Love triumphs all FF – Episode 4 by Nitestar

Thank you all for the comments yes I do not like Shivika separate either…I want them together…I miss the family, OBRO and love moments in IB now so hopefully you see them here…. I know this one is small episode but I was bit busy so hope this long part does not bore you all..

Shivaay enters room and sees anika with her eyes closed but there are tear marks on her face…he feels sad…and touches her hand..
A – Shivaay.. she says and opens her eyes…and gets up immediately and hugs Shivaay (like they always do in IB)
S – I am sorry anika for all the pain I put you through…I know I should have supported you but my mind was not in my control…my heart loved you and always will…now we need to think about our future together…I have come to take you with me…
A – Shivaay I love you a lot and I am happy to c you after so many days but what future are you talking about…your mother hates me and your family is not ready to accept me in front of the world…I cannot go there what is there for me now…
S – after hearing what you have done they will surely realize their mistake. He smiles and signals to OmRu..
Om – Bhabhi what gift you are giving us will make everyone happy…and Choti Ma is waiting from a long time
Ru – Hmmm Bhabhi aap toh Chupi Rustomi nikli…Shivom look at him confused…
Ru – Arre Bhabhi female hain to Rustomi hui naa(showing logic sign)…Om hits him on his head and shivaay gives him he cannot change look
Om – Don’t live upto to your name now you have to be mature…there is someone coming who will be younger than you..
Anika looks confused by their conversation… Shivaay cups her face and tells her the good news
S – Anika you have filled my life with peace, happiness and love…we have someone coming to share that love…you are going to be a mom…we are having a baby…
Anika cannot control her tears and hugs shivaay….shivaay kisses her on her forehead…
A – I am so happy I cannot believe what you just said…shivaay I never got happiness and I hope..shivaay cuts her off by keeping his hand on her mouth..
S – Now no sadness will come around us…you will be with me and I will take care of you…
A – How will I come to OM….ShivOmRu all hug her and tell her that they are there so you don’t need to think about anything…
They all have a obrobhabhi moment after a long time..Mahi is seeing this from out and Anika notices him…she feels bad being a brother he cannot join them…she vows to get his rights…Shivaay just not listen to her not coming with him and finishes her formalities and takes her from the hospital…mahi is standing near the doctor cabin but anika wants to talk to him…she tells shivaay I just need to check something from the doctor and goes in again
A – Mahi thank you for all you have done…give me sometime I will get you what you deserve…
Mahi – Don’t think about anything you have got your family back and I am happy with the good news you have given us…
A – But baby cannot let go of his/her chachu na…I will make you a part of that family so my baby has her mahi chachu as well before the birth…
Mahi laughs at her antics and tells her to go or shivaay will come back…

ShivOmRu take Anika home and as they were to enter…Dadi stops them..
Dadi – don’t you dare enter the house…anika
Shivaay – Dadi but..
Dadi – No buts shivaay…how dare she…how dare she leave the house like that and me alone…did she take my permission…dadi showing fake anger and lightly slaps anika…
Shivaay – Dadi I have to tell you…dadi stops him again
Dadi tells someone to get aarti taal and she does Anika aarti and says..
Dadi – Now you can come in…you are coming with such a good news I cannot let you enter just like that..Thank you beta for giving us this news…
S – How did you know dadi..he looks at OmRu
Dadi – what do think I will not come to know I have my spies everywhere…winking at OmRu.
Pinky – Oh My Maata how did she come back…shivaay I told you to remove this characterless girl from here…why have you bought her back…mummyji why this aarti??
Dadi – Arre pinky she needs to be taken care of now, you have got a promotion now…you are going to be dadi soon…
Pinky – whatttt…Oh my Maata…I am going to get my Kanji Aankh waala pota/poti…she gets very happy and hugs Anika…(yes she did that)but then she realizes it’s anika and leaves her.
S – Come anika come inside and takes her to the room…
Anika goes with him and before entering the room he picks her and takes her in…they have an eyelock..
He gently lays her on the bed and kisses her…she is very happy in his arms…Shivaay sees her slowly drifting to sleep and leaves her on the bed…
Dadi – Pinky you will not tell her anything and make sure that she does not get sad…she is going to give us heir…and she needs to feel happiness and love around her…
Pinky(in her mind)- now how will I get her out with this news she will stay her forever..
Nayantara enters and enquires about anika…and congratulates everyone…shivaay warns her to stay away from Anika and his child….OmRu wonder few more days then Nayantara truth will be out…

Anika wakes up next morning shivaay enters with breakfast and OmRu follow behind him…
A – Shivaay why you came here I would have come down.
S – Anika I need you to rest and not take stress..
Ru – Don’t worry Bhaiyya I will be here whole day to take care of Bhabhi and baby….i will tell them jokes, fitness tips and shayaries…
ShivOm – No you wont…we do not want another Dumbell Oberoi…
Anika chuckles and Ru makes a puppy face..
A – Shivaay but my job I cannot sit at home just like that…shivaay stops her he takes his phone in full SSO mode
S – yes this is Shivaay Singh Oberoi…I am Anika’s husband she will not be coming to work from today onwards…Anika takes the phone and apologies
A – Sorry about that I just need to inform you I won’t be able to come from today onwards as I am expecting and doctor has advised rest…thank you so much for understanding…
They let her have breakfast and Shivaay gets ready to leave for office..OmRu assure that they will take care of anika when he is not around…
Manager – Anika will not be working anymore….she has quit…
Man on phone – How can she quit I will see that she does not get happiness….

Later during the day shivaay is in a press conference and someone walks with big bouquet same moment the reporters get messages and photos of Mahi and Anika.
Reporter 1 – Mr. Shivaay congratulations we have heard that your wife is expecting…but last time her mother a bar dancer had walked in the press conference….so your Naam Khoon Khandaan philosophy is all lie which you have been saying so long…
Reporter 2 – Yes Mr. Shivaay we need an answer…Who is this man he looks similar to you but we know he is not you???(they already know the duplicate and his details)
Man with the Bouquet – Yes Mr. Shivaay please answer…
Shivaay wonders who is it…the man brings the bouquet down revealing his face…Daksh is back….
Shivaay responds to the media as he wants to clear the nonsense they are speaking.
Reporter 1 – Mr. Shivaay are you sure this is your child??
Shivaay eyes get red with anger and he bursts out and holds the reporter collar
S – How dare you? She is my wife and that is my child…I will kill you if you say anything against her..
Daksh – Shivaay relax he is asking a fact since she was not with you from so long…Daksh shows shivaay the photos..
Shivaay punches daksh…all reporters back off…he holds his collar
S – You have done enough to trouble my Anika now it’s enough…first you called her my mistress now this…she is my wife and that is my baby….i don’t know how you got out but this time I will not spare you…he calls the commissioner and in sometime police comes there to take daksh..
Shivaay sees that all this has got recorded and gets worried for Anika he informs Khanna to take care that this news does not get leaked..

At Oberoi Mansion
OmRu, Anika, Dadi, Pinky & Jhanvi are in the living room they are planning for Shivaay Birthday which is in a few days.. They are happily chatting and discussing the plans..
OmRu – This birthday will be special as we have Junior Oberoi on the way..
Ru cracks jokes and Anika is laughing whole heartedly after a long time…but the news channel flashes the press conference fiasco and everyone is shocked…
Pinky – (She was waiting for a chance) Oh My Maata…this girl is just like her mother…how could you do this with my Shivaay..
Shivaay just enters with Khanna at the moment and sees Pinky talking to Anika accusing her…he goes to them and takes anika in his arms…she already has tears in her eyes which makes him worried..Pinky sees that shivay is not affected by this news and tries to instigate him.
S – Maa what has happened don’t you know she is pregnant why you are behaving like this with her…
Pinky – Even after seeing this you are believing this girl…i don’t trust her I need a proof..(just to irritate shivaay so he also doubts her)
S- (looking into Anika’s eyes) I don’t need anything I LOVE HER and know her…Maa for the last time Anika is my wife and this is my baby…
OmRu, Dadi and Jhanvi smile looking at the way shivaay is supporting anika…he takes her to their room..
P – (thinking) but I will still confirm this…

Precap : Shivaay Birthday celebrations…and much more

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