Love triumphs all FF – Episode 1 by Nitestar

Hi everyone I am a huge fan of Ishqbaaaz and after being a silent reader finally decided to pen down my version for a current track in IB. I know it can get boring as I have made changes to the current track and included my changes. Hope you guys like it.

It all starts when Anika and Shivaay meet on the road and start fighting in the car. They are together for quite some time and Shivaay gets irritated by her nonsense talks and speeds up. His car stops suddenly and the tyre has burst. Anika tries to cool the car with water but adds petrol and the car bursts.
S – what have you done you have burnt my car??
A – arre I was trying to help cooling the car who keeps petrol in the car.
S –you are impossible now we have to call for help give me your phone (realizes his phone was in the car during the blast)
A – oh bete ki I forgot it at home…use yours as it is always stuck to you.
S- I would have if my wife would have not burnt my car with my PHONE!!! Ok we have no option we have to look for another alternative…we have to search for a phone.
They start walking and arguing as usual…Anika just runs to tree and starts eating the fruit. And gives shivaay as well…both get intoxicated and start laughing like crazy, they see a house in the distance and go there…luckily they get key and open the house. Due to their fights they get locked inside…Anika sees radio puts a song and they start dancing cutely…HUM TUM EK KAMRE…When the song stops shivaay is holding anika and they have an eyelock.
s- u look so cute chasmis…u talk so much but I cannot stay without listening to your voice…I always wanted to tell you something…I LO…. Anika keeps her finger on his lips and starts speaking.
a – you have become billuji…I want to tell you ur eyes are so beautiful I get lost in them…I don’t know I cannot stay without seeing you…I have a michmichi feeling from so long but did not tell you….I LO…
she could not complete but he understood…shivaay could not resist and kisses her on her lips….she is shocked and they part ways and since she is not in her senses she kisses him…this time they do not want to leave each other but due to lack of oxygen they part ways…he hold her and rests his head on her forehead. He cannot wait and starts to kiss her on her neck and she reciprocates with soft moans…shivaay continues to kiss her till they do have any barriers between them, they are naked and enjoying each other…finally they consummate their marriage…

Sunrays fall on Shivaay, he gets up and sees his love next to him he realizes what happened last night and smiles…
S -ANIKA GOOD MORNING he says softly kissing her on her bare back..
A – ummmm Shivaay y early morning you are waking me, I want to sleep some more time.
S – (in his mind) She will never change….Anika he calls again and this time she turns and looks at him and realizes what has happened (shivaay is shirtless and she is also nude)
A – shivaaaayy…she is feeling shy and tries to get up covering herself, she is blushing like crazy..
S – he cups her face and says oh my blush queen…r u embarrassed or angry for last night….
A – no y you think so I really enjoyed yesterday night (not realizing what she said she starts blushing)
S – hawww kitne cheapdi ho gayi ho tum…(you have become so cheap)
Hearing this anika covers herself with blanket runs to the washroom with her clothes…she sees herself in the mirror and blushes looking at lovebites…Shivaay also wears his clothes and smiles looking at the wild side of his wife with marks on his body..

When anika come out she cannot face him and looks down…shivaay goes to her he hold her by the waist and lifts her face to see her… she has tears in her eyes
S – anika I asked you are you angry y are you crying…
A – shivaay I told you I am very happy…I don’t know how to express but I LOVE YOU SHIVAAY….
S – kisses her and tells her I LOVE YOU TOO Anika…now you are my wife completely I have accepted you without Naam Khoon Khandaan and do not think about this anymore…we will have a beautiful future together.
As they are talking the murderers enter as forest rangers and take them along(as in the serial) they try to kill Anika….shivaay fights them and the police officer saves them…Finally they reach home on Anika’s Red Champa….
Pinky is upset seeing them coming in hand in hand and talking so lovingly.
P- shivaay where were you I was worried was calling you but your phone was not reachable.
S – Mom sorry about that I was stuck and could not call you.
P – I know where you are stuck and looks at angrily at Anika.
S – Mom I am tired I will rest I’ll see you at lunch. Shivaay and Anika leave and anika stumbles on the table shivaay holds her and takes her to the room.
A – Shivaay im ok you freshen up and rest.
S – No anika let me c if you got hurt…
A- no shivaay don’t touch my feet
Pinky enters and tells shivaay says someone has come to meet you and says it is urgent.
S – Ok mom ill change and come

Anika gets a call from Dr. Goyal regarding DNA reports and he confirms MAHI and SHIVAAY are brothers.
She is shocked and wants to tell Shivaay but decides to find out the truth before telling shivaay.
She goes to Good Luck chawl again to speak to Mahi.

Shivaay changes and comes down he sees a lady standing there…
S – Excuse me you have come to meet me…lady turns and seems weird to Shivaay
N – Yes I am waiting to meet you, you left your card I came to meet you without calling you.
S- so you are Nayantara?? Shivaay is shocked and is just trying to understand the situation now.
N – Yes I am Nayantara please tell me why were you looking for me.
S – Actually….i was looking for my wif..e..e mother and came to know that you are the one.
N – hmmm…actually in my profession I had a daughter but I could not keep her with me due to work….but I will take her with me now…
S – How can you proof she is your daughter….Nayantara shows him fake proofs…shivaay is shocked and has no words…

Shivaay is very angry and came to know that she is a pr*stitute, Anika could be her daughter and did not want to talk to her further. Anika walks in at the very moment and realizes the situation and tries to talk to Shivaay. He goes to his room angrily.
As Anika leaves to go after Shivaay she overhears Nayantara talking to Pinky and discussing their plan. She is shocked and runs to inform shivaay.

Shivaay POV
How can she be a daughter of a pr*stitute….how…oh god what will I do…I don’t understand…I love her but her background will spoil my family name….oh no

A – Shivaay please listen to me I don’t know who is this lady, I don’t trust her to be my mother…Shivaay please I know you are shaken but you told me that you have accepted me as your wife…why are you not saying anything…Shivaayyyyyy
S- Anika I need time please….and he leaves for office….
Anika tries to talk to him but he cannot understand what to say as he is confused of his decision now and leaves saying he has an urgent meeting…

Anika POV
I know it is very difficult for you to accept me even after the beautiful relation we share…I won’t put you to the test and take a decision….She writes a note to him

Shivaay i have never I fought my whole life with the world for my rights but I cannot fight with you….I LOVE YOU and this fact will never change…also I am an orphan which is a truth…I knew such a day would come which will be a last day of our relationship…take care and be careful maybe someone close to you will stab you and you will not realize…don’t look for me as I don’t want Oberoi family to suffer because of my past…

Shivaay comes late and goes to his room he wants to talk to Anika but she is not there, he looks for her but she is not there… he reads her note and has tears in his eyes..Omru enter his room…
Om – She has left…maybe to never come back
Ru – Y bhaiya y did you let Bhabhi go…
S – in his full SSO avatar I did not do anything…if she has taken a decision maybe it’s for good. He leaves angrily to poolside.
Omru follow but he does not talk to them just stares at the water…he hold him and he breaks down…
S- I really love her but I can’t get this thing out of my head….i want all of us to be happy….
Om – Shivaay you know we do not agree with you…but Anika Bhabhi always wanted us to support you no matter what the situation…you will have to choose what is better for you as you have to live with it…
Omru pacify him and leave him in his room. He cries himself to sleep all alone on the bed…

Precap: some shocking news….

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