When Love Is True (Episode 8)

Episode 8
the episode start with Arya kissing then both release each other then haya try to go but arjun hold her hand and hug her from behind and said
arjun:I was waiting for this moment from so long and now I will not let u go away from me saying this he turn haya and haya hug him and said
haya:even I don’t want to go away from u make me your completely saying this haya tighten her hug and arjun too hug her tightly then after sometime arjun lift haya in his arms and took her inside the room he lie her down on bed and haya turn to other side then arjun lie down behind her and open her blouse knot and kiss her back, shoulder and neck romantically and was kissing her continuously then haya turn to him and kiss his forehead then arjun kiss haya’s forehead, eyes, cheeks and then kiss her lips passionately and haya kiss him back with same passion then arjun gently remove her saree and pull blanket above them and they consummate their marriage and fall asleep in each others arms

Next Morning
arjun get up and came out and saw haya she was in kitchen he was staring her because she was wearing his shirt but the main reason to stare her was that she was just wearing a shirt then he came came close and hug her from behind and said
arjun:good morning s*xy
haya: arjun
haya:don’t call me like this
arjun: why and what can I do if u r looking s*xy and u know what u r making me out of control saying this he kiss her cheek and rested his chin on her shoulder then haya said
haya:shut up arjun u r getting naughty day by day
arjun:and it’s ur fault
haya:why it’s my fault
arjun:because u r getting beautiful day by day saying this arjun turn haya and hold her close from waist and said
arjun:my morning kiss saying this he came close but haya push him and said
haya:not now I feeling hungry and I want to eat something right now
arjun:ok wait then arjun call someone and order food after sometime bf came and both had bf then haya get up to go but arjun held her hand and pull her down in his lap and said
arjun:where r u going
haya:I’m going to change my clothes so that I can give u ur shirt
arjun:let it be this shirt suits u
haya lightly hit him on shoulder and said
haya:arjun u r to much saying this she get up then arjun said
arjun:may I help u saying this he smile romantically and haya said

haya:no thanks I can help my self then she pick up a pillow and throw it on him and gone inside then she came after changing and arjun to wear his shirt and then they left for home then both came home and Arjun left for office and haya did house work then when arjun came home he took haya for dinner because it was their friendship anniversary after dinner both came home and doze off then time passes like that and after a month haya was in kitchen she was making bf but then she suddenly feel dizzy but she ignore and came out with bf arjun was sitting on dinning table haya serve him bf and was going to get water from kitchen but she faint in mid way arjun saw haya and run to her he lift haya in his arms and too her in room he lie down her on bed and call doctor then doctor come and check haya arjun was standing outside of room then after sometime doctor came out and arjun said
arjun:what happened is she fine what happened to her why she faint like this is there something serious please tell me
doctor:calm down Mr Mehra ur wife is perfectly fine in fact its a good news she is pregnant
arjun was shocked he felt extremely happy that he could understand what to do then doctor left and arjun came inside haya saw arjun and try to get up but arjun stop her and said
arjun:don’t get up please u should rest
haya:I’m fine but what doctor said is everything alright
arjun:haya everything alright I think everything is perfect now
haya:what do u mean say it clearly
arjun:haya we r going to have a baby
haya was shocked with happiness and said
haya:what r u serious
arjun:yes haya I’m so happy I’m going be a dad

haya:and I’m going to be a mom
arjun then hug haya and said
arjun:I love u haya
haya:I love u arjun
then arjun ask haya to get ready he will take her out and they will spend the whole day together then both first gone in hospital as arjun said he want to make sure that she is fine then after hospital both had their lunch and then haya ask arjun to go at beach as she want to see sunset them both spend the whole evening at beach walking on sand and holding hands they plan for their future then both came to restaurant for dinner in which they were having dinner their was riya and she saw them together happy and got angry and was about to go to them but stop in mid when she hear arjun saying
arjun:look a want a beautiful baby girl just like u
haya:and what if it would be a boy then
arjun:then he would be like me hot,handsome and naughty saying this both laugh and the arjun said
arjun:but I have a feeling that it would be a girl and r u listening to me or not my princess dad loves u a lot and ur mom
haya:and baby mom too loves u and ur daddy then both smoke and riya get shocked hearing that haya is pregnant and said to herself
riya:be happy haya smile as much as u want but soon I will destroy everything saying this she smile evilly then after dinner Arya came home they decide to tell their mom and dad in morning about haya’s pregnancy and both doze off
Next Morning
haya wake up and came down after getting ready when she came in kitchen she was shocked because Arjun was making bf haya came inside and said

haya:arjun what r u doing
arjun:I’m making bf for my little princess and her mom
haya:arjun I was coming to make bf
arjun:no u should rest we walk so much yesterday so today I will cook
haya smile seeing his so much care and came close to him she kiss his left cheek and said
haya:thank u so much little princess’s daddy
arjun:not fair i didn’t except a kiss on cheek I should get a kiss on saying this arjun came close to haya and was about to kiss her but his phone start ringing and he said
Arjun:would they let me live in peace saying this Arjun pick up he phone and haya laugh then after sometime both were had bf and Arjun then left for office

Next Episode:A Beautiful Dream Shatter In Pieces

hey frds h r u ?
here is the 8th episode thanks for so much love and support and I decide to write both stories as one day “When Love Is True” and one day “Hate:The First Step Of Love” I hope u will love the new story as u love my previous stories and I can’t promise but if I get time then I will post both stories in one day but can’t promise and tell me how’s it as the up coming episodes are going to be little emotional but soon I will make everything perfect so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and LoVe YoU AlL A LoT ???

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  7. Omg!! So cute!! Haya’s pregnancy!! And what riya heard it all?! Uh oh… Dreams shattered?! Don’t tell me she’s gonna have a miscarriage… Please don’t do that… Please don’t… Post soon .

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  8. Riya ,,,,,, y she wants to hurt haya wen arjun left her n it was mistake only na !!
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    1. thanks and she want to hurt her because arjun insult riya because of haya and he left her for haya ?

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  10. Awesome, lovely episode. ..arya getting a baby..so sweeeeeet. ..but precap is very disappointing, I hope they don’t loose this baby by riya’s mischief. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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