When Love Is True (Episode 13)

Episode 13

the episode start with arjun wake up in morning and saw haya sleeping peacefully in his arms her hairs was covering her face so he took her hairs in his hand and lock them behind her ear and as soon as he touch her haya wake up and saw arjun smiling and smile back and said
haya:good morning
arjun:good morning jaan saying this he kiss her forehead then haya said
haya:what’s time is it
haya:ooohh god I’m late why didn’t u wake me up saying this she was getting up but arjun pull her back in his arms and said

arjun:so what if u wake up late
haya:arjun aren’t u going office today
arjun:because I want to spend sometime no in fact I want to spend the whole day with u just u and me and no one else
haya smile and arjun hug her tightly then both stayed like this for sometime and then haya ask to let her go and get fresh n up so that till he get fresh up she will make bf and arjun let go of her haya gone in washroom and came out after sometime ready she was wearing red saree she then arrange arjun’s clothes and gone out to make bf and arjun in washroom she made bf and sat the table then arjun call haya and she came inside room and said
haya:what happened

arjun:my towel
haya:wait a min saying this she gone toward cupboard and took out a towel and give it to arjun he take the towel but while taking towel he hold her hand haya try to free her hand but he didn’t leave her hand and pull her inside the shower and both was drenching in shower then haya said
haya:arjun what r u doing
arjun:sssshhh saying this he put his finger on her lips and both stare each other lovingly then arjun came close and kiss her shoulder romantically as soon as haya feel his touch she close her eyes and held arjun’s shoulder tightly arjun then kiss her neck romantically and then he looked at her and haya open her eyes and try to go but arjun hold her hand and pull her back her back was touching his front and he warp his hand around her waist then he open her blouse knots and kiss her back passionately then he whisper in her ear
arjun:I just want to love u haya I love u so mucn
haya turn to arjun and hug him then said
haya:I love u too arjun thanks a lot arjun for loving me so much
arjun hug haya back more tightly and said

arjun:u don’t need to thank me haya u r so good that no guy will be able to stop himself from loving u and I’m so lucky that u choose me to love saying this he look up at her and then slowly lean down and kiss her lips first softly then passionately for long time and haya kiss him back with same passion then after sometime both release each other and then arjun came out of washroom and after sometime when haya came out of washroom wearing bathrobe arjun was ready then he looked at haya she was taking her clothes from cupboard he came from behind and hug her and said
arjun:do u want me to do everything right now he said this while kissing her neck romantically haya blush then said
haya:arjun u r getting really naughty leave me and let me go to change
arjun:what the need to change u r looking so hot in this
haya:arjun please
arjun:ok ok go and change saying this he leave haya and haya gone in washroom then both had bf then after bf arjun took haya for shopping and he select many dresses for her and ask her to try haya gone in trial room and came after change it was a beautiful red gown with zip on back and it’s sleeves was of net she was looking so beautiful that arjun was lost in her beauty he was looking at her with such intensity that haya can clearly see the depth of his love then Arjun came forward close to her and whisper in her ear

arjun:swear to god haya my patient is at its last level saying this he look at haya who was red because of blushing Arjun then came little more closer and haya said
haya:arjun what r u doing we r in mall please
arjun:not my fault its ur fault u r making me out of control
haya:arjun u r too much
arjun:only for u
haya:ok now wait here I’ll just come after changing
arjun:come fast
haya:ok saying this she gone in trial room and come after sometime then both reach home and had lunch then arjun said that they will have dinner out tonight and haya agreed then both talk the whole day
At Night
haya was getting ready arjun came and knock on door and said
arjun:jaan can I come in

haya:no arjun wait a min saying this she wear her mangalsutra and put sindoor in her headline then she open the door and when arjun saw her he was mesmerized she was wearing the same dress that they brought in afternoon she was looking even more beautiful haya came forward and said
haya:how’s looking
arjun:even more beautiful than morning
haya blush hearing him then both leave for restaurant they came to haya’s fav restaurant and arjun order haya’s fav dishes then both had dinner then they left for home they were in car haya was happy then she saw ice cream parlour and ask arjun to stop arjun stop the car and said
arjun:what happened
haya:ice cream
arjun saw ice cream parlour and gone to take ice cream parlour then he came and both sat on bench which was there after eating ice cream both reach home then arjun and haya came in room arjun close the door and haya was going to change but arjun hold her hand and pull her in his arms and said
arjun:where r u going
haya:in washroom to change

arjun:what if I don’t let u go
haya:ok then don’t let me go
arjun then tighten his grip on her waist and said
arjun:haya I just can’t stay away from u I want to love u so so so much
haya turn to arjun and said
haya:I’m all yours
both stare each other for sometime arjun then came close to haya and kiss her on the corner of lips and haya close her eyes and held arjun’s shirt tightly then arjun kiss on first lips softly then it gone deeper and deeper both didn’t released each other until they become out of breath then after releasing both stare each other with lots of love haya then hug arjun tightly and arjun hug her back even more tightly then while hugging arjun kiss haya’s neck passionately and he was kissing her continuously then he lift her in arms and make her sit on bed her eyes were closed her sat in front of her and remove her accessories then he kiss her forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck, shoulder and a deep kiss on lips then arjun open the zip of dress and gently remove her dress he pull blanket over them and turn of the lights and then they consummate their marriage again

Next Episode: SURPRISE ?

HEY frds h r u all?
here is the 13th episode how’s it tell me after reading and I want to tell u that the next episode is the last episode of this story
please don’t get shocked because I already have thought about that before so don’t think that I’m ending it because I’m writing 2 stories and don’t worry because as soon as I will get a new idea of a good story I will make season 3 of “Arya” so till then enjoy my other story which is “Hate:The First Step Of Love” and till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?????

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  2. Hi dear in that also arjun n haya will be there !!!!
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    1. hahaha don’t worry hayathi as it will be last episode it will be a happy surprise ?

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