LOVE TRIUMPHS ALL IB FF – Episode 32 by Nitestar

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Anika starts leaving she is still crying, she can’t take it anymore she is walking away from the pool and suddenly she falls unconcious…as she is falling Om holds her and calls family to get the doctor…

Om picks Anika and takes her to the guest room…rudra has already called the doctor…after few moments the entire family gather wround Anika.The doctor enters…

Doctor – Please can you leave me alone with the patient…hearing this all the family members leave the room.

They wait anxiously outside for the reply from the doctor and hope Anika is ok.

Dadi- I told her to break the fast she has not eaten since yesterday morning…dadi gets tensed.

Rudra – Dadi don’t worry she is my superwoman nothing will happen to her.

After a good 15-20 mins room opens and the doctor comes out and asks for the closest family member…Om worries as Shivaay is not there he goes to the doctor saying he is her brother and her husband is not available now. The doctor calls him aside.

Om – Doctor you can tell me im her brother and I will take care of her.

Doctor – Well then I have to tell that she is severely dehydrated and I can see that she is stressed with her BP very high.

Om – Doctor don’t worry we will keep her away from stress, I assure you.

Doctor – Well she has to be taken care of or the baby will be affected by her neglect, she has to eat on time and rest well. And keep stress away from her.

Om – Yes Doctor I assure yo…what did you say? Baby?

Doctor – Oh yes Mrs. Oberoi is pregnant I cannot confirm how long that I can check her later in the clinic and let you guys know.

Om is over the moon…he thanks the doctor and goes to the family.

Ru – what did the doctor say O…she is fine right?

Om – Well we have to take care of her more now…Bhabhi I giving us good news…we are going to be chacha again…saying this he hugs Rudra…

They all get happy and decide to go to Anika….she is awake but is sad and is crying…

Ru – Bhabhi why are you crying? You have made us so happy…

Anika – Ru what happiness is this with shivaay away from me? He does not remember me will he acknowledge our baby?

OmRu look at each other…Pinky and dadi look after anika and OmRu quietly exit from the room.

They come to shivaay’s room…shivaay is pacing around the room…he sees Om and hugs him…

Shivaay – Is she ok?

Om – Who she?

Shivaay – you know Anika I saw her faint and I could not come to her…please tell me she is ok…I cannot do this any longer…I want to see her..

Om smiles.- Shivaay she is ok and there is a news for you…you are going to be a dad again…

Shivaay – what?? he leaves them and starts to run to the room where Anika is sleeping…she is alone…

He starts stroking her hair and she wakes up…she sits abruptly…

Shivaay – Anika relax baby…its not good to jump around like this…

Anika looks at him – you remember me??

Shivaay – Ani im sorry I did not want to trouble you..

Anika – what do you mean?? He starts explaining the situation.

Flashback Starts

Shivaay was upset with Anika as she ignored him and this was going on for several days, he just wanted her to miss him so he decided to stay away from her. He started avoiding talking to her and being with her. Still she ignored him, finally he decided to go away from sometime so she learns a lesson.

He had spoken to OmRu and told them his plan, they were not convinced but shivaay begged them to support him. Finally they agreed but if it went out of hand they were to inform Anika. Shivaay agreed, plan was that shivaay would leave office early and will not come till the last minute of the Karva Chauth pooja so Anika is actually desperately waiting for him. But faith had other plans Shivaay left the office to go to the farmhouse to prepare a surprise for Anika and he was to go get her and stay there for the night but he met with an accident and everything changed. OmRu could not contact him and they did not want to reveal to anika seeing her condition. Finally they found shivaay and got him home. Shivaay was still trying to take advantage of the situation by acting that he did not recognize Anika.She could not take it and fainted which made Shivaay restless but since he was acting he did not come to her and sent Om.

Flaskback ends

After hearing the truth she is looking at him with tears in her eyes but her anger was evident.

Anika – ok so you had your fun…do you know what has happened to me since yesterday.i almost lost my life…I could feel my body and soul dying seeing you in pain . And when you dint recognize me I could not bear it. Now leave me I don’t think you need me I have to leave now.

As soon as she got up she felt dizzy as she still had not eaten anything…shivaay just holds her…and he sees Dadi enter the room

Dadi – Khoteya!! why did you let her get up she has not eaten anything since yesterday morning… I told her to break her fast when you came home but she was worried for you so she fasted till the time you got up…and now that she is not alone she is at more risk…let her eat this..

Shivaay was horrified at his mistake that anika fasted for him…he felt guilty to trouble her for petty issues…he gently placed her back on the bed and gave her water..finally she opened her eyes…he started feeding her…she refused to eat from his hand…

Shivaay – Baby I know you are angry with me please eat atleast for our baby….

Anika was angry but did not want her baby to suffer…..she quietly ate and rested…Shivaay left her to sleep…he came back after a few hours and could not find Anika…he looked for her all over the house…

Shivaay – Anika…Anikkaaa where are you??

Gauri comes there and shivaay enquires about Anika…she says she was not feeling to well and has gone to doctor and she said she will take Ansh alongwith her…Shivaay returns to his room and he is worried about anika he enquires with the doctor and she does not know about Anika’s appointment…he is scratching his head and thinking about her as she is pregnant and taken baby alongwith her…

Precap : Where is Anika??

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