When Love Is True (Episode 1)


hello everyone I got an awesome idea i decide that I’m going to change the names of characters of this story as lots of people want me to write season 2 of “Hatred:A Beginning Of New Love Story” so the story and title will be new but characters will be same only hero & heroin is that ok with all ???
I really hope it is as I’m posting its first episode ???

and yes I want to thank all the people who read my stories and comment I’m really very thankful to all of them as if u guys haven’t Appreciated me then I would never have written these stories and i want to thank Telly Updates too as they give a chance to people to show their talent because before posting here I didn’t know that my imagination is so good ?
well I’m so happy that I can’t express my happiness in words and once again thanks a lot guys love u a lot ???????

So Here Is The First Episode

Episode 1
the episode start with a girl get up from bed but stop in mid she turn and saw a boy his hand was on her saree she came near boy and remove his hand and said
Girl:he can never change saying this the girl came near cupboard and take out a pink and yellow lehenga saree and gone in washroom after sometime she came out her hair was warp in towel she came near dressing table she sat on chair and wear payal then she wear some matching bangles and earrings then she heard a voice of boy from behind
boy:good morning wifey
girl:shut up Arjun I told u hundreds of time that don’t call me like that
(so the boy is our hero Arjun)
Arjun:even I told u hundreds of time Haya don’t get ready like a wife
(and the girl is our heroin Haya)
Haya:Arjun mom and dad are staying here and mom told me to get ready like this because she think that
Arjun:that a married girl should look like a married girl
Haya:exactly now get up and get ready
Arjun:no please let me please little more
Haya:no Arjun u always do like that get up
Arjun:what haya just a week before we got married and look at u how u r behaving just like a wife don’t forget we r just husband and wife for world not in real
haya turn to other side and a tear drop from her eye then she said
haya:I know u don’t need to remind me saying this she came near dressing table and wear her mangalsutra and put sindoor in her head line then she said

haya:if u don’t want to sleep now then go get ready
Arjun:yeah ok saying this he get up and was going in washroom he turn to say something but stop when he saw haya she remove the towel from her hair and her beautiful wet hair came in view arjun was just starring her they are frds since five years but he never saw her like that he saw her in saree for the first time because she always wear shalwar kameez but she was looking very beautiful the saree she was wearing was make her even more beautiful her blouse was backless with knots she was tying her knots then haya turn and saw arjun still standing there and said
haya:Arjun what happened why r u standing here
Arjun came in his sense and said
Arjun:yeah actually my towel
haya:ooh just a min saying this she came near closet and take out a towel and give it to Arjun and said
haya:im going to make bf come down fast

then haya left and arjun was standing there and he said to himself
arjun: what happened to me how can I think about her like that no no Arjun she is ur best frd and u love riya yeah maybe I didn’t saw her from so many days that’s why yeah right saying this arjun gone in washroom and haya was in kitchen she was making bf then arjun’s mom came in kitchen haya saw her take her blessing then arjun came down for bf and sat with his dad haya and arjun’s mom came out from kitchen and then haya took arjun’s dad blessing and Arjun smile seeing her then everyone was having bf and arjun’s dad said
dad:Arjun me and ur mom have decided that today we will throw a party to celebrate ur marriage and we’ll invite office stuff and their family I hope u both don’t have any problem
haya was going to say no but Arjun cut her in mid and said
arjun:off course dad we’ll throw a party we don’t have any problem right haya
haya:Umm yeah
after bf arjun was in room doing work in his laptop haya came in room and said
haya:why u said yes
Arjun:what do mean why u said yes dad want to throw a party so I said yes
haya:dad want to throw a party to celebrate our marriage
arjun:what does it matter for them its for our marriage and for us its for
haya:its for what arjun
arjun:for fun haya and why are u taking so tension they are going back Canada after two days so chill
haya:yeah whatever saying this haya gone out arjun’s mom and dad was doing arrangements for party and they didn’t let haya do anything they told her to take rest haya came in room arjun was not there she lie down on bed and fall asleep then when arjun came in room he saw haya sleeping and she was looking so innocent her hair was covering her face he came close to haya and lock her hairs behind her ear he was starring her but then suddenly his phone start ringing he take out his phone and saw riya was calling as soon as he saw her name he immediately distance his self from haya and gone out

Next Episode:Arya’s Romantic Dance Performance….
hey frds h r u ?
so here is the 1 episode how’s it I really hope u will like it tell me after reading and how’s the idea of changing names ??
and please suggest some romantic and sensuous song for performance tell me till then bye tc and LOVE U ALL A LOT ???????

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  1. Princess this is just fabulous. But I am missing arjun’s morning kiss :). I hope it will soon be a trnd in this story too. Ha ha ha.

    1. thanks a lot and thanks for the idea of morning kiss I will surely add it in upcoming episodes ???

  2. Wowwww thanks for names dr i loved it

    1. thanks a lot and its all because of ur love guys ??

  3. Arya r back…i’m in cloud nine…seriously……let me tell u first dat i’m not gonna be in good terms wid Riya….anyway..write sooooon luv ya alot…..

    1. ney vivi belated happy birthday dr..I am really sorry for the late wishes..I am really sorry dr..I couldn’t come on tu on ur birthday. .I was busy…:( I hope u will forgive me for my mistake

      1. Hey ruby..chill yaar…no worries…..thank u so much….really missing u alot..!!!love u alot…its really good to c u…tc….
        Stay healthy n keep smiling…

    2. thanks a lot and yeah riya will be villain of this story but don’t worry she will not be able to separate our Arya and will update next episode soon and love u too ???

  4. So arya r back wow. Superb episode dear. Love u ??..take care..

    1. thanks a lot and love u too n u too take care ??

  5. thank you so much now my arya back yeah i miss arjun morning kiss.

    1. thanks a lot and I will add arjun’s morning kiss in upcoming episodes ???

  6. it is awesome

  7. Yey!! Arya’s back!! So happy!! It’s like their reincarnation.. And I loved it!!

    This guy tho… He likes her, but in the name of riya he’s stepping back… Ooh lala … Party…

    Update soon.. Plz… Love you ??

    1. thanks a lot
      HahHa yeah but don’t worry soon he will realize his feelings for haya but before realizing whatever he will do will be fun to read ??
      Will update ASAP and love u too ?

  8. Princess u r amazing…from where do u get these ideas?? Like seriously today I have to ask this…cuz u r a rock star??…And thank u sooo much for changin names…I still miss hatred…a lotttt…and yess their morning kiss…romance ..sweet fights…everything…but I’m sure I will love this story…Update soon…cz now I’m super excited..luv u n bye???

    1. thanks a lot and even I don’t know but when I start writing it all come in my mind and I just write ? and welcome I change the name all because of ur love guys ? and don’t worry soon their romance will start ?? will update ASAP and bye love u too ?

  9. Arya returns…hahaha ..luv ur plot dr ..get job…waiting fr the upcoming episodes…rock my princess

    1. thanks a lot and will update soon ??

  10. Haya and arjun is back and you too…..
    Congratulations ?

  11. Wowwww, this is such a cute start…both r best friends but arjun loves riya…but now feeling something for haya…hmmm interesting. ..does haya loves him?…I’m already into this story. .keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks a lot and yeah haya love him and next episode is posted ? love u too ?

  12. Nice but miss their romance, Nice start to season 2

    1. thanks and soon their romance will start ?

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