Love triumphs all FF – Episode 6 by Nitestar

After dinner they all go to sleep but Anika is wide awake after she sees shivaay asleep she leaves the room and goes to OmRu and they are speaking in Rudra’s room(soumya is in guest bedroom) she tells them about what special she has planned for Shivaay…as they are discussing someone comes on the door…Anika fears its shivaay when she turns she sees Jhanvi there..
Jhanvi – I came to see why this Rudra is awake so late now I see you three…anika beta is everything ok…you are feeling ok na..
A – Yes Jhanvi Auntyji I am fine I just needed to talk to OmRu regarding something…
Ru – Yes mom we are just planning a surprise for Shivaay Bhaiyya…hearing this Anika and Om slap their forehead and glare at Rudra…
Jhanvi – First of all im your Badi Maa…and secondly you can share with me I am very happy you are the bahu(DIL) of this house and Shivaay wife..
A – Auntyji sorry Badi Maa we were planning and they start discussing the surprise…

Day before shivaay bday everyone is planning on how to surprise him and all..
Omru – We will do our work of distracting bhaiya…rest you guys need to do..
Soumya – yes you will do the easiest work..
Ru – Easiest!!! Rudra literally screamed… since Bhabhi is expecting Bhaiyya does not want to go to office only he finishes his work quickly and rushes home…to keep him away is so difficult…Anika blushes..
Soumya and Rudra argue…Omkara and Gauri just look on and wonder how these 2 got married (family told gauri everything) Gauri just looks lovingly at Omkara and waits for him to reciprocate but omkara ignores her..Anika notices both her devars having issues and decides to do something about it…
Suddenly Nayantara walks in and meets everyone..she goes close to anika and hugs her..anika does not agree with Nayantara being her mother…Omru see this and smile as they know the truth and will reveal soon to the family..
The day proceeds normally and at night in Shivika room Anika does not allow shivaay to sleep and keeps talking…shivaay is yawning and waiting for her to sleep but anika waits for the clock to struck 12…then she comes closer to Shivaay and kisses him and says “Happy Birthday to best husband and papa” and smiles…Shivaay is very happy and hugs her and is about to kiss her when you know who Rudra comes…
Ru – Bhaiyya aapka toh romance 12 baje bhi chalu hain…Shivaay angrily glares at him..
After him all family members join and wish Shivaay..
Pinky – mera heera beta Happywala Birthday(my awesome son happy bday)
As all members come anika goes behind and lets them all wish him…shivaay takes blessing from Dadi, Jhanvi, Tej, Shakti, Pinky…Anika is moving behind she feels pain in her stomach but does not want to show anyone she goes out of the room no one notices her they are busy talking…Anika sits near the pool…OmRu notice Anika missing and look for her they find her near the pool in pain…
OmRu – Bhabhi are you ok…
A – yes im fine..dont worry..
Ru – No wait I will call shivaay Bhaiyya…
Rudra calls shivaay and he is worried…all family members are worried…Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi take anika inside and check on her and get her to rest…shivaay and Omru are worried…
Dadi – Shivaay it happens in early stages don’t worry she is ok now…if she feels any more pain you can call doctor…
Shivaay comes to Anika and looks worried for her…she says she is fine now…All leave their room..

Next morning
Shivaay sees anika sleeping and goes to freshen up…he calls up his office and says to cancel all meetings.
Anika gets up and hears this she thinks oh no how will be plan the party…she messages OmRu..and after breakfast they start their plan..
OmRu – Shivaay/Bhaiyya we have a plan for today lets go out come get ready…
Shivaay – No guys today I want to spend time with family…I have cancelled all meetings as well..
Everyone worry and think if shivaay is at home how can they do their work…Anika comes and goes to talk to Shivaay..
A – Shivaay when OmRu have planned for something why do you not go with them…its been many days since you guys had a brothers outing…go don’t make them sad…Ru makes a Puppy face Om sees him and follows..
S – Hmmm then let’s do one thing let’s all go out since it’s my birthday…
All are thinking and start to make excuses..
Dadi – Billu meri gutne main dard hain…(billu my knee is paining)
Jhanvi & Pinky – We have to visit Mrs. Sharma in hospital(fake person)
A – Shivaay im not feeling well…you know na what happened last night..
Gauri – Bhaiyya mera vrath hain (Bhaiyya I have a fast) I have to go to Mandir…
Soumya – I have an assignment to be completed today…
Shivaay is shocked and sees OmRu
Omru – Shivaay/Bhaiyya now you have only us so lets go…
S – Ok ill go…but I would have liked if all of you would have come…he feels sad…
They go out…OmRu keep shivaay busy the whole day anika and others plan everything for Shivaay’s Birthday…Anika leaves for a few hours before the bday party to do some work…
Dadi – Now is our chance to plan the surprise for both of them.
Pinky – Mummyji what is the need for this(she thinks by evening all the truth will be out)
Jhanvi – we need to do this finally all happiness is back in OM.

Precap – Party Fun…

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