When Love Is True (Episode 4)


Episode 4
the episode start with haya get up in morning and saw that she was sleeping hugging arjun she separate her self from him and gone inside the washroom then she came out ready that time arjun wake up and saw haya and he was shocked because she was wearing black jeans with white shirt but the shock was that she was wearing western she never wear western he never saw her wearing western then haya turn and saw arjun was staring her and haya said
haya:what why r u looking at me like this
hearing haya’s voice he came in sense and said
arjun:han what no nothing actually I never saw u in western but how come u r wearing western
haya:yeah I do wear sometime not always well how’s looking
arjun was just staring her he didn’t said anything then haya said
haya:what happened why r u not saying anything am i looking bad
arjun’s mind said:bad god u r looking dam s*xy
haya:arjun say something
arjun:yeah hot

arjun:I mean good u r looking beautiful u should wear western it suits u a lot
haya:thanks well I’m going to make bf u come down after fresh n up
haya:ok saying this haya gone and arjun still was thinking about her then he said to himself
Arjun:whats wrong with me yaar haya what r u doing to me I just can’t understand this feeling saying this arjun gone in his room after sometime Arya’s were having bf and arjun’s phone start ringing it was his friend jay arjun pick up the phone and said
arjun:hey jay h r u ?
jay:I’m fine dude h r u ?
Arjun:fine so what’s going on
jay:I called to invite u and ur wife for party
arjun:party for what
jay:my engagement is fixed
arjun:congratulations yaar
jay:thanks and come on time its at 9:00
arjun:ok we’ll be there
jay:ok see u bye
arjun:bye saying this he cut the call and tell haya about party and that they have to go as jay is a very good friend of him and haya agreed after bf arjun gone office and haya did all the house work
At Night
arjun came to haya she was getting ready he knock the door and said
arjun:actually haya riya is calling me to her place she said came there so we can spend sometime together and after that I’ll come home u be ready then we will go together is that ok with u
haya feel sad and a tear drop from her eye but then she wipe her tears and said
haya:yeah I understand just msg me when u r coming I’ll be ready on time
arjun:thanks yaar love u bye
haya:bye then when arjun left she open the door she was ready actually she want to go with him but before she could tell him he left she was waiting for his msg it was 8:00 she then change her clothes and wear her homes clothes and then she fall asleep waiting for him then arjun came at 9:30 he came inside haya’s room and saw her sleeping he saw a diary in her hand it was open he saw his photos and take her diary in his hand and start to read it there was written everything he know but then what he read was shock for him this is what he read
“I don’t know why I like arjun so much I think I’m in love with me I love him a lot”
arjun was shocked then he read the full diary and the sentence “I don’t know why I like arjun so much I think I’m in love with me I love him a lot” he read that again n again he couldn’t believe that she love him so much that she ruined her life for him then he read that she wanted to spent sometime with him that’s why she get ready earlier but he left to meet riya so she change her clothes and how much she felt hurt and how much she cry after he left he was in tears then suddenly his phone ring and he saw haya waking up he immediately put her diary and stand up and stood little far so she think that he came right now then haya saw him and said

haya:hey when u came
arjun:just now shall we go now
haya:ok let me just change my clothes
arjun:hmm ok
then haya gone in washroom and arjun wait for her outside the house after sometime she came out wearing Black Lace Dress With Matching Accessories she was so beautiful that he was not able to take his eyes off of her then both sat in car and left for party

In Party
both came inside and jay and her would be fiancée (renu) welcome them then after sometime riya also came as jay is their common friend haya saw riya and she just lost her smile because she didn’t know that she is also coming if sh knew she would never come then everyone came on dance floor arjun was dancing with riya and haya was sitting alone but while dancing with riya he was staring haya then a boy came and ask haya for dance she was feeling hurt seeing arjun and riya together so she thought why she is thinking about arjun when he don’t care then she should enjoy too and she came on dance floor with that guy arjun feel jealous seeing that guy close to haya then song change and partners riya was with that boy and haya was with arjun haya don’t want to dance with him and was going but Arjun pull her back on dance floor and said
arjun:why r u going dance with me also saying this he tighten his grip on her waist his right hand was on her waist and left hand was joint with haya’s right hand and hays left hand was on his shoulder then song start (this song is not from any movie this song is sung by
The Bilz & Kashif)

Raat javaan mast samaan
Aise mein honthon se honth mila
Jism tera aur ye adaa
Saansein sulagtii hain hosh kahaan
Meri baahon mein aao zaraa
Meri dharkan mein samaao zaraa
Meri ulfat mein bikhar jaao
Jalne do, bahakne do

arjun was staring haya and was thinking about what he read in her diary and what she said that day when he ask who is the person she love and how she said his name then change the whole sentence

Sun ye machalti raagini
Jaise teri adaa
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan
Teraa hi hai nashaa
Let me love u down, down, down
All night long, long, long
I wanna turn u on, on, on
Charhne do ye nasha

arjun spin haya and haya try to go but arjun hold her both hands from behind and pull her backward and warp his hands on her belly along with her hands like a band haya was not dancing arjun was moving her with him both eyes was close arjun’s chin was on her shoulder

From your lips 2 your hips 2 your fingertips
I wanna kiss your body all over

then suddenly arjun kiss haya’s shoulder

From the goosebumps on your skin
Baby U don’t have 2 say a word

then he kiss her neck romantically as lights was very dim no one can see them

Use your imagination
Kashif’s on a mission

then arjun turn haya to him

2 give u everything that your body’s been missing
I can’t wait no more, I’m gonna explode
I’m waiting, Anticipating, Tonight it’s goin’ down

haya’s eyes were closed

Tujhe baahon mein bhar kar pyaar doun
The more I get the more I want
Tere pahloo men raat guzaar loun
I’m drowning in your love
Meri jaan merii wafa

there was only an inch gap between them

Sun ye machalti raagini, Let me love u Down
Jaise teri adaa, Let me love u Down
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan

then song end and everyone claps and because of clapping sound both came in their sense both realized what just happened and haya immediately get down from stage to go arjun gone behind her but jay come in between and take arjun with him forcefully haya was going outside she was looking down and then she collision with riya there was a glass in riya’s hand filled with wine and the wine fall on riya’s dress she saw haya and get angry and said
riya:what the hell u done can’t u see r u blind
haya:I’m sorry riya
riya:what sorry u spoiled my dress u idiot
haya:please I’m really sorry saying this haya was going but riya stop her and said
riya:where r u going now clean my dress
haya:what look riya I said I’m sorry now let me go
riya:no way what will I do with ur sorry clean my dress
they were talking and arjun came he saw riya shouting on haya and tears in haya’s eyes suddenly he felt so angry he immediately gone toward them riya saw arjun and said
riya:look arjun what she did she spoiled my dress and now she is not even cleaning it
arjun:r u mad or what riya she didn’t did that intensionally and she said sorry its enough
riya:what look now even u r taking her side what the hell this blo*dy b*t*h have done to u
as soon as arjun hear riya he get so angry that he rise his hand but haya stop him then arjun said
arjun:shut up don’t u dare say anything about her riya
riya:why what happened why i should shut up I don’t understand arjun u r shouting on me for her who is nothing to u but just a helping hand and a time before riya could say anything else haya said
haya:please riya I’m sorry I’m really sorry I’ll do what u want but don’t say anything else please
arjun looked at haya and riya some evilly and said
riya:clean my dress
haya was going to do but arjun stop her and said
arjun:haya u will not do it and then he looked at riya and said
arjun:don’t u ever dare to insult haya again she might tolerate but I will not in fact i will never tolerate her insult then he whisper in riya’s ear
arjun:and I think I told u this last time when I saw u with that guy in ur bed room having u know what I mean but I forgive u as u said it was ur mistake but then he said in front of everyone
arjun:what u did today after that I never ever want to see ur face and for ur kind information I’m really happy with my wife saying this Arjun hold haya’s hand and gone after sometime both came home and arjun gone in hi room without saying anything then haya also gone in her room and both doze off thinking about each other

Next Episode:Arjun’s Birthday And Haya’s Surprise Plan For Him ?
hey guys h r u ?
here is the 4th episode I really hope u will like this one as arjun know everything now haya’s love and riya’s real side so tell me how’s it and please read the performance scene while listening the song I sure u will like it ok till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ?????

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