Hi..friends.. I’m really sorry guys I can’t able to post further part on”” our relationship””..
Becase of my health problem.. So I’m posting new ff..sorry guys…

Hi friends..its ff..I think u all like this track..and its also love track but different..
If u liked it..command me..
And here the ff is “”””””””””MY LOVE IS TRUE”””””””

Lets go for the characters

Sanskar Maheswari : he is a handsome.. lovely boy..and loves his family lot..he is only son for his parents..that’s y he got more love form them..

Dp maheswari : father of sanskar..he is one of the powerful business man in Mumbai..loves his son and wife..more than anything..he can do anything for their happiness..pamper his son more then his wife…

Ap maheswari : mother of sanskar..loves his son and husband lot..cares towards her son more..she always want to him happy…

Swara gadodia : she is sweetest.. And bubble her sister more..and also her family..can do anything for her sister happiness..

Ragini gadodia : sister of swara..loves her lot..swara is second mother for her..

Shekar gadodia : father of swaragini..loves them lot..pempers them like princess..

Sharmishta : mother of swaragini..good hearted lady..loves them more..
One girl is sleeping..peacefully… But it get disturbed by one lady voice…
Lady : beta..get up..its late..sat beside her..
Girl : no..mamma..let me sleep some more time..plz..sleeps on her lap..
Lady : smiles..but u r going to office today na..that to first time..
If u don’t wanna go..then sleep..k..
Girl : hearing this..gets up immediately… No’ll……
She turns other side..sees there is no one..without her in that room..tears r rolled from her eyes..and looks at time its only 1 clk..mid night.. She takes a sleeping pill..and falls on sleep also tears didn’t stopped…

Morning “”
Girl : gets up..with heavy heart..and goes to washroom..then come out after greeting fresh up..gets ready and goes down..
She goes to one room..and sees two kids r sleeping with angelic smile.. Seeing them she also smiles…forget everything in their one smile..goes near them..and cares their hairs by her hands..
Feeling the touch..both smiles while sleeping..and opens their eyes..and saw the girl..who r looking at them smilingly.. They both jumps on her..and hugs her..she to reciprocate it..
Kids : good morning.. Ma..( I’ll revealed later y they r calling her as ma..)
Girl : good morning.. Dears..k..come let’s get ready..
She takes them to washroom..and makes them get the time three of them hears the voice..they all smiles ear to ear..( I think u all guessed that girl)
Voice : swara..arav..and suhana…where r u guys..come out…( s she is swara only..)
Swara : coming..arjun..chelo guys..
Arav and suhana : k..sweety…

Three of them comes to hall..they all shocked to see something.. Last burst out laughs..
Swara : arjun..what was that…
Arjun : innocently… I’m trying to arrange the dining table..but its all collapsed.. Says sadly..
Swara : smiles..don’t be sad.. u try it na..that’s enough for us..what
Arav : its enough..
Suhani : its also not bad dad..don’t be sad..
Arjun : smiles hearing all and their love..k..come have it breakfast..
All nods..swara arrange the table.. After that all have their breakfast..
Arjun : k..I’m going to office bye..take care..
Swara: k..I’ll come after dropping them to school..
Arjun : k..
Kids : bye dad..kissed his checks respectively..he also kissed them back..
He left..and other three also left from the mansion..

After dropping the kids..swara goes to office..
Swara : enters her cabin..she gets a call..seeing the caller I’d..she gets happy..attends it..
Caller : hello..cutie..
Swara : r u??..
Laksh : ya..I’m fine..what about u..
Swara : fine..and what about kavya ??.. How is her health ??..
Laksh : she is fine..u don’t worry..I’m with her..
Swara : k..r u with her??..
Laksh : no..I have some work so.. now im outside..
Swara : oh..k..
Laksh : how is arave and suhani..
And arjun..
Swara : all r fine..that time her pa knocks the door…k..bye talk u later..
Lak : k..bye take care..
Swara : s come in..
Pa : mam..u have meeting after one hour..
Swara : k..u can leave..
Pa : nods left..
Swara : she engrossed in her work..after one hour she goes to meeting..

Meeting hall
Everyone waiting for her..because she is the owner of the AS company..arjun also comes there..because he is partner of the company
Swara and arjun enters in..
Swara : good after noon everyone..
All : nods..
Swara : so let’s begin the project discussion..
Swara started to give them a presentation.. And tells each and everything of the details..
They all impressed by her skills..
After finishing it..
Swara : that’s ur choice..
One man : its super..being a girl u r kneeled it..
Another man : we r agree to work with ur company…
Swara : thanks Mr.Kumar..and Mr.khan…arjun take care of it..saying this she left from there..

Precap : swara dashed with someone.. And new entry…

I hope u all will like this ff..plz comment guys…I’ll wait for it..

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  1. Simin

    Cool go ahead

  2. awesome loved it i think something happend with swara parents and ragini nd the children are may be ragini’s childrens and who is arjun .. may be the person is sanskar just its my guess. update next part soon..

  3. awesome update next part soon just my guess the person may be sanskar.
    something happend with shesho and ragini and childrens are of ragini who is arjun?
    update next part soon

  4. Awesome dear…… Please update soon. And please try to post Our Relationship also.

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  6. Vyshu10

    nice….may be they r ragini n arjun’s kids

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