Love triangle(Ishqbazz FF) by Crazy(Episode 4,Episode 5)


Thanku so much..for supporting me n bearing me n my FF..Knowing its not as good as others ff..but still dil hai ki mantha nahi..So let’s start with the Episode4

Episode begins with shivika coming down n hall..
(anika and mahis mama(uncle))Mamu z watching match..and enjoying
shivika tries to ignore him and move out..
But mamu notices them..

And asks anika
Why did she change..?
Anika says as she got bored by that dress ..
Suddenly he questions why is shivay wet..?
Without letting shivay to answer anika says coffee fell on him..
And hurdily says to mamu..
Now can we leave as we are getting late..
He says bye beta tc….
She hugs him and shivika comes out anika says sorry to shivay for throwing coffee he too says sorry …she pulls his cheeks n says you are so cute shivay…n says I think we should leave for Now …. they both leave in car
Om watches this and says why is this anika getting so close to shivay..
I mean he’s not fully known to us..
Ridhima comes there n knocks his head …(imagine this ??)
N says Mr omkara kaha kho Gaye ..

Our project….
I got just few articles related to our let us leave..

Shivay n Anika comes to some area..
Shivay says you go in left n find few information asking people I will go by right .
Anika sees there is less crowd on right side n more on left..
She SAys why I on left..
He SAys okay you go on right then..
She smiles n goes
She starts asking people..n notes down the point same does shivay..
Shivay to himself…
Mera kam toh ho gaya …just hope anika has finished too…
He comes to her n sees her playing with little kids & giving them chocolates n taking them to a golgappe wala (pani puri wala)
To make them have it..
Shivay is mesmerized by the deeds of anika….

Scene shifts
Om and ridhima(OMMA ll be the name used by me when its together for OM+ridhiMA) comes to slum area n get the information..
While returning om says to ridhima that I need to call u rand here near car only..
N plz don’t go anywhere as this area seems not so good to me…
She nods..
N om leaves …

Some boys cones there n starts teasing ridhima..
Ridhima gets scared n tries to open car door but its locked..
She gets scared…
Om comes there n screams ridhima….
Ridhima runs to him and hugs him tightly..
He says not to worry..
He goes towards them n slaps a guy hard…

Others run from there..
He makes nervous n Dari samhi huvi ridhima to sit in car…
She says thanks om
He SAys plzzz ridhima it was my duty to protect you…
He leaves her to home….and asks he not to inform about the incident to anyone. .
She nods…She goes home smiling..Anika sees her n calls her Ridhima Ridhima But no response ?
A-ridhima KO kya huva She goes upstairs..
N sees ridhima lost in taughts..
She cones to ridhima who was standing in balcony and waves her hand in front of her face
But no response…
Anika starts giggling..
N takes snaps of ridhima..
By making different sketches on her face
Later she dugs her n comes to sences..


Episode starts with Anika and ridhima s talks

Anika digging into ridhimas talks and finding out the reason for her happiness
A- dii I met my school friend..and she said me few things that made me go into taughts..
R-accha what’s that let me Also know
A- dii she likes company of a guy
She loves being with him talking to him, and when she is with him she feels the happiness in f cloud 9 ….and she asked me is that love as she is only thinking of that guy now and then..
A- giggling ?????
Toh usse kaho to take a flower typically a rose n tear of its petals…
I love him
I don’t
I love him
I don’t

R- dii is this joke for you that you are talking like typical 1960s movies
A- then do you think me friend of that 1960s movies lead that you are fooling me..
And that to in such a way …and how did you think that I will believe you..
R- diiiiiii
A-han behnaaaaaa
Now say whom are you loving
R- vo….m…ma..main
A- yeah bakri ke tara main main kya kar rahi hai( y r u doing “main mai like a goat?)
R-promise me you won’t tease me
Nor you will tease that guy
A-wekk do I know him..wowwwww???
Okok I promise I won’t tease you nor him
Now say me whose that
R- om dii…
R- I han apna om..
I love him diii
I love omkara…love him….
A- hugs ridhima n tells her that she is so happy for her…
Do om also…?
R-I don’t know! ?
But what he did today …
R-what did he do…
Ridhima narrates all the incidents …
A- duffer it means he loves you…
(leela calls them and their convo stops)
Leela- anika ridhima come down n see who has come….
They cone down
Its guruji who came to bless them…

Next day…..
In collage
Om sees shivika s closeness n get mad..
He thinks to make anika realize that how much he loves her…
He goes with ridhima n talks nicely to her..
Jokes with her..
Anika notices this…
And thinks it means om also has some feelings for ridhima…
But is it coz he admires her as friend o something else ??
Shivay comes to anika and says we should hurry up with project..she says yes..he SAys I got few book from library which can help us..I ll just go and get then uyou stand here only and don’t go anywhere she nods..anika gets a phone call and is schoked…

Precap-om scolds anika…n she is teary eyes shivay notices this and comes to her and asks her what happened ?

Hope u all loved n liked this FF..
Do feel free to comment below
Negative r positive but do comment as it makes me get through my remarks so that I can rectify it n next episodes f my FF…

I know I m going a bit bore but trust me further u ll love it..
N yup no mature content in this ff..(atlest so far )

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  1. Nansshivika

    Crazy it’s superb yaar ridhima loves om and om loves anika may be anika will love Shivay in next episodes waiting for ur next epsiodes.. Post it soon

  2. Anu16

    nice one… hope om is only attracted towards anika n realises his love for riddhima soon…nice bonding between shivika n interesting precap… post soon….

  3. total filmy yaar.. its soty 2.. nice epi.. keep on writing 🙂

  4. Nice

  5. so nice story line yaar

  6. Priyanka_22

    awsum Crazy 🙂
    update soon

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