When Love Is True (Episode 14) Last Episode

Episode 14 (Last Episode)
the episode start with haya wake up and gone in washroom she came out ready and came toward arjun to wake him up but he didn’t wake up and said in sleep
arjun:please jaan let me sleep little more
haya:Arjun its 10:30 get up na
Arjun open his eyes and said
Arjun:so what let’s sleep together saying this he pull haya in his arms and hug her tightly
haya:arjun let me go
haya:arjun please
arjun then leave haya and both stare each other then haya ask arjun to get ready and she will make bf then haya gone out and arjun in washroom then both had bf arjun gone office as there was a meeting in which his presence is important then days passed like that After A Month
haya and arjun was sitting in hospital haya was nervous arjun saw her and hold her hand and said
arjun:don’t worry everything will be fine
haya looked at arjun and he smile then haya smile back and after sometime nurse came and give a report to arjun both looked at each other and then arjun open the report and was shocked and haya said

haya:what happened
arjun looked at haya and hug her tightly and said
arjun:haya its positive I’m so happy
haya was shocked she just couldn’t believe that they r going to have a baby again but this time she was also scared arjun then looked at haya and said
arjun:I know ur scared but don’t worry nothing will happened like before as riya is no more haya looked at arjun and said

arjun:yes whatever she did after that I filed a complain against her and police put her behind bars and because of that she attempt suicide haya was shocked then arjun ask her to don’t worry as it is not good for her and baby then time passed like that and haya give birth to a baby boy and they named him “Arya” Then After 5 Years
haya get up in morning and gone in washroom then she came out ready and saw toward bed and smile she came near bed and shout
haya:get up u both then suddenly both arjun and arya get up and said together
Arjun & Arya:what
haya:both of u get up and get ready
Arjun & Arya:just 5 more mins saying this both lie down again and haya throw water on them and both immediately get up and stand in front of haya then she said
haya:good now go get ready
Arjun & Arya:yes Your Highness
haya laugh and Arya first gone to washroom to get ready haya was going but arjun hold her and hug her tightly then haya said
haya:arjun what r u doing let me go what if Arya sees us
arjun:so what and by the way he is taking shower so he won’t come out so soon
haya:arjun u will never change will u
arjun:no and u know what Arya ask for his birthday
arjun came more close and whisper in her ear
arjun:he want a cute little sister
haya blush and arjun turn her then he kiss her deeply and then both hug each other and Arya came out of washroom and said
Arya:I’m here too
arjun and haya looked at him and arjun lift him in his arms and they share a family hug ?


hey frds h r u all?
here is the last episode I hope u like it and I have decide as soon as I get any idea of new story I will make it season 3 of Arya ?
and see u guys in my current story which is “Hate:The First Step Of Love”
so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and love u all ????

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  1. seriously why so soon it was so awesome I will really miss it very badly

    1. thanks dear and dont worry soon I’ll come with season 3 of “Arya” ?

  2. Little angel

    Prefect ending dear I loved it n will miss arya so much lovely work princess just love u 4 this good work

    1. thanks a lot dear ? love u too ?

  3. Can’t wait for season three. I love your story that you are writing right now it’s so interesting.
    Please never stop writing fanfictions.

    1. thanks a lot dear and I will not stop ?

  4. Awww.. That was si cute!! A perfect cute little family!! The perfect ending!! But, why so soon?! Arya is so cute… And sister!! Chhooo cuteee… Loved it princess…. Thank you so much!!

    Love you??

    1. Thanks a lot dear and love u too ??

  5. Superb episode dear.Happy ending dear. Will miss arya in this ff so much. Thanks for this sweet ff. Love u ??..take care…

    1. thanks a lot dear and love u too n u too tc ??

  6. I miss this ff so so much !! 🙁 :'( :-[ :-C
    Will br waiting for ur next FF
    till then take care

    1. awww ? will update soon and u too tc ??

  7. Story ended hmmm why dr

    1. hey hayathi actually I ended it because it was already decided ?

  8. nice ending pls come with season 3 arya

    1. thanks ? will come soon ?

  9. So cute. Why u ended it so soon. Plz come back with another story. Also d best n take care

    1. thanks and it was decided and I’ll will definitely write season 3 of “Arya”till then u can read my other ff which is “Hate:The First Step Of Love” thanks and u too tc ??

  10. Loved it was gr8

  11. Wowwww awesome episode, lovely end…son’s name arya n he needs baby sister..so cuteeeee….plz princess come with lots of amazing stories like this…I love reading your stories…love you loads and very very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

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