When Love Is True (Episode 5)


Episode 5
the episode start with arjun wake up in morning he get ready and came down haya was in kitchen she was making bf he was standing at door staring her she didn’t notice him and he was thinking about last night dance and what ever happened he gone in his room and call someone then haya came to arjun’s room she knock the door and came inside and said
haya:bf is ready come for bf
arjun turn to haya and saw her looking here and there but not him then arjun said
arjun:yeah I’m coming and then haya immediately left then Arjun came for bf and both were having bf then arjun’s phone ring he saw who’s it and cut the call but the person was calling again n again and finally haya asked
haya:arjun pick up the phone I know its riya
arjun:haya please I don’t want to talk about her and I’m not going to talk to her
haya:arjun please why r u fighting with her because of me I don’t want u to fight with her for me
arjun:haya its not only because of u don’t u know what she did
haya:what else she did then

when arjun hear haya he realized that haya didn’t know about what she did and last night when he said that he said only to her then arjun was about to say but before he could say anything door bell rang and haya gone to open the door when haya open the door and she saw riya and arjun came to see who’s it and saw riya and suddenly he remember whatever she said about haya and become really angry and then he said
arjun:what the hell r u doing here riya can’t u get it I don’t want to see u nor talk to u just get lost from before I lost my temper
riya:please arjun I’m so sorry I love u
arjun:love dammit riya don’t insult love please and just get out
riya:arjun please
arjun:I told u this before riya but u didn’t listen so get out of my life please n by the way I want u to know that I don’t love u so I hope my clear about everything
riya:what u don’t love me Arjun u can’t do this to me
arjun:ooohh really and what u did was fine
riya:I said my sorry and why don’t u get that there is my needs also like ur
arjun:but I never did anything like u did
riya:so that’s not my fault
haya and arjun looked at her in shocked then riya said
riya:I know everything this is all because of this haya I will kill her saying this she came near haya but arjun hold her neck and said
Arjun:riya don’t u take her name again and don’t u dare touch her or else I will kill u
haya get shocked seeing arjun’s this side and said
haya:arjun what r u doing please leave her saying this she separate arjun from riya she was coughing haya give her water and said
haya:r u ok
Arjun:look whom u were tying to kill is saving u
riya push haya and haya was about to fall but arjun hold her then riya said
riya:u don’t need to show fake care because of u we r separate
arjun:its not her its because of u riya
haya:please both of u don’t fight like this sit and talk
riya:u don’t interfere between us
arjun:haya go upstairs
haya:but arjun

arjun was so angry that he shout on haya
arjun:I said go upstairs haya now
haya get so scared that she immediately run in her room because arjun never shouted on her before like this ever in fact she is the one who relax him when he is angry it was the first time he shouted on haya then after haya left arjun hold riya from her arms and push her outside And said don’t ever come here or near haya otherwise I will forget that u r a girl saying this arjun close the door then after sometime arjun left for office then in night arjun came home and saw dinner was there on table but haya was not there he ask servant who was working in kitchen
arjun:where is haya mam what she was doing since morning and did she had her lunch and dinner
servant:sir after u left she came and did all the work no sir she didn’t have lunch nor dinner she made dinner for u and told me to serve u when u come and gone in room arjun feel bad that he shouted on her then he came to her room door was open he came inside and saw she was sitting on floor and was sleeping he was so angry on himself for hurting her that even he didn’t have his dinner and fall asleep
Next Morning
arjun wake up and came down for bf haya was in kitchen he came in kitchen and said
arjun:good morning
haya:good morning
arjun wait for haya to say something as today is arjun’s birthday and since they are frds she always wish him first but this time she didn’t wish him yet his every frd had wish him but he was waiting for her to wish him as this time her wishes are special for him then he said
arjun:what r u doing
haya:making bf
arjun:ok I’m outside saying this he gone out thinking she forgot his birthday then after bf arjun left for office and day passed like that then in evening arjun came home he open the door and came inside lights were off then he said
arjun:haya as he said her name lights turn on and he was shocked as whole house was decorated beautifully then everyone shout happy birthday arjun and wish him then at last haya came and wish him she was wearing a beautiful red saree with matching accessories she was looking so beautiful that he was just staring her then jay came and said
jay:hey u can staring bhabhi later go and get ready now
arjun smile and gone to get ready then everyone insist Arya to dance and both came in middle to dance (this song is from movie jannat 2)
arjun pull haya closer his both hands was on her waist and her both hands was on his shoulder and song start

Tu hai ab jo baahon mein, Qarar hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Saanson mein hai nasha, Khumar hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Rab Ka… …Shukrana

Arya was lost on each other then arjun said
arjun:thanks a lot haya and sorry
haya:for what
arjun:thanks for this surprise I thought u forgot my birthday and sorry for shouting at u
haya:how can I forgot my best friend’s birthday and its ok then arjun smile and haya too smile

Tu mila toh sab mila
Ab kisi se kya gila
Tujhme simtu, aa main bikhru
Teri baahon mein….
Tu mila toh sab mila
Ab kisi se kya gila…
Tujhme simtu, aa main bikhru
Teri baahon mein fanaa ho jaaun main

then arjun spin haya and her back was touching his front and arjun hold her tightly they were so lost in each other that they forgot that there r people around them

Tu hi ab duniya meri, Jahaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Khabon ki khayalon ki udaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana

then arjun said
arjun:I want to say something
arjun:do u remember I told u I’ll divorce u once I get any way to make my parents agreed for riya
haya lost her smile suddenly and said
haya:yeah I do
arjun:but riya is not in my life anymore and I think I don’t even really love u
haya:I got it arjun I ready for divorce and don’t worry I’ll say that I want divorce form u to ur parents in case they ask
arjun:no haya u r getting me wrong I didn’t mean that
arjun:I want to say that I don’t want to divorce u I want to spent the rest of my life with u
haya was shocked hearing arjun but somewhere in her heart she was happy then arjun said
arjun:do u want divorce
haya:Ummm I… I don’t know
arjun:ok tell me something
arjun:in case u divorce me then will u get married with someone else
haya:no why
arjun:then what’s the need to get divorce we r perfect for each other so its finale we r going to spent the rest of the life with each other done saying this arjun smile then haya smile and said

Sab se ho jaaun pare jo ishara tu kare
Abb toh rehna hai tujhi mein
Gumshuda hoon main
Sab se ho jaaun pare jo ishara tu kare
Abb toh rehna hai tujhi mein
Gumshuda hoon main
Ho teri baahon mein….

Jazbo ka toh naya bayaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Naya rutba nayi shaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana

then arjun whisper her haya’s ear
Arjun:I want a special gift from u
haya:what special gift
arjun:first promise u will not refuse
haya:umm ok now tell me
arjun:I’ll tell u later when we will be alone saying this he turn haya and both stare in each others eyes

Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai tu
Rab Ka Shukrana

Rab Ka…
Rab Ka…
Rab Ka… Shukrana

then song end and everyone clap then arjun cut the cake and make haya eat first then after party everyone left and arjun and haya were alone haya gone in her room to change and arjun in his then after changing haya came in arjun’s room as he called her she came inside he was in washroom and said
arjun:sit haya I’m just coming in a min

Next Episode:Arjun’s Special Gift And Start Of New Love Story ??
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 5th episode how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT…❤?❤

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