sweetu..
Person : what..did he said like this..
Swara : nods cutely..
Person : suppress his laughs..arjun comes near them..
Arjun : hello..bro…when u returned..
Person : right now only..coming to see my..princess..
Arjun : oh..only princess..not me..fake angrily..
Person : nothing like what u said to she looking aunty to u?..
Arjun : ha..vo..scaredly..
Person : ya..u r right..
Both burst out..
Swara : stares them both..angrily.. ranveer bhai u also joined with him..Go to the hell..saying this left from there..( rv and arjun r brothers..but how they related to swara..that will be revealed later guys..)
Rv : oh only I came..and make her angry..I said it to tease what will I do..and u y u said her like that..
Arjun : face change suddenly..
Rv : saw that..y ur face change suddenly..
Arjun : she again remembered her divert her mind..I said like that..when she will get out from that bhai..
Rv : I’m also seeing her like this only..from years..god only knows..that..both having tears..
Arjun : bhai..come we have to convince her..
Rv : ya..let’s go..
They both entered her cabin..

Seeing them she turns her head other side..
Rv : signs..move towards her..princess
Swara : no response..
Arjun : sweetheart..
Swara and rv : both glares him..
Arjun : gulped seeing them..princess..sorry na..
Swara : go don’t talk to me..
Rv : ur wish..I’m brought this chocolates for u..its k..we will share this..bro..
Arjun : k..bhai..
Swara : sees the chocolate..snatched it..I forgave u..smiles..
Rv and arjun : smiles seeing her childish act..u didn’t change a bit shona..
Swara : eating chocolate.. No y should I..
Rv : Shook’s his like our kiddo always..
Swara : sure..
Swaras pa shocked.. Seeing them..especially rv..
Arjun : see swara’s pa..smirks..
Rv : admires at his princess..did not see that pa..
Swara : sees arjun smirks.. And turns that direction.. Smiles..indicates rv to see there
Rv : first he confused.. Then turns..smiles sheepishly…
Swara : ishani..come y r u standing there..

(Ishani is swara’s pa..and good friend also..rv and ishani love each other..)
Ishani : ya..u r bad swara..
Swara : blink her eyes..what I did..
Ishani : ur eating chocolate that to without me..
Swara : oh..thats But takes the hand from middle..
Ishani : this is cheating..
Swara : oh..sorry dear..u know bhai buy this for I can’t..give this to anyone.. If u want….
Arjun : gets her point..if u want then ask u lover…right shona..winks at rv..
Rv : glares at them..
Ishani : blushes..
Swara : s..partner… Hi-fi..with arjun..
Arjun : shona..come let’s go…give the privacy time love birds..he left..
Swara : han..buts stops..enjoy bhai..runs from there..smilingly..
Rv : smiles..and turns to ishani side..pulls her towrds placing his hand on her waist..
Ishavi : ranveer what r u’s our office..
Rv : ya..I know..
Ishani : trying to free herself.. But can’t..because he tighten the grip on her..
Rv : u know that u can’t.. Then y r trying..
Ishani : if someone sees us like..
Rv : no one see us like this.. Because I know my princess..she want allow anyone here..
Ishani : smiles..u love your sister very much right..
Rv : s..more than my self..
Ishani : oh..really..

Rv : don’t be jealous..k..
Ishani : y should fact..I’m see u like this..not only u..arjun also love her lot…. I know u both r her brothers…and her best friends also…u both r loving her like more than anything..I’m blessed to have rv..smiles..
Rv : not only us..she also loves as more than her self..and she can do anything for her loved one’s.. Like she did few years back..says sadly..
Ishani : saw this..what happen rv..y r u looking sad..saying last line..but one thing I’m not getting..y she some times lost some where..
Rv : when time comes..u will get to know every thing..for that u have to wait..rv ph rings..
Ishani : k..u attend the call..I’ll talk to u later..
Rv : nods..frees her..she left..and attend the call…

Precap : family time..

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  1. Maya-Shelly

    Nice updatedr. Loved the bonding of ranveer, Arjunand seats. Ishveer were lovers.ita sweet. What’sswara past. Waiting for next dr. Interesting update.
    Keep smiling and take care

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    wooooaahhhhhh……awesome… Ishveeerrrrr….waiting my swasan..

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