Love triumphs all FF – Episode 7 by Nitestar

In evening everyone is ready to surprise Shivaay and wait for him…OmRu had already messaged Anika..
As soon as Shivaay and OmRu enter the house is dark…
S – Why is it so dark…khanna what happened to the lights…he thinks about Anika as she is afraid of the dark..
OmRu come to Anika as they know about her fear as well they hold her hand and they all scream
“SURPRISE” the lights come on…
Shivaay is shocked to see all his family and friends there…the house is beautifully decorated…and his wife she is looking lovely in a red saree with off shoulder blouse…he was mesmerized by her beauty…As he was trying to come to Anika…his friends come to wish him…and Dadi calls Anika she goes from there..
Pinky tells shivaay to change and come for his party…his eyes are still looking for Anika…he goes to his room to change…suddenly he feels two hands hugging him from behind….Anika whispers in his ears…
A – Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi Happy Birthday again…and I Love you…
Shivaay holds her hand and brings her in front to hug her and is about to kiss her when Anika stops him..

He gets angry on this…
A – (fake anger) What shivaay always romance…get ready now all are waiting for you…
S – I don’t want to come it’s my birthday I can do whatever I want…and by the way where is my gift??
A – I already gave you gift na (touching her stomach)
S – that is the best gift you can give me but I want something from you…
A – What shivaay??
S – What you told me in my ears I want you to tell in front of everyone…
A – What Happy Birthday…ok I will tell you down in front of everyone…
Shivaay comes close to her and she moves back slowly…he comes really close holds her hand and kisses her forhead, then cheeks and come close to her ear and says..
S – I love you…dare you to say this in front of everyone..
A – But you have never said this and you want me to say it very smart…
S – Today is my birthday…you din’t get me a gift now this is what I want…
A – But Shivaay..
S – No ifs no buts…

Anika thinks how she can do this…then she gets a khidkithod idea..hmmm
Shivaay and anika go down in the hall and meet all the guests…Anika excuses herself and gets ready to surprise Shivaay…OmRu know about her plan and Om goes up to the stage and speaks..
Om – Welcome everyone today is my brother bday for you and him it’s just another day but to me it is the most important day of our lives…this day my brother was born…he is my heart, my life and everything…I love Shivaay…
Shivaay – Ab kya rulayega (now what you will make me cry)
ShivOmRu hug and have an Obro Moment….Family looks at them and feel very happy…
Om – We have another surprise for you…see there…
It becomes dark and spotlight is shown…Anika is there…shivaay is happy seeing her…
A – Aaj aapka janamdin hain aur aapka hokum sar aakhon par…ab main who kahungi jo aap sunn na chahte ho…(today is your birthday so your will is my command…I will say what you want to hear)
Shivaat is excited to hear her doing what he wanted…then music starts..anika starts singing KAUN TUJHE (M.S Dhoni)

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa..
Shivaay is very happy…Anika come down and Shivaay holds her and they start to dance together…Anika continues singing…
Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke

Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar

Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Haa.. Aa..

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sarphire (they hold hands)
Haathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhein mere

Meri hasi tujhse (She cups his face…they are looking in each other eyes and lost)
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya beqadar

Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

Haa.. Aa..

Once she is done shivaay kisses her forehead….All clap…Oh jaana plays in the background…
S – Thanks you so much…you have given me so much happiness…I love u…

Then music starts all family and friends are dancing…till now Nayantara was quiet as soon as Music starts she goes crazy and behaving like a bar dancer which embarrasses all of them…Pinky gets happy seeing her nonsense…she smirks…all of the people start gossiping who is this cheap lady…
Nayantara (hears them) – I am Anika mother and Shivaay mother in Law…
everyone is shocked…Anika gets upset and shivaay gets worried for her…OmRu see this and decide now is the right time…
Om – Oh really well then we need to see these reports…
S – what reports…he take them from Om… It is written that Nayatara is not Anika’s mother…Shivaay gets angry and looks at Anika…
S – how dare you…you have played with our emotions…put my wife under so much stress…Who has brought you here and why did you come here…
Nayantara – I…i….she looks at Pinky and starts fake crying
Shivaay calls the police and orders her to be taken away but he tells them to get the answer from them who has sent her… pinky is relieved that she has left but then thinks how to get rid anika now and remembers she has requested for DNA report for Anika’s baby…she smirks
Dadi – ok let’s forget what has happened and time for our gift to Shivaay…actually for both Anika and Shivaay…
Dadi takes everyone to the lawn…Shivika are surprised and look at each other…

Precap – Some lovely moments…

Hi guys i had made a long episode so posting twice today…hope you guys like it..the song i have added is my absolute favorite and loved it when it was played and Shivaay was sleeping on anika lap…also it expresses lot of emotions…thanks for your support and lovely comments…

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