When Love Is True (Episode 3)


Episode 3
the episode start with haya and arjun saw riya and she left from there and arjun and haya looked at each other then arjun was about to go behind her but arjun’s dad call him and he gone to him then after party haya was putting her clothes in closet and arjun came Inside and lie down on bed haya saw him and said
haya:what happened u r looking upset
arjun:what to do yaar riya is not answering my call and she is not even replying to my msgs I don’t get it why is she so angry
haya looked at arjun in shocked arjun look haya and said
arjun:what now why r u looking at me like this
haya:r u seriously saying why she is angry
arjun:yeah I mean she said she is angry because I was dancing with u closely but what’s wrong if I dance with u
haya:off course she would be angry in fact any girl would get angry if she will see his boyfriend dancing with his fake wife
arjun:ooh please haya she know I married u so that I got sometime to make my parents agreed for her
haya:yeah she know but it happens its normal yaar girls feel jealous seeing a person she loves is close to someone else girls r like that its ok say sorry and gift her something she will be fine
arjun:wow u know so much how come
haya:because I’m a girl

arjun:I know that u r a girl but how u know that girls feel jealous seeing a person she love is close to someone else because I know u don’t love someone
haya:and how can u say that I don’t love someone
arjun:so u do but u never told me
haya:so what even u don’t told me u love riya before
arjun:that’s different
haya:no its not
arjun:yes it is haya who is he do I know him where he lives tell me
haya:relax arjun why r u getting so angry
arjun:no I’m not getting angry
haya:jealous knowing that there is any other boy in my life beside u
arjun:no I’m not jealous and why I will be
arjun:yeah well leave it so tell me something about the lucky guy what’s his name
haya:I mean Arjun I don’t want to talk about it
arjun:no I want to know tell me is he ur frd does he know that u love him and did he know that u r married and don’t he have any problem
haya:it doesn’t matter to him

haya: I didn’t told him about my feelings because he love someone else and yeah he was my frd before but now he is not for me and when he love someone else so it will not matter to him that I’m married or not I’m living or dead saying this a tear drop from her eyes arjun saw haya and said
arjun:hey don’t say like that maybe it doesn’t matter to him but it does to me well I know u r my wife for sometime but u r so don’t say like that saying this arjun hug haya both stood there like this both were lost in each other for that moment both forget the world around them arjun was feeling so good that he tighten his grip on her then haya realize that how close they r so she try to go but arjun didn’t let go then haya said
haya:let me go
haya:please arjun what r u doing leave me
arjun:ok on one condition
arjun:u will not cry like this again because u dont look nice when u cry saying this arjun leave haya and she said
haya:ok I’ll just come from washroom saying this haya gone in washroom and arjun lie down on bed after sometime haya came out of washroom and she to lie down on bed both were not able to sleep haya turn to other side and at the same time arjun turn haya saw arjun turning and she was turning back but arjun stop her and said
arjun:what happened u r still awake
haya:I’m not feeling sleepy
arjun:me too
haya:what to do

arjun:yeah we haven’t talk like we used to talk before marriage
haya remember how they used to talk then arjun said
arjun:do u remember how one day we were in a sweet shop and we were hungry but we forgot the money in home
haya:yeah and we tasted all the sweets and when they give the bill we run away saying this haya and arjun laugh then they talk like this for hours and fall asleep haya was on left and arjun was hugging her from behind in sleep
Next Morning
arjun get up and saw haya he was staring her then his phone start ringing he saw it was riya and then he realize how he is holding haya and he leave her and take his phone and gone out of the room after talking to riya arjun came inside and saw haya was not there then haya came out of washroom ready she was wearing Red And Yellow Lehenga Saree she was getting ready while getting ready she saw arjun and said
haya:why u didn’t wake me up its 8:30am
arjun:sorry I was talking to riya that’s why I didn’t realize the time
haya:ooh ok
then arjun gone to get ready and haya gone out the day passed like that next day arjun’s mom and dad left in night as they came home after dropping them to airport haya was packing her bags and came out of washroom and saw haya packing her bags and said
arjun:why r u packing ur bags
haya:I’m going in other room
arjun:but why
haya:arjun I was staying here in ur room because of mom and dad but now they r not here so we don’t have to stay like a husband and wife and I can stay in other room now
arjun:but u don’t need to go right now its late u can sleep here and the other rooms are locked so u have to clean them first right so how sleep there
haya:don’t worry I staying in room where mom and dad was staying saying this she close the bag and said
haya:good night saying this she left and arjun was seeing her going he don’t know why but he was feeling hurt seeing her going then he lie down on bed but he was missing haya and was thinking about the person she said she love then he take his phone and open his gallery and was seeing haya’s photo and fall asleep then in middle of the night arjun hear haya screaming he immediately get up and run to her room he reach in her room and saw her sitting on bed crying arjun immediately came toward haya he sat beside haya and said
arjun:did u saw that dream again
haya saw arjun and she immediately hug him and cry arjun hug her back and said
arjun:don’t cry I’m here its ok relax saying this he remember when haya told him about her dream
(Flashback start
one day haya was in arjun’s house she was sleeping and suddenly she scream and arjun came to her and saw her crying he came toward her and relax her then haya told arjun that when her parents die she was 12 years and her parents died in front of her and she couldn’t save them since then she always had that accident dream that’s why she scream and was crying
Flashback end) present day
arjun and haya was hugging each other arjun was caressing her hairs and she was sleeping Arjun saw she slept so he try to go but she was holding him so tightly that he couldn’t go so he sat there he switch off the light and they slept like that in each others arms

Next Episode:Riya Insult Haya And In Arjun’s Frd Party Arya’s Sensual Dance ??
hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 3rd episode how it tell me after reading till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL ???

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