When Love Is True (Episode 10)

Episode 10
the episode start with arjun wake up in morning he saw the time it was 8:30 he get up and came out of study he came to his room the door was open he came inside and saw haya was not there he look in washroom she was not there too then arjun take his clothes and gone in washroom after sometime he came out of washroom and came down he saw haya she was working in kitchen the lady servant came arjun ask her to take care of haya and left for office then the whole day passed like that at night arjun came home he came to his room and saw haya sleeping because of shock it was difficult for her to sleep so takes sleeping pills to sleep and arjun know that because of pills she won’t realize his presence so he sat beside her and just stare her since then arjun always sat beside her in night when he came home because he came home late so that he don’t have to face haya then days passes like that

After A Month
haya become normal just like she was before that incident arjun was happy that she is becoming fine but now he always stay away from her he distance his self from her he take care of her but never talk to her he never said anything to her after what happened between them its was night as always arjun came home he came inside and saw haya sleeping he came and sat beside her then said
arjun:hey I’m so happy that u r coming back to life I know its all my fault whatever happened I’m so sorry but trust me haya all I was trying to do was just to distract ur mind from all that I never want to hurt u its was never about my needs it was all about u always trust me arjun was crying while saying all this then he said

arjun:I know u will never forgive me and u don’t want to see my face that why I’m talking to u like this when u r sleeping so that I can say what is in my heart actually I want to say all this to u when u can hear me but u don’t want to talk u know I’m dying to talk to u but what can I do I don’t have any choice other than this to say what I want to say to u when u r sleeping like I’m doing since one month always talk to u when u r not able to hear me I always thought everything will be fine but I guess now its to late I guess u don’t want to be with me anymore but it’s perfectly fine I understand after whatever happened it might be difficult for u to forgive me and don’t worry after getting fine if u want divorce from me then I will give u even after knowing that I will not be able to live without u but still I will do as u want as when I know it was my mistake so I have to be punished but its really difficult to stay without u but I promise I won’t say even a word saying this he close his eyes and a tear drop from his eyes on haya’s hand then he said
arjun: now look at me I’m crying like a 2 years old kid but u know what this kid loves u a lot haya saying this he forward his hand to hold her hand but stop in mid when he realize that what he is doing then he wipe his tears and get out of the room when he close the door after leaving haya open her eyes and her eyes was filled with tears because she was awake as she didn’t take sleeping pills today because she was waiting for arjun she just closed her eyes as she was resting haya felt so guilty after hearing arjun she felt that she is so selfish she always think about her self she never try to see his pain she never understand that from what he is going through she felt like she broke the promise that they made on their friendship anniversary that both will love each other and will never hurt each other arjun keep his promise but she broke it haya feel extreme pain in her heart seeing his condition and she cried

Next Morning
haya wake up and saw arjun was not there she get ready and and came out she make bf and then look for arjun she look for him in whole house but couldn’t fine him then haya ask the servant and she tell haya that since one month arjun is sleeping in study he always stay there when he is in home haya felt so ashamed of her self then she gone in his study and saw him sitting on floor his head was on sofa and he was sleeping haya saw something in his hand she came forward to see and was shocked because it was their photo which they click on their friendship anniversary tears roll down her cheeks then suddenly arjun’s phone ring and he wake up haya immediately wipe her tears then arjun saw haya and stand up as she was standing close Arjun distance himself from haya she saw arjun distancing himself from her and feel sad then haya said
haya:i came to wake u up
arjun:thanks saying this Arjun gone out from there and haya cry seeing him going away then arjun came in hall after getting ready arjun was going out and haya saw him going and said
arjun stop hearing haya calling him after so many days he was hearing his name from her and a tear escape from his eyes then haya said
haya:won’t u have bf
arjun without turning to her said
arjun:I’m not hungry and I have some urgent work bye take care saying this he left and haya thought what to do to make him normal then in evening arjun came home to take some files he came Inside his room as he open the door he saw haya she was trying to zip up her dress as he saw haya he immediately turn to other side and said
arjun:I’m sorry I didn’t know that u r changing I just came to take my files that I forgot in home
haya:u don’t need to say sorry
then arjun turn and came near side table and start looking for his files haya was looking at him but he was not evening looking up then arjun was going and haya said
haya: arjun
Arjun stop and said
haya:can we go out somewhere for dinner tonight if u r not busy
arjun:no I’m not I just have one meeting after that I’ll come home u be ready then we’ll go
arjun didn’t said anything and left haya came near window and saw him leaving and said
haya:I promise arjun soon I will make everything like before

Next Episode:Haya’s Childish Behavior To Make Arjun Like Before ??
hey frds h r u all?
here is the 10th episode I hope u all are liking my stories tell me till then bye tc Love u All a Lot ???

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  10. So lovely n emotional episode, haya realized her mistake n arjun so much in pain. ..arya so lovely couple…precap is very interesting. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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