Love triangle(Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy(Episode 6, 7, 8)


Episode starts with anika getting a call n is shell shocked to hear something..She goes a bit forward to check if ridhima is there or no but doesn’t find her..She sees omkara..n goes to him..
She SAys omkara listen to me..I need your help..Vo soumya….
om- Han let me guess tuze chinkki ki yaad aarahi hai ri8..Buy not today anika….You know tommo is submission of project..n ridhima us waiting for me I need to go…
A- par..omkara omkara…Listen to me once..

omkara just goes off
(omkara Ti himself:I know anika I have hurt you by these words..but to make you understand my love to you I need to be a bit harsh..n don’t worry I will take you to chinkki after project presentation …)

shivay who watches anika crying Comes there and asks her to tell what happened and why is she crying…She says nothing..and says we should concentrate on our project..He says no anika..First I need to know what has happened..plzzz
A- shivay I said na nothing has happened..
S- anika plzzzz I can help you..
A- shivay vo soumyai KO bohot bukar hai..n I m feeling to meet her..She’s admited in hospital..
S- bas itnisi worries I ll take you to her..
A- but project..To come back from there it may take up till evening
S- but whole night is remaining to complete the project..
And by the way I bought my bike today so we can reach there. early and ll try to come back early..And yeah we are done with all information collection only presentation is remaining ng which we can do by night..She smiles They go to parking..He brings his bike and asks her to sit..
She sits..He starts the bike ..n she jerks n holds him tightly..He says chill anika..
As I ll not allow you to fall..She still holds him tightly..And asks him to drive fast
He nods..They meet soumyai N reach anikas home..He SAys her anika actually my mom is calling me home..U just be prepared..then once o come back we shall start the work..
She nods and leaves..On way she sees omkara..Without greeting him ..She just moves ahead..
omkara feels strange..He hears bikes noise..N checks who’s it..He sees shivay and thinks he might have come here to drop her..ridhima greets anika..And asks her is chinkki fine..She says yes..she notices omkara coming in And says shivay helpd me a lot..He took me to chinkki If he would not be there..I could not have stopped my self..But he became my strength and assured me that nothing will happen to soumyang..Leela asks her to come for dinner..She says actually maa..
I and shivay need to complete my presentation and he went to his home..
He said he will come in an hour N I invited him for Dinner also as he helps me a lot..
So I ll dine with him..

A- yeah shivay kaha regaya..aur abhi tak aya kyun nahi?Agar vo nahi aaya toh..project..???
S- when shivay is here there is no fear miss anika mehta ..
A-shivay…anika has a broad smile on her face…
S- vase I known that you have 32 white blooming and shining teeth’s….
A-shivay ..she runs after him..N they fall on each other..They have a acwkard moment..
S- I m sorry shivay..
A-me too..He notices anika getting uncomfortable..N suddenly changes the topic…
So shall we start..They sit together in hall..She says I ll get dinner for both of us…
She takes two plates out..They discuss while they dine….N later start the presentation..
Its almost 3 that they finish..N sleep off there only..shivay on table n anika on sofa exactly lying beside ..Leela wakes up…N sees them..Shayad inka presentation khatam hogaya..
Air thak gaye hoge(may be their presentation is over ..and might be that the kids are tired)
She’s sees them lovingly…She goes to room..Gets two blankets and covers them…

It’s 7..
anika gets up..
N noticescthat she and shivay slept of here itself..and thinks either of the family member might have covered them with blanket..She makes the place clean and sees shivay that he’s still asleep..and goes to freshen up..Later she pray to give her strengths..Other side shivay wakes up ..And thinks anika might have covers him with blanket ..He get up and meets anika..He says its morning and says her that we shall meet in library…and discuss once..
She SAys sure ..?N they both leave…shivay on his way ..thinks abut the time spent with anika n blushes…???
shivay excuses himself seeing anika..and goes to her and greets her..and SAys thanks ..
She is confused..But says your most welcome..let’s discuss about presentation. Full and final time…They both sit near the window..shivika are sitting side by side…anikas hair is flying in air due to wind.And her pink baby lip…living glamour to her face…She starts her baag baag…
And he just keeps staring him..She has burger in her hand..and is eating it…A small bit sticks at her lips…shivay sees this and starts laughing…She asks the reason for his deadly laugh…
He goes close to her…Her heart beat Starts increasing….She just stares him…He comes still close..She SAys shivayj…all are seeing…Ku…kun…kun…shivay….He comes to her and removes the bit of her lips..N says now let’s seminar hall for the presentation…She follows him..
Other side ridhima is late n omkara starts scolding her..She runs behind him..and her leg gets twisted..
He screams seeing her..ridhimaiiiiiiiii????He makes her stand..and asks if she’s okay..She nods and walks…N she stumbles and he holds her…She watches him lovingly….All this is noticed by shivika..anika tells babaji bass muje ek ishra dedena to confirm if omkara loves ridhima..
As she is really in deep love with him..shivay listens this..He asks we should hurry up…

In class
All starts their presentation respectively…N shivika is declared as winner..anika jumps in joy and hugs shivayjjjj shivay just feels very special at her touch…and responds back…omkara coughs..
And both come to senses..shivika are alone..shivay asks abt omra..anika narrates him everything..
He has got some idea…Which is muted…anika comes to omra n tells abut celebration toni8..
She says what about long drive ..On bike..?omkara thinks this is good idea I can spend time with anika..and if possible I ll tell her my feelings too…anika and shivay smirks…

kon kise prapose karega?
and now comes the most impt part of my ff..
the confusions begin with the triangle love story..

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  1. Wow I am confused who I’ll propose to anika…shivika scene is superb
    Plsss update next part asap…precap is very interesting…

  2. It wS fabulous with the way shivika doing indirect romance And love triangle or may i say love squarlet has been becoming more intense.

  3. Nansshivika

    Crazy gonna bring real craziness in next one waiting to get crazyier with ur crazy post @crazy

  4. Interesting dear
    Looking forward to read the next update

  5. Oh my mata!!! I m on my toes.. wt vil happen nw???

  6. Priyanka_22

    My Goodness
    what a precap
    what ll happn
    cant wait fo next part
    plz post it soonnnn crazy 😀

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