LOVE TRIUMPHS ALL IB FF – Episode 34 by Nitestar

Hey guys thank for your patience I have been under too much pressure due to work and then I fell ill but finally got some time to update this FF soon I will end this FF as I don’t want to drag this story…and here goes the next chapter. please shower your love through votes and comments.


Anika saw the guilt in shivaay eyes and that he was upset with himself for his actions, but it was too painful for her to forgive at the given moment…he was kneeling and holding her stomach.

Anika – Shivaay im not angry on you im hurt since I thought at least you could understand me I had no family so I made your family my own. All the relations I got here are because of you, I became a wife, daughter in law, daughter, mother all the relations are linked through you…I try to fulfill all my roles but I think I let you down when I neglected my role as a wife but i thought you will understand me. But enough crying now come sit here…I know you love me a lot and I also cannot live without you..promise me if you have anything in your heart please let me know as I might ignore you sometime due to all the love your family showers…well your one more wish is fulfilled and I think your baby girl is one the way now…she smiles with tears in her eyes…

Shivaay – Anika I cant live without you please come back home…I promise I will never behave like this again with you..

Anika looks at him and nods yes…but it was too late in the night and they thought of staying there for the night…

Next morning Shivaay, Anika and Ansh come to OM, Pinky stops them on the door…

Pinky – Anika hope shivaay has not forced you to come back and he has asked your forgiveness…

Anika – Yes Mummyji, he has and I have understood his point of view.

Pinky – Shivaay you are very lucky to have anika as your wife she is so understanding…but I need to welcome you properly as we have another member coming soon….pinky gets the thali does her aarti and gets her inside…

All the family members greet her and take her to her room…OmRu come to Shivaay and hug him

After a few days the preparations of Mahi’s wedding are in full swing with the Anika only ordering everyone…Shivaay takes extra care of her even Ansh is with him since anika cannot carry him anymore…

Gauri also has crossed her 3 months mark now and baby is safe…she was lucky to not get any Morning sickness…they were all preparing for Mahi’s mehndi and Sangeet….

Evening came and Shipra’s family entered OM and the function starts with the elders dancing on Yeh vaada Raha….den the Obros on Aaj ki Party…since Anika and Gauri are pregnant they slow dance with their partners on Hawayien….Rudra and Somya dance on Ladki beautiful…finally the couple of the night dance on Humsafer…they keep looking in each other’s eyes and did not realise the song had ended…

Rudra – Mahi Bhai you can leave Bhabhi now….all start laughing…

All are enjoying with ladies sitting for their mehndi and Shiv Om Ru hovering over their wives…

Dadi – Oye what are you guys doing here you need to be with the men outside….Rudra sits next to Saumya and holds her hands she tries to get her hands away but he does not leave….

Ru – Dadi we want to see what mehndi they are applying….

Dadi holds his ears – Oh yess I know why you want to be here…leave now…come on all…take Ansh with you….

Shivaay goes close to Anika and whispers – Ani write my name and then tonight I will spend some time looking for it like our first night….he winks at her…she blushes….

They leave for the party in the lawn leaving the ladies to enjoy the mehndi….the night ends with Shipra’s family leaving.

Mahi – Shipra im sad that you are leaving when will I see you again, it will take another 2 days for you to come home…

Shipra – mahi Patience I wont meet you for the haldi but we will see each other for the wedding then im all yours…slowly she pecks his lips and leaves….Mahi just scratches his head….

Precap – haldi and Wedding

I know i am fast forwarding Mahi’s Wedding but this is a Shivika Story so cannot do much for other characters….

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