MY LOVE IS TRUE (Part-10) r u all?..I’m don’t have time to talk r say I’m just posting next part..enjoy with it..

Swara : s..all u heated it right..
Ishani : but sudden..
Arjun : han shona..only one day
Swara : leave it to me..I’ll do it..
Rv : still in shock.. One side he is happy..other side..y so sudden..
Swara : shakes him..come from ur thoughts…
Rv : what happen..
Three : of them looks at him..what happen to u..
Rv : then remembers everything.. No shona..I mean..
Swara : r u happy with it..r not..
Rv : of course I’m happy..
Swara : then ready for it..
Rv : but..
Swara : I said and its final..smilingly..
Three : no one can’t best with u..
Swara : person is..but not now..thinking about the person..wiped her tears..without noticed by anyone..
Rv : to divert the topic.. ur wish..I’ll do my engagement tomorrow.. Now happy..
Swara : very much happy…hugs him in happiness…
Arjun : we r also here..don’t forget us..fake angrily..
Swara : opps sorry..and hugs both arjun and ishani..someone is blushing..
Ishani : no..
Swara : did I mentioned ur name..
Ishani : caught herself.. Saying it..
Arjun : but its true shona..
Rv : Ill come after arranging for trip..saying this he left..not left he is literally running from here..because he know now his brother and sister won’t leave him without teasing… That’s y..

Swara : he is smart arju..escaped..
Arjun : how long..he only come to us..wherever he let it be..
Swara : hmm..u r right.. But where is ishu..??..
Arjun : i think she also runs..
Both burst out laughs… Then discuss about the engagement arrangements.. And left to home for that..both r engrossed it..they did not see the time..rv also reached there along with kids and ishani..all r surprised to see the mansion.. Its looks like palace now..lights.. And flowers arrangement..
Kids : to explain us..what is happening here..
Swajun : k..tomorrow ur mamu and ishani aunty engagement…
Kids : what??..shockingly..
Swara : nods s..smilingly..
Kids : wowwwwww…its super….jumps in excitement…and runs towards ishveer..who r smiling seeing there happiness… Hugs them tightly… We r waiting for it longtime…both ishveer r confused…
Rv : what u mean..??..
Arav : mamu..u always staring ishu we thought u both likes each other..
Suhani : don’t no y u both took long time for this decision…
Ishveer : opens there mouth hears all it..and embarrassed..
Swajun : controlling there laugh… But can’t.. Burst out…
Later all joined…and does remaining work..and had dinner.. Then goes to their respective room..swara makes kids sleep..and goes to her room..and smiles..thinking about ishveer new journey.. And a lonely tear escape from her eyes..thinking about her life…
Swara : y..u do that to me?…I always loved u more than my self..then..y..y…yyy…she cries..then falls a sleep..
Its all heated by someone.. Seeing her broken state that person also cries..its non other than arjun only..he came talk about the new launching project..
He his room..

Arjun room
He comes in throw the file..and sat on couch.. Tears r coming from his eyes..he wanna bang that man who made his sister.. His shona…cry like this…and her state..she maybe smiling.. But not whole heartly..
Arjun : when its all going to change.. When I’ll get my shona back..if I see that man who is reason for my shona’s condition…then I’m swear I’ll make his life hell..then something strike on his mind..but I can’t do that..and u god..u took my family..r u happy…u would be..why not…he keeps crying remembering the days when he spent the good times with family.. And sleep on couch only..

Sanskar comes to MM..after pickup the kids..and all goes for fresh up..ragini makes snacks for them..three of them comes to hall..after freshing up..all have their goes to it..
Ragini : sanky..can we go for shopping today..
Sanskar : y sudden..??..
Ragini : I’m getting bore that’s y..can’t u does this for me..sweetly..
Sanskar : k..go get ready..
Ragini : ur the best husband..
Sanskar : I know now go..
After 15 minutes both left to shopping mall..telling ap to take care of Kid’s..

Shopping mall
One cute couple.. Buying toys for kid…doing their nok jok…
Boy : that Barbie toy..
Girl : no..that spider man toy..
Boy : baby girl..will like Barbie toy..
Girl : baby with this only..laksh..(s they r laksh and kavya..she is pregnant now..come to buy toys for their kid..same mall where ragsan also came)..
Laksh : k..k..we will do one thing..
Kavya : what?…
Laksh : smilingly.. Buy it both.. If this is girl..then later will be boy?…na..winks at her..
Kavya : have some shame laksh..we r in mall not home..hits him on shoulder..
Laksh : what I’m only talking to my wife..not anuy random girl..k..
Kavya : smiles shyly..
Laksh : k..u see it..I’ll come soon..
Kavya : k..but soon..
Laksh : k..baba..he left..kavya sees all toys..that time she gets a call..seeing the caller of..her happiness has no boundaries… Attends it and start to speak with that person smilingly…laksh also joins with her..

Other side..
Ragsan does shopping.. for for them also..both r get tired..and moves to coffee shop..on the way ragini sees laksh..about to call him..but stopped seeing a girl with him..and he is side hugging her..she is shocked… And holds sanskar hand..sanskar stops and looks at her..but she is looking somewhere..he also moves his gaze towards that direction… Get shocked seeing the same scenario.. About to go..but stopped by ragini..
Sanskar : y r u stopping ragini?…leave me..
Ragini : sanskar see that girl is with him..let him come alone.. Then we can ask..
Sanskar :…
Ragini : we will wait..
That time laksh gets he come out..because of noise he can’t hear it..ragsan sees it..and moves towards him…he cuts the call after talking it..and shock only..seeing ragsan coming towards to him..he did not move a inch…
Ragini : sanskar talk to him smoothly..
Sanskar : I’ll try..both reached near him..
Sanskar : laksh u here..and who is that girl..
Laksh : don’t know what to say..but he knew it..its time to tell them this..she is my wife.. Mrs.Kavya laksh sharma….
Ragsan : r shocked hearing it..
Sanskar : give a punch to dare dare u to betray her..han..he is now angry..
Laksh : ahhh…stop it..ahh..
Ragini : stop it plz…
Sanskar : dare he to cheat her…y u do this to her…
Laksh : I’m done nothing.. It was u both..who cheated her..not me..its u both who snatched her happiness..her life.. And everything… Not me…
Sanskar : hand stopped in air..hearing it..both ragsan r shocked by this out burst..

Precap : sorry..but wait for the further…

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