When Love Is True (Episode 6)


Episode 6
the episode start with Arjun came out of washroom and saw haya she was standing in balcony the moon light was fall on her and she was shining just like a moon and her beautiful smile was making her even more beautiful then arjun came from behind and suddenly shout her name because of sudden shout haya get scared and she turn and saw Arjun he was laughing then haya said
haya:u scared me arjun
arjun:awww my cutie saying this arjun laugh and haya said
haya:wait I’ll not leave u saying this she pick a pillow and throw it on arjun then arjun throw it back and pillow fight start then after sometime both fall on bed and laugh Arjun stare haya and smile seeing her laughing then haya saw arjun staring her and said
haya:what happened why r u looking at me like this
Arjun:u look really beautiful when u smile please keep smiling like this
haya get shocked because arjun never said anything like this before then she sat on bed and said
haya:what u want as a gift
arjun also sat on bed and said
arjun:r u sure u will give me
haya looked at him and said
haya:what u want

arjun:I want u to stay with me here in this room I missed u when u left I missed how we used to talk before sleeping I missed everything which was like when u were here please come back please saying this arjun make a cute face and haya laugh and then arjun said
arjun:u r laughing its mean u will stay here right
haya nod in yes and Arjun become happy then both lie down on bed and talk they talk for hours while talking arjun hold haya’s hand and then both fall asleep like that
After A Week In Morning
haya wake up and saw arjun sleeping she get up to go but arjun held her hand and pull her back and she fall on bed and arjun hug her from behind and said
arjun:where r u going don’t go please
haya:arjun its morning let me go and u to get up and get ready for office
arjun:no I don’t want to go office
haya: and why u don’t want to go office
arjun:because I want to spend sometime no no not sometime I want to spent the whole day with u
haya feel so special and happy that she blush and arjun turn her to face her and said
arjun:u look so cute when u blush saying this arjun softly kiss her forehead and then said
arjun:thank u so much haya for coming in my life u make my life heaven I feel so lucky and blessed to have a best friend and a life partner like u saying this arjun hug haya tightly haya hug him back and both stay like this for sometime then haya said
haya:arjun now at least let me go to make bf
arjun:no first my morning kiss

arjun:yeah I want a morning kiss every morning from now
haya:but I don’t want to give
arjun:u don’t want to give
arjun:ok then I’ll take it my self saying this arjun pull her closer there was only an inch gap between them then slowly slowly arjun came more close and finally they kiss their first kiss ever they kiss passionately for a long time then both released each others then both looked at each other and haya hug arjun as she was feeling shy and arjun hug her back then both come down and make bf together as arjun said he want to help her then both had bf after bf Arjun ask haya to get ready he want take her out arjun was waiting for haya outside he was wearing blue jeans with black shirt and blue blazer then haya came out she was wearing royal blue and white dress she was looking so pretty that arjun was lost then haya came and said
haya:how’s looking

arjun came close to her ear and whisper
arjun:u r looking just like u were looking when I saw u first time in western dam s*xy saying this he looked at haya and smile romantically and haya get shocked hearing him then she blush and then arjun open car door for haya and make her sit then he sat on driver seat and both gone first they did shopping arjun buy so many dresses for her like saree, jeans, tops, skirts, kurtis and lots of things then they had lunch after lunch they gone to beach and spent their evening watching sunset then after that both had dinner after dinner both were coming toward car it was parked little far so both were walking then arjun’s phone ring and arjun said to haya to go and sit in car he is coming arjun was talking on phone and haya was going toward car then suddenly arjun saw a car coming toward haya and he run to save her

Next Episode:Arya’s Friendship Anniversary ?
hey frds h r u ?
here is the 6th episode sorry for the short update was busy with family so get a little time so I write in hurry I hope u like it tell me how’s it after reading
well I want to know that do u guys r really liking my this story or not because if not then I will end this one and I have one more story idea its like
“our hero who is a play boy he have many gf and one of his gf is getting married so he came to trouble her saying he will tell his would be husband about them and he is doing this just like that for fun so the girl seek her best friend’s help who is our heroin and she talk to him and the hero said to heroin if she promise him to do whatever he say then he will spear her frd but the heroin first refused and then the hero tell everything to the groom and the heroin request him not to do this then the hero said that he and the groom was joking after seeing that he can do anything the heroin agreed because her frd Who is getting married has helped her a lot she is like a sister to her and she also have save her life once that’s why our heroin agreed and the first thing he said is that she will stay with him as she is alone and as she don’t have any choice she agreed to stay with him Alone in his house so now it will be interesting to read that what he will make her do and how will they fall for each other” so tell me how’s it and yeah the story’s title is “Hate: The First Step Of Love ”

Age: 20
Nature:hot, handsome, playboy, he care but don’t show, he love but with hate and why is that its a surprise

Now Heroin
Nature:beautiful, loving,caring, she help the needy and take care of everyone and she love her best friend who is like a sister (the best friend of heroin is the girl who is getting married)

So tell me how’s it and I choose the same names which I choose in previous but for some reason I changed it so I thought why not in this story and one more and important thing I will start this story only when u guys want and if I start this story then I will have to end the current story “When Love Is True” but if u want me to continue this story and u also want to read the new one then I will first end the current one then I will start the new one is that ok with all tell me till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ?????????

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  1. Plzzz dont stop dr i like it very much…..
    And another story nice but plzzz age vise it will be awkward dr plzz change the age vise like mausam age 20 aryan 22it wil be better its just my suggestion dr sorry if it hurts u

    1. thanks a lot hayathi and no u didn’t hurt me in fact thanks a lot for the suggestion ? and I will continue this story ?

  2. Plz dnt stop it

    1. ok I will continue this story ?

  3. arsam story is nice but plz atleast write arya story for 25 episode

    1. thanks ok will continue

  4. Princess I love ur this story very much.. Plz don’t end it.. But I also like to read the new one.. Without ending this one.. Plzz,,,

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  5. Hi don’t end this story I love 2 read it very much n sorry dear 4 not commenting before was busy with examss plzzzzz don’t end it plzzzz

    1. thanks and its ok ?

  6. i forget to mention morning kiss trend is very nice

  7. Awww….plz don’t end it…can u write both stories….i love both of ur stories vry much……….. Waiting 4 nxt chapter… love u alot…..

    1. thanks and I will think ??

  8. Both are nice. Write both if possible. Dear dont stress yourself.

    1. thanks and will think ?

  9. I think you are in hurry.. I mean till Arjun has not confessed his love to Haya and how can he ask for kiss? I think it is unfair to Haya. Though I like the story as usual but don’t be in hurry 🙂

    1. actually its like both know that they love each other but didn’t confess yet and if u didn’t notice I mention “after a week” ?

  10. Princess!! This was so cute!! How can he ask for a morning kiss when he hasn’t confessed? Nice outing.. And whar was the last part supposed to be? An accident or something?

    No no no… Please don’t stop… I love your story…. The next one is also good… It’s k dear it’s small… Don’t stress yourself…. Please don’t stop… Please please please… And update soon..

    Love you ??

    1. thanks and its like they know they love but didn’t confess ?
      And will continue this story thanks a lot for liking my story so much ? love u too

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    1. thanks a lot dear ? u too take care ?

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