When Love Is True (Episode 7)

Episode 7
the episode start with arjun saw a car coming toward haya he immediately run and pull haya both fall on ground and arjun hold haya and said
arjun:r u alright did u get hurt u r fine
haya:I’m fine r u ok
arjun:yeah I’m fine u r fine right
arjun:haya can’t u go carefully u scared me so much
haya:I’m sorry I didn’t saw the car
arjun:be carefully next time
haya:hmm thanks
arjun:for what
haya:for saving my life
arjun:who said I saved ur life I saved my life
haya feel so much happy that her eyes filled with tears then arjun get up and help haya to get up then both came home and doze off
Next Morning
arjun get up and came for bf haya came out with bf then both had their bf and arjun left for office arjun was in office but he was not able to work he was missing haya then he saw the date and he remembered that tomorrow is their friendship anniversary 6 years ago they met on same date arjun get an idea from long time he was thinking to propose haya but was thinking when to do and now he thought its a perfect time to propose as it’s their friendship anniversary and on same day they will start a new life arjun then call someone to make arrangements

Same Night
arjun came home and ask haya to get ready as she didn’t remember that’s its their friendship anniversary he thought to surprise her after sometime she came wearing a beautiful pink and yellow lehenga saree both sat on car and drive to the destination after an hour both reach at the place but before coming out arjun blindfold haya then after a while arjun remove the blindfold and haya was shocked as they were standing in a beautiful small house which was in water the whole house was decorated with lights and floor was with roses and in middle there was written “I LOVE U HAYA” with candles then haya turn to see arjun and he was on his knees with ring in his hand then he said
arjun:6 years ago on same date I met an angel the angel who make my life heaven who completed me who teach me what friendship is and what true love is and now I want to tell that angel that I love her more than anything in this world I want to tell that angel that I can’t live without her so will u spend the rest of ur life with me

haya was so happy then she said
arjun take her left hand and put a diamond ring on her finger then both hug each other the. suddenly arjun feel something and make haya look at him she was crying and arjun said
arjun:what happened why r u crying
haya:I’m just really happy today that why
arjun whip her tears and said
arjun:actually haya I want to tell u something
arjun:as we r going to start our new life so I don’t want to hide anything from u actually that day when we were going in Jay’s party I read ur diary I’m sorry
haya get shocked and said
haya:what arjun u how dare u do this
arjun:I’m sorry haya I’m really sorry its was open and when I saw my photos I just couldn’t stop my self please I’m sorry I love u
haya turn to other side and said
haya:I hate u
arjun:but I love u and I can’t stay without u I’m sorry saying g this he make a cute puppy face haya saw him and felt like laughing but she control her laugh and how that she is really angry then arjun said
arjun:I’m ready to do any punishment but please forgive me
haya turn to him and said
haya:any punishment
haya:ok then hold ur ear and do sit-ups
haya:yeah do it

arjun then did sit-ups haya laugh loudly and arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:u that mean u were joking u r not angry
haya:no I’m not because I’m glad that u told me
arjun then hug haya and said
arjun: I’m really sorry haya for hurting u so much
haya:don’t ne Arjun its ok
arjun:I promise from now I will never hurt u and will always love u
haya:I promise that too
then both looked at each other and arjun came close and kiss her both kiss passionately for long time

Next Episode:Arya’s Romance ?
hey frds h r u ?
here is the 7th episode sorry for short update I was out with family so get little time so I write this in hurry and I decided to continue this story and I will start the new one also and I thought that one day I will post “When Love Is True” and one day i will post “Hate:The First Step Of Love ” what say friends tell me and I will do this only if u want
and the ages are changed also as hayathi said
Aryan’s Age :22
Mausam’s age: 20
so tell me till then bye tc and Love u all ???

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  1. Episode was amazing but first plz complete this story becz I wait 4 it’s update daily

    1. thanks a lot dear and I will go with the majority ??

  2. Wow wow wow!! Perfect …. He proposed finally!! It was lovely… I swear.. Who won’t get angry if you read their diary… This guy had he guts to confess it … Haya’s fake anger.. Cute…. It was a lovely update..

    Update soon.. Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot and !ove u too??

  3. Nice can’t wait for the next episode

  4. Nicely gng dr… But I think it’s gng asusual nothing special I find.. so I thought somewhat boring.. Ur next story line is really nice nd seems interesting. .
    So my suggestion is u better write tat hate the first step of love…
    If u have any new idea in this story continue otherwise End this story within 2 to 4 episode. .

    1. thanks a lot dear for ur suggestion and yeah I have an idea to make this story interesting and I will write both stories ?

  5. Thank u so much dr ya u can update like that because u have ur own works na its ok dr

    1. thanks a lot hayathi for the support ur suggestions always helped me ??

  6. thank you so much u can update like that one day arya and one day arsam story.

  7. Oh, so beautiful !! Love u ArYa !! Love u Princess !! Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. thanks a lot and u too take care and love u too ??

  8. Awesome episode, lovely narration, precap very interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and also waiting for your other story tooo…

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