When Love Is True (Episode 11)

Episode 11
the episode start with haya get ready and arjun came from office he enter the room and was shocked seeing haya because she was wearing the dress that arjun gift her that day arjun was just staring her then haya saw arjun and said
haya:oh u came I was just waiting for u
arjun came in sense and said
arjun:yeah I’ll just go and fresh n up then we’ll go
haya:ok till then I’ll make coffee for us saying this haya gone out of room and arjun in washroom after sometime arjun came down and saw haya she was making coffee then haya came out of kitchen and both sat in Hall both were having coffee haya was looking at arjun and Arjun was looking at his phone then haya said
haya:how I’m looking
arjun looked at haya then said
arjun:good u r looking nice
haya:just nice not beautiful
arjun was little shocked then haya said
haya:what happened
arjun:no nothing shall we go now
haya:yeah I’ll just take my phone from room
arjun:ok I’m waiting outside saying this he gone out and haya gone in room after sometime haya came out and arjun open the car door for her she sit inside and arjun sit on driver seat and start the car both were silent and haya break the silence and said
haya:how’s office going
then both reach restaurant and had their dinner then both came and sat in car
arjun was again silent not saying even a word haya after trying so much give up and start the music player and a beautiful song start (this song is from movie Woh Kaun Thi )

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye
Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho

arjun and haya both looked at each other and haya smile bit arjun turn his face

Shaayad Phir Is Janam Mein
Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
Lag Jaa Gale …

haya feel sad seeing arjun so angry but he know this time it’s her fault

Ham Ko Mili Hain Aaj,
Ye Ghadiyaan Nasib Se

arjun was remembering all their happy and loveable moments

Ji Bhar Ke Dekh Lijiye
Ham Ko Karib Se

then arjun just could control and he off the Mp
haya saw that and said
haya:why did u off the mp
arjun:because I don’t like the song
haya:so what I do saying this haya on the mp and song start again

Phir Aap Ke Nasib Mein
Ye Baat Ho Na Ho

arjun looked at haya and said
arjun:I can’t believe it u still like these kind of songs

Shaayad Phir Is Janam Mein
Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
Lag Jaa Gale …

haya:and I can’t believe it that u still don’t like these kind of songs

Paas Aaiye Ki Ham Nahin
Aaenge Baar-Baar
Baahen Gale Men Daal Ke
Ham Ro Le Zaar-Zaar
Aankhon Se Phir Ye Pyaar Ki
Barasaat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Mein
Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho

arjun then said
arjun:if u want to listen songs then please listen something good
haya:what do u mean my songs choice is bad
arjun:off course
haya looked at arjun angrily
arjun saw haya and said
arjun:I mean off course not

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye
Hassin Raat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Mein
Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
Lag Jaa Gale …

then song end and haya off the mp and turn her face to other side then both reach home haya came inside the room and gone in washroom to change when she came out arjun came in room he takes his clothes and gone in washroom to change after sometime he out and was going out but haya stop him and said
haya:where r u going
arjun:in study
arjun:I have some work saying this arjun was going but haya came running and stood in front of him and arjun said
Arjun:haya what r u doing please let me go
haya:no u can’t go
haya:because I want to sleep and I feel scared alone so u can’t go
arjun:take one sleeping pill and u will fall asleep immediately ok now let me go saying this he try to go but haya sit down on floor and block the door and said
haya:no I won’t let u go
arjun:haya please get up don’t behave like a 2 years old kid
haya:first promise me u won’t go then I will get up
arjun:ok I will not go right now
haya get up happily and said
haya:thanks saying this she came toward bed arjun saw that she was not facing him and he try to go but haya saw him and she immediately came toward door and again block it with her hands and said
haya:I knew u won’t give up easily
arjun:haya please what r u doing yaar let me go and work
haya:no u can’t go and work u have to listen to me
arjun:ok what u want tell me
haya:I want u to stay here and sleep and don’t work till late
arjun:that’s it
haya:for now yes
arjun:first I’m not feeling sleepy second I have important work so let me go saying this he try to move her away but she didn’t and said
haya:arjun please I’m sorry please forgive me I know I made mistake I misunderstood u and I know its my fault please forgive me
arjun:r u done now let me go
haya:arjun please I’m sorry
arjun:please haya just stop it ok I don’t want to hear anything u can never understand what I felt when u said all that u will never know from what I was going through in these days and u r asking for forgiveness if its up to me then I don’t want to forgive u
haya:arjun please I’m really sorry please forgive me
arjun:why did u forgive me when I said no what u said yeah stay away from me don’t touch me don’t come near me I don’t want to see ur face right so now I don’t want u near me and I don’t want to see ur face just get out of my life saying this arjun move her away and left
haya saw him leaving and suddenly tears start flowing from her eyes and she broke down on floor crying she just can’t bear his separation haya cried all night and fall asleep on floor
Next Morning
haya wake up she saw arjun was not there she immediately get up and came out of room she saw arjun he was having bf she was about to say something but then she remember what he said that he don’t want to see her face so she came in her room and gone in washroom she came out ready and came down as today was holiday so arjun was at home and he was ignoring her totally now she realize how he felt all these days whole day passed like that she didn’t eat anything since morning and arjun didn’t even realize and now she couldn’t bear his ignorance so she immediately run in her room and gone inside washroom then suddenly she broke down crying she felt like everything is over and she lost everything she just can’t bear it anymore she cried so much but still tears are continuously flowing from her eyes as she cried so much and she didn’t even had anything since morning so when she came out of washroom she feel dizzy but she ignore and came down haya ask about arjun and the servant said that he is in study haya gone to study and open the door he was working he didn’t saw haya was about to come in but then she remembered his bitter words and tears again start flowing from her eyes and she run in her room without saying anything then she lie down on bed to sleep but was not able to sleep then she take the sleeping pills and fall asleep

Next Episode:I’m Sorry That I Trouble U ?
hey frds h r u ?
here is the 11th episode how’s it little emotional na I know because I almost cry writing this ? so tell me how it after reading till then bye tc and Love U A lot ??

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  1. I feel bad for haya she is repentibg , soarjun shld forgive her 🙁 :'( :-C

    1. Awww don’t worry everything will be fine ?

  2. What is this?! Why is it so sad?! I agree.. But… Arjun needs to understand.. What’s the difference between the both of them, if they’re doing the same thing…. Precap is interesting… Nice update princess… Post soon…

    Love you ??

    1. thanks and don’t worry everything will be fine ?

  3. We get to know others only when we r in their position .my eyes r with tears ??. Love u princess ! Keep going!

    1. thanks and love u too ?

  4. Waiting 4 ur next ff ! hate : the first step of love ?

  5. How can he just say that take slipping pills and sleep? If you love someone truly you can not see them in pain and this is wrong here.

    1. he said because of anger

  6. u made me cry today dear

    1. awww sorry for making u cry dear?

  7. So emotional episodes… Update nxt part soon. Want their patch up…

  8. Our love birds are fighting with emotions yaar

    1. hmm but soon everything will be fine ?

  9. it was too emotional. But r behaving like kids now. Precap seems interesting n hope everything is gonna be alright.

  10. He had every right to be angry with her coz of her words but don’t make him angry with her for too long time. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??…take care…

    1. thanks and u too tc and love u too ??

  11. it ws one of ur bestest epi i had ever read soo emotional yr both are suffering through d same problem i hope all will get settled till next epii plzz update next part asap byee love u tc

    1. thanks a lot dear and u too tc and love u too ??

  12. Ohh…come on arjun…she has realized hr mistake… U should 4give hr…plz update nxt part sooon!!!

    1. next part is posted ?

  13. Ahhhh, so sad for arya…both hurt n now feeling miserable…can’t bear ignorance…so emotional and heart melting episode…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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